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  Any questions so far?
  I studied on my own.
  It's really insulting.
  You moggot! Get going.
  Wherever you are?
  He's messing with our heads.
  Smoke and mirror!
  The scene is very controversial.
  You went all out on that one,huh?
我忙到沒時間找朋友 I don't have time for friends.
我現在沒空跟你玩啦! / 我沒時間顧及這個 I don't have time for this.
  It's not a problem for me.
  We were more or less like colleagues.
  I gave my notice.
  It's my day off.
我今天不該待在這邊 I am not supposed to be here today.
  Remember, be subtle. Keep low profile!
諷刺意味很濃厚 It's very sarcastic.
  If you have questions,be sure to ask me.
  I'll see you Monday then!
  He wants the championship trophy very badly.
  You call it.
怎麼了?你沒事吧? What's going on? Are you all right?
  The movie grossed 5 million dollars on the weekend.
這是票房毒藥 It was a box office disaster.
  We have 25 minutes left.
  You can digest and think about it,you'll pick it up
他在流口水 He's drooling.
別一直念你這英國豬 Stop tailgating me you pasty teabag!
說出所有你知道的 Spill your guts!
  Underline something that you might not understand.
  He has allergies.
  What is he allergic to?
  He is allergic to sesame seeds.
別說髒話 Don't use vulgar language.
  He sounds like an idiot.
  You can't even handle a kid?
  It's totally stocked.
準備好了 / 有了! Good to go!
我準備好了 I'm good to go.
給你 Here you go! / Here you are.
我們要開始囉! / 找到了 Here we go!
你這樣做就對了!/你說的沒錯!/好了! There you go!
你又來了! Here we go again! / There you go again!
  If I started it,I'll finish it!
  Look forward to hearing form you.
  Look forward to working with you.
我喜歡去兜風 I love to go for a ride.
這是我希望你做的 This is that I hope you can do.
她剛說啥 What she has said?
對,正是如此! Yes,exactly!
依我拙見 In my humble opinion,..
它是冷盤 It's served cold.=It's eaten cold.
  I'll get started,see you then!
  You can do some dictionary works.
我下次會仔細研討 I'll go through it the next time.
  Everybody take a look on page 4.
  What kind of music you downloaded most recently?
  It's partially fit my personality.
他只是謙虛啦 He's being modest.
我對這東西很感興趣 I alwayss get into it.
那我這麼說好了 Let me put in this way.
從我很小的時候開始我就 Since I was a kid,I…
那倒未必 Not necessarily.
在更多情況下 In more cases,…
發生了這麼多事情 There's so much going on.
你到底是誰? Who the hell are you?
突然間 All of a sudden,…
  Isn't that…?
  Don't you think?
  I'll treat clothes as a count noun here.
  I go there often enough.
你怎麼用英文解釋 How can/do you describe it?
  What is it served with?
  How is/was it cooked/served/made?
你要常常這個,味道像是 You gotta try this,kind of..
  Something I can't eat is durian.
  The smell hit me.
  Why is that? I don't know. Of course you do.
  He was so drunk.
  He can barely stand.
那邊有一家很高級的餐廳 It's a higher-end restaurant right there.
你如果在那邊待得夠久 If you were there long enough,..
  The food there is salty.
  Can someone give me a rundown on the main point of news?
  Can you imagine that?
  He is a big collecter.
  Like Jack mentioned..
  Close,but not entirely.
  It reminds of something that happened to me 10 years ago.
  What does this song remind you of?
你也許可以問說 A question that you might ask:
  Any particular kind of music that you like?
你常看漫畫嗎 Do you ever read comic?
你曾看過漫畫嗎 Have you ever read comic?
好幾年沒見,最近在哪邊高就? I haven't seen you in ages.What have you been doing recently?
  Not much.You know,mywork uasually keeps me pretty busy.
他最終住在台北 He ended up living Taipei.
  How do you spell "the word"?
  We can't see a thing!
  It was getting dark.
  We were in the middle of nowhere!
  We scared to death.
滾開,妳這拜金的婊子 Got lost,you gold-digger!
  Can I pat your dog?
沒甚麼是一成不變的 Nothing is set in stone.
  In Italy,it's acceptable to be fashionably late.
  I use the same phrases all the time.
  Try start avoiding doing this.
  I like your thing!
穿的好看一點 You have to be presentable.
你用好之後拿給他 When you're done,please give it to him.
  I hadn't seen him for 10 years.
我朋友正好在那裏 A friend of mine just happened to be there.
你要告訴我們 You gonna tell us.
我們來試試看 So,let's give it a shot!
  Do you have a bad habit?
我相信你啦 I'll take your word for it!
我將永遠不再相信你的話 I'll never take you at your word.
  I took him at his word when he said he could do it.
  When I was grew up,there is a graveyard.
  I keep going down the hill
  He got stitch on his forehead.
  It's a recent movie.
  It seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  His pride was badly hurt.
  He was rolling down as a snow ball.
所以然後咧 Then,what?
  He's out.=He is not concious.
讓你的聽眾參與 Keep your listener engaged.
今天早上我懶得起床 I couldn't bother to get up this morning.
  One of his famous line is ""
用何種方式 In what way?
  You can be more polite to say "".
  I feel uneasy speaking with him.
  What does "" means?
  Do some rearch on your own.
  Where would you like to go/to live aboard?
  Where in Europe you want to go?
  How long would you live there?
  Which countries have you been to?
  What's your favorite place in Taiwan to visit?
  I never been out of Asia.
  How much cost in Taiwan dollar.
歡迎其他人的時候點頭是很常見的方式 It's common for people to nod their heads when they greet someone.
  Keep the change.
  Tipping cab driver is out of the ordinary.
  I don't know what it is.
你懂我在說甚麼嗎? You know what I'm saying?
他說話太直了 He is far direct.
人們將會鄙視你 People will look down on you.
這個觀念很敏感 The concept is very sensitive.
將採取甚麼行動? What is being done?
  You can guess what it means.
那就是我來這裡的原因 That's what I here for.
真是無與倫比 There is nothing like it!
這次相信我 Trust me on this one.
  He does better than I do.
我配不上她 I am not good enough for her.
這只是冰山一角 This is just the tip of the iceburg.
好我們開始吧 OK!Let's going on!
這樣也可以啦 It's OK to be that way.
你的車報失竊了嗎 Has your car been reported stolen?
老實說我真的記不起來了 I honestly can't remember.
我邀她吃晚餐 I had her over for dinner.
我覺得你不那麼喜歡耶 I got a feeling you're not really like that.
你講得真有點道理 You do have a point.
眼見為憑 Seeing is believeing.
你是一個怎樣的人 What are you like?
我覺得法律應該要規定 A law should be passed that says…
每個人都應該要被要求去 Everyone should be made/required/forced to..
  You'll get fined if you don't vote.
他刷爆了 He went over his credit limit.
我要出去走走 I'll be going around.
他們不想被解雇 They don't want to be unemployeed.
你知道有多簡單嗎 You know how easy it was?
他們怎麼有辦法做這麼好 How can they do so well?
他故意的 He did it on purpose.
你會錯過甚麼 What things would/wouldn't you miss?
我來跟你簡要說明一下 Let me give you a rundown.
這是一種很有效的練習 It's a very useful exercise.
還蠻有趣的 That's quite intersting.
就像其他人一樣 Just like everybody else.
這很難解釋耶 It's really hard to explain.
如果是我的話我會這樣說 …,I woud say.
你有聽過...嘛? You've ever heard...?
那是我唯一聽過的一次 That's the only time I ever heard.
我們剛剛已經說過了 We just cover that.
  They didn't take anything else of value.
她穿得很暴露 She wears very revealing.
結果原來是 It's turns out that…
我不知道那是真的假的 I don't know if it is true or not.
那是我個人的選擇啦 That's just my personal option.
它變成固定用法了 It caught on / stuck / become common.
他突然打給我 He called me out of blue.
你有染髮嗎 Did you dye your hair?
我看到殘骸 I saw the wreck.
你剛刮到了你的車 You just scrape your car.
我的車擦撞到卡車 I scraped pass the truck with my car.
所以我們趕快把它完成吧 So let's do it quick.
很好,繼續 OK,keep going.
我希望你還沒吃過 I hope you haven't eaten yet.
那就是我聽到的 That's what I heard for.
他們怎麼會在一起 How they came together.
正如你說的 As you are saying,…
所以有幫助嗎 So that helped?
你騎單車嗎 Do you cycle?
找母語人士練習 See native speaker to practice with.
情勢對他不利 The odds against him.
他完全復原的機率很低 His chances of making a full recovery were not good.
他接受了治療 He underwent treatment.
你能做些甚麼 What can you do about it?
現在已經沒辦法挽救了 Nothing we can do about it now.
絕對有辦法挽救 There is something we can do about it!
馬上舉手讓我停下來 Raise your hands right away to stop me.
這是學習過程的一部分 It's a part of learning process.
我情不自禁的想如果 I can't help myself but think what if…
在2010年有人做了一項研究 In the year 2010,a research was done by…
至今還在繼續 …and contines to do so.
讓我打兩個比方 Let me draw two analogies.
另外一個比方就是 And another anology we can use is of a…
但如果..我們就很可能.. Whereas if…,we're much more likely to …
但與現在的情形很相似 But the situation is rather similar today.
但這只是一個方面 However,that's only part of the picture.
幫助他們認清自身 Helping them identify who they really are.
大學不應閉關修行 Celibacy does not suit a university.
就像一個上升螺旋 … in an upward spiral.
讓我來告訴你們這是為什麼 And here is why.
卻沒甚麼用 … with very little effect.
很多情況下 And very often,…
如果在這裡投票我敢保證很多人會說 If I had to do a poll here,most people,guaranteed,would say,""
又有多少人知道 How many people know that,
我們從此之後就過著快快樂樂的生活 and then we will all live happily ever after.
情況惡化了 The situation worsened.
我們必須去順應它.把它考慮進去 We need to conform to it,take it into consideration.
讓我舉一個研究的例子來說明我的意思 Let me share with you one study to illustrate what I mean.
他的文章最後是這樣收尾的 He ends this paper with the folling quote:
有反例說明了 There is a counter-evidence that shows…
大多數人是這樣,但不是所有人 Majority were,but not all.
我常告訴我自己我是做這件事情的不二人選 I often say that I'm the right person to …
我想引用一下他們的話 Let me quote you what they said,…
他想表達的意思是 What he's saying is that…
人類潛能的極限事實上一職都沒有完全挖掘出來 The highest possibility of human nature has practically always been underrated.
當然,顯而易見的是 Certainly,it seems more and more clear that…
你看出他這段話的用意了嗎 You see the implications of what he's saying here?
他們真正地改變了自己和周遭人的生活 They have literally transformed their lives and the lives of those aroud them.
我承認自己是這種人 I admit I fall into this category.
我招了! / 好啦我承認! I admit it.
那是菁英論嗎 Is that elitist?
那會有幫助嗎 Would that be helpful?
結果令人震驚 The reults were shocking.
還是毫無差別 No difference whatsoever.
稍等,馬上好 One second,I'm almost done.
你可能會得到C免強通過 You might scrape by with a C.
這是我多年努力工作的目標 This is something that I've been working on for many years.
你現在心情怎樣? How are you feeling?
會,一陣子,但並不常 Yes,for a while,but not for long.
一旦滿足了基本需求收入就不再對幸福產生甚麼影響了 Once those needs are met,income makes very little difference.
你們對此都很有同感對吧 You were certain of that,right?
接著,事情突然開始變化了 And then suddenly things begin to change.
我們太嬌生慣養了 How spoiled we get here.
剔除這些極端情況後 Beyond the extremes,
我降低我的期望水平 I lower my levels of expectation.
一輩子都改變不了 Not in our live time.
他是甚麼的重要支柱之一 It's the most important pillar of…
如果你走神了,只需將注意力帶回到呼吸上 If your mind wanders,simply bring it back to your breathing.
他下巴縫了三針 He got three stitches in his chin.
搞定! All set!
我感冒了 I have a cough.
我不是一個購物狂 I'm not a big shopper.
他穿藍色素色上衣 He wore a solid blue top.
你手肘沒事嗎 How is your elbow?
很痛嗎? Does it hurt?
之後會好一點啦 It will get better.
啥風格的? What's in style?
你穿甚麼比較好看 What looks good on you?
你穿起來很好看 / 你戴起來很好看 Looks good on you.
她穿得很保守 She dresses very conservatively.
他們是兩個很有趣的角色 They are two very interesting characters.
有時候一雙鞋子就夠了 Sometimes one pair of shoes is enough.
我有四雙喬丹鞋 I have four pairs of Jordans'.
我沒做造型,只是簡單修一修 I didn't got haircut. I just got a trim.
我請髮型師幫我修我的瀏海 I had my bangs trimmed by the stylist/hairdresser.
我不喜歡後面/前面/旁邊 I don't like my back/front/sides.
直到我看到標價 …until I saw the price tag.
我們不會承認的 We won't admit it!
它們不合你的腳 They don't fit your feet.
它們的做工沒有很好 They're not well-made.
你有長水泡嗎 Do you get blisters?
希望你你沒有感染 Hope you don't get infections.
我認為舒服是最重要的 I think comfort is No.1.
這是垃圾! It is crap!
我不喜歡採買衣服 I don't like cloth shopping.
每當我伸進口袋拿錢包時 Everytime I reach my poket and pull off my wallet,I …
你在豪洨我嗎? Are you shitting me?
你在豪洨我吧 You have (got) to be shitting me.
你在開我玩笑吧 You've gotta be kidding me!
你去問他然後下次告訴我們 Ask him and tell us next time.
我受不了那個節目 I can't stand that show.
它們都高於膝蓋 They are all above the knees.
…要怎麼說 How can you describe ...?
或許你可以說… Maybe a … you can say.
怎麼個大膽法 In what way "daring"?
不常也不全然是耶 Not often! Not really!
我不喜歡塞衣服到褲子裡面 I don't like to tuck in my shirt / tuck my shirt in.
我還蠻喜歡它的 I kind of like it.
原價太貴了 At the full price it's far too dear.
所以怎麼了嗎 So, what's going on?
他怎麼想 What does he think?
你不覺得這件很適合你嗎 Don't you think it's good on you?
你不覺得那件比較好嗎 Don't you think that might be better?
我們期待地說:好啊 We expect to say "Yes!"
它們不是很不錯嘛 Aren't they great?
你不覺得我們應該要再看一下再做決定嗎 Don't you think we should look around a bit more?
他比兩個我還強 He is at least two of me.
我做不完全部啦 I can't finish it all!
你可能會得心臟病 You may have a heart attack.
我想給你看一段影片 I want to show you a video.
讓我把這個東西打開 Let me turn this thing on.
它們有家字幕嗎 Are they subtitled?
確實有時候會發生 That happens!
它運轉很好 It works very well.
幫我拿一下 Hold on for a second.
等一下先別掛 Hold on a sec.
他叫我先別掛 He put me on hold.
他掛我電話 Hung up on me.
他們害怕被取代 They're afraid of being replaced./ gotten be replaced.
把燈關掉 Turn the lights off.
她還不足五歲 She is not enough 5 years old.
他拿到一模一樣的東西嗎 He's got something the same?
所以這就是他做的 So that's what he does.
真巧啊! It's incredible!
超屌的 It's absolutely incredible!
我猜你要查的單字應該是 I think the word you're searching for is…
一次不要讀太多 Don't read too much at one time.
你真的可以學到很多 You can really learn a lot.
你宿醉都怎麼處理 What did you do for hangovers?
不過那邊的食物也沒甚麼特別的 Nothing special in the food though.
在某些文化這種行為是被允許的 In some culture it's ok to do that.
不禮貌的行為會讓我不爽 Bad manners offend me.
因國而異 It differs from culture to culture.
我要把鞋子脫掉嗎 Should I take my shoes off?
你有潔癖嗎 Are you a clean/neat freak?
他做了個即席演講 He gave the speech off the top of his head.
他和閣員辯論失業問題 He debated with cabinet about unemployment.
你知道最有趣的是甚麼嗎 You know the funniest thing is?
後來他覺得不舒服 He felt sick afterwards.
我必須要走了 I gotta go. / I gotta be going on./ I gotta run.
我希望你能試試看 I want you to give it a shot.
你有為了…請假嗎 Do you have the day off for…
它的膽固醇很高 It's high in cholesterol.
亮色太引人注目 Bright color attract too much attention.
你的上衣和這些褲子很搭 Your top goes very well with those pants.
我當時以為已經結束了 I thought that was the end.
不是,另外一件上衣 No,the other top.
他覺得OK嗎 Is he OK with that?
這套衣服其他人穿可能會不好看 They may looks bad on other people.
比起亮色她更喜歡穿暗色的衣服 She likes (to wear) dark colors more than bright colors.
我穿亮色不好看 I don't look good in bright color.
這些衣服和我的型不搭 They don't suit me very well.
過的一般般 In a middle.
戳瞎她眼睛 Stab her in her eyes.
萬一他在這邊 In case he's here,…
依我看 In my opinion,…
他幾歲 How old is he?
他很沒安全感 She is so insecure.
真的很感謝 I am really appreciate that.
給我一個趴數 Give me a percent.
看有很多對話的影片 Watch films with lots of dialouge.
我很HOT她 I really fancy her.
有甚麼想法嗎? Any guesses?
我看看能不能再給你們更多細節 Let me see if I can get you a little bit more detail about that.
但是世界上還是有很多不可思議的相似點 But there're also some incredible similarities across the planet.
全世界的人類都關心這個問題 All the human beings in the universe care about this.
…隨處可見 …are everywhere you look.
所以我們理所當然想知道他們如何運作的 So it make sense that we want to know a little about how they work.
這是眾所周知的 That's something we all know about that.
很遺憾但我必須要說 …(that) I'm sorry to say,…
這可意義深遠了 Well that's profound.
你知道…從沒遇過甚麼事嗎? You know what never happened to …?
從來沒有人對…說 Nobody would asked to …
每個人都會對我說… Everybody comes up to me and says that…
每個人對於…都有自己的看法 Everyone has something to say about …
問題是這些人對…的看法往往各不相同 The problem is what people have to say about… often disagrees with each other.
我們應該深入探討產生分歧的原因嗎 Should we diving in the thing we disagree about?
這個重要嗎? Does it matter?
這真的很重要 It's kind of matters.
他的婚姻在崩潰的邊緣 His marrige is on the rocks.
這些問題都非同小可 Those are kind of important questions.
我們應該怎麼判斷哪些是正確的 How will we ever decide what is true?
我們可能沒辦法回答這裡的所有問題 We may not be able to answer them all.
但我們可以盡我們所能地接近真實的情況 But let's get closer at best as we can.
那可能比較適用於大眾 That might apply to lots of people.
這是今天要講的內容 That's what today is about.
不,不是這樣的 No,that's not what it means.
…,我來就…多說幾句 …,let me say one more thing about constructs.
這個過程叫做… The process of doning so is called operationalization.
你聽懂了嗎 Does it make sense?
這完全沒道理啊! That doesn't make any sense!
你…的次數越少,你就越健康 The fewer time you… , the healther you are.
這其中存在某種關係 There's an implication of this.
也許你們有人是這樣的 Maybe it already occurred you.
我們今天就以…為例吧 Let's use … as our example today.
我除了問你外毫無辦法 I basically have no choice but ask you.
但有時它們是很有效的 But sometimes they do the job.
妳可以將它發布在世界性雜誌中 You can publish them in cosmopolitan magzine.
你可以在底下給自己打分數 You can score yourself at the bottom.
這雖然很好但...還是有一些問題存在 Which is fine, but the problem is that there're disadvantages to …
這個領域有個概念叫… There's a concept in this field called…
我還能做甚麼 What else could I do?
稍後我再詳細說明 I'll be able to talking about it a lot later on.
收到和回應花多少時間 How much time does it takes between receipt of… and your reponse.
很好,非常細心 Nice,that's very subtle.
你知道嗎每當你做這些事的時候我都覺得是一種獎勵 You know when the time you did that things that I found very rewarding.
你懷疑嗎 Do you have problem with that?
我們有很多觀察對象 There's a lot of things we can observe.
觀察的方向也很多樣 There's a lot of directions we can go.
當然…也有利弊優劣 And … also have pros and cons,advantages and disadvantages.
妳不能在人們毫不知情下做研究 You are not allowed to study people without them knowing it.
我們能做的是降低代價 All we can do is try to minimize the costs.
我們的義務是甚麼 What are our obligations?
你的另一伴哪一點最讓你惱火 What irrtates you about your partner?
我們在道德上有義務保證 We have an ethical obligation to make sure that…
針對任何有歷史使命感的人類 …for all human beings with any sense of historical urgency.
團結起來想要拯救… …bring them together with a mission of saving…
你是否贊成這個…與此無關 Whether or not you agree with the … is beside the point,…
確切來說, Positively speaking,…
確定無疑 …,no less than this.
我已經期待好久了 I have been looking forward to it for a long time.
突然.. … rather suddenly.
慢慢地你會 Increasingly,you will…
沒有選擇的餘地/你在異想天開 Slim pickings
真的假的啊 You don't say.
讓事情辦簡單點 So help me…
為了成全 ...for the sake of…
他說了甚麼 What did he say?
你仍未脫離險境 You ate not out of the woods yet.
我要再吃一份餐後甜點 I'll have extra helpings on my dessert.
他用其他方式進行釋放 What he do is he focus it in some other way.
生活在父親權威下的男生可能會恨或想傷害他爸 A boy who's bullied by his father may hate his father and want to hurt him.
你可以再說一次嗎 / 你說什麼? I beg your pardon?
要我說幾便都可以 You can beg all you like.
我不會耽誤妳太多時間 I won't take you long.
能再給我一次機會嗎 Could I have another shot?
你會說英文嗎 Do you speak English?
你喜歡哪種音樂 What kind of music are you into?
不然這樣好了 Tell me what.
然後我們就扯平了 … and we call it even.
所以我想把話講清楚好了 …so I'm going to be very explicit here.
這會花很多時間耶 It will take considerable amount of the times.
你花了多少錢 How much that cost?
喔哇~這不得了耶 Oh~Wow~This is huge.
我剛只是在耍你的 I'm just messing with you.
我想到要怎麼做了 I know exactly how.
好~數到三 All right~On three.
聽我喊 3 2 1 On my mark~3 2 1
我們見好就收吧 That's leave with that.
一旦我們…,就沒有回頭路了 Once we…,there's no turning/going back.
...,那就真的沒有回頭路了 ..., there'll be no turning back.
我相信我們達成共識了 I believe we get consensus./I think we all on the same page.
我們成功了 We've arrived.
好痛喔 It's burning so bad.
我不用回答你 I don't have to answer to you.
哈 找到了 Ha~Here we go.
我不會放過你的 I'll hunt you down.
別胡言亂語了 That's crazy talk.
我不認為我需要強調他的重要性 I can not emphasize this strongly enough.
我就說到這裡 That's my final word.
我看不出接下來還有甚麼問題 I don't see anything that could stand in our way.
我們相信你能搞定的 We have complete confidence that you can pull this off.
你瘋了 You are out of your mind.
真的很難說出口 This is so hard for me to say it.
我不敢相信這居然發生了 I can't believe this is happening.
你正犯了一個大錯 You are making a terrible mistake.
有些事情是你不該知道的 There are something you're not meant to know.
如您所見 As you can see,…
我一直在想 I was wondering,…
我只想看看這樣行不行 I just want to see if it could be done.
事情就是這樣子 That's how it works.
你的資歷很完美 I see your qualification is inpeccable.
我帶你認識環境吧 I introduce you around.
你有發現重複的模式嗎 Can you find the pattern here?
往好處想 (Look)On the bright side,…
挫折感越來越深 The frastration has been building up.
大家開始逃走了 People are bailing out.
這對我們來說都不好受 This isn't easy for either of us.
你太野蠻了吧 This is barbaric.
我希望由你主導這個專案 I like you to take the lead on this project.
我來打頭陣 I'll take the lead.
…是最後一個才要做的事 … is the last thing you do.
謝謝你們都能過來 Thank you all for coming.
還有人想嘗嘗我的厲害嗎 Any one else want to piss on me?
你們可能已經知道了 As you probably know,…
學得很快喔 Swift!
這是個沒指望的人 That is a dry hole.
讓我們專心一點 Let's stay focus "…,…,..."
我不是來抱怨的 I'm not here to complain.
不過這都是過去式了 But that's all in the past.
你後來有想到你產品的名字嗎 Did you ever come up with the name for your product?
我想這應該沒甚麼用 I don't think this one's going to work.
不擇手段…/…會不擇手段 …by any means necessary./ (S+) Stop at nothing.
他的客戶都是介紹來的 His clients are by referral.
很有吸引力 It's a siren song.
我們給他一點甜頭嚐嚐 We give him just one little taste.
而且就算這樣,萬一… … And say.what if…?
你在諷刺我嗎 Is that sarcasm?
只有一點點 A mild amount.
這件事比我們當初想的要難 This is gonna be harder than we thought.
我能再重申一遍… Can I just reiterate that …
你會沒事的 You're gonna be fine.
準時 Right on schedule.
大家冷靜 Everybody chill out!
我覺得我做這個越來越在行了 I think I'm getting better at this.
你比他們好多了 You're better than they are.
我們就快成功了 We're right on the verge.
他上鉤了 He took the bait.
真是天衣無縫 It's really a seamless job.
直接說重點好嗎 Just skip to the last page,please.
你到底是怎麼把事情搞砸的? How the hell did you screw this up?
告訴我你想要多少 Tell me what figure you had in mind.
你最好親自過來 It better be you personally.
就那麼簡單 Simple as that.
看來我錯過了甚麼 Looks like I missed something.
好好說嗎! / 你想說啥? Use your words.
也許沒那麼糟 Maybe it's not such a bad thing.
幹的好 That was a hell of a piece of work.
聽著,事情是這樣的 Listen,here's the thing.
解決掉…這種人渣 Getting rid of scum like…
而弔詭的是… And in a bizarre twist,…
用低價拿到合約 …underbid the contract.
別讓我失望 Don't dissapoint me.
我會給你 I'll have it for you.
你確定你能處理…嗎? Can you firm handle …
恕我冒昧 I took the liberty.
煩人家 Bend her ear.
這座房子真像迷宮 This house is a bloody maze.
你從…開始就有點煩躁不安 You've been a bit edgy since…
你最好現在就走開 You might want to take a walk about now.
在午夜來臨時 At the stroke of midnight
我怎麼能拒絕呢 How could I say no to that?
讓我們融入大家吧 Let's mingle.
如果你不…你就完蛋了 If you don't…,you're cooked.
身材不錯 Nice rack.
你有甚麼話好說嗎 Got something to say about it?
好,你說了算 Okey,whatever you say.
很好! / 那好吧 / 很正常 Fair enough.
會犯這種錯誤很正常 Easy mistake.
但這次證據站在他那邊 But this time the facts bear him out.
線索指向哪裡? Where does the trail lead?
我派他們去打前鋒 I sent them on ahead.
我們不能一走了之 We can't just leave.
我是說認真的 I meant every word of it.
你今天看起來好極了 You look splendid today.
我應該怎麼做呢 What am I supposed to do?
我要說甚麼好? What am I supposed to say?
我只是讓你清楚了解狀況 I'm just giving you the lay of the land
世道就是如此 That's just the way it is.
我沒多少時間沉浸在這不幸的事實裡 I didn't have time to dwell on this unfortune situation.
我也是這樣聽說的 So I was told.
她當時看起來欣喜若狂 It wwas like she was floating on air.
不重要 / 無關緊要 Doesn't matter.
我能單獨和你聊聊嗎 Can I speak to you in private?
我需要單獨和你談談 I need to speak with you alone.
我找到一個線索 I've got a lead.
繼續 Keep it up.
你覺得怎麼樣? You have anything on this? / What do you say?
不如我們一會兒敘敘舊吧? What do you say we get together later and catch up?
接下來我們要怎麼做? How do we do it?
今天過得怎樣啊? How was your day?
平凡無奇 Uneventful.
有事情困擾你嗎? Something bothering you?
讓我想起我在…的日子 Reminds me of…
也許有點想家了 Little homesick maybe.
我等一下再跟你們聊 I'll be with you in just one moment.
我恐怕這不能等 I'm afraid this can't wait.
請給我們幾分鐘時間 Please excuse us for a moment.
有甚麼問題嗎? What seems to be the problem?
這太無禮了 / 那太過分了! This is outrageous. / That's outrageous!
為什麼我沒有接到通知 Why wasn't I informed?
請稍等一下 I gotta put you on hold.
就像往常一樣 As alwasys.
我最好再去練習一下 I better go practice.
看到他沒有? Any sign of him?
他會不惜一切代價去… He will do whatever it takes to…
我不予許發生這一切 I can't let that happen.
我知道你以為你能勸我放棄 I know you think you can talk me out of this.
你怎麼發現的? How do you figure it out?
有件事我想跟你說 There's one thing I want to tell you.
來這邊一下 Get over here.
你打算怎麼做? What are you going to do?
全聽你的! Just give us the word!
我們現在要開始做的事情是 What we are going to do now is V.
你快把我們都嚇死了 You scared the living daylights out of all of us!
我們繼續 / 我們抓緊時間繼續吧! Let's get on with it.
你還有其他問題嗎? Do you have further questions?
但最終仍未完成 …,but ultimately unfinished.
在另一個極端 At the other end of spectrum,…
對於一些人來說還有一些惱人的問題存在 For some, nagging questions remain.
在我有生之年 As long as I live,…
不只是…的問題還是我們所有人的問題 Problems either…but rather problems that confront us all.
以我的… Giving my…
為什麼一開始要 Why…in the first place?
他雖然不完美但他對我來說就像家人一樣 As imperfect as he may be, he has been like a family to me.
太多時候 Indeed all too often
會模糊真正需要解決的問題 It distracts attention from solving real problems.
主嫌仍未落網 The culprit is still at large.
這是個讓他們多年來都停滯不前的種族僵局 It's a racial stalemate they've been stuck in for years.
你一定不能被絕望和譏諷擊倒 You must never sucummb to despair or cynicism.
換你跟他說啦 Back me up.
那你就應該把她找回來啊 Then,You gotta go get her.
我會愛你到海枯石爛 I would follow you to the end of the time.
會很鳥嗎? Does that suck or what?
他本來就打算要在這邊跟我會合的 He was meant to rendevous with me here.
你大錯特錯了 So lost you are.
遲早的事! In time.
時間會證明一切,你等著看吧 In time,you'll see.
我已經注意你好幾年了 I've had my eye on you for years.
感覺就像被咬了一下對吧? Has a nesty littile bite,doesn't it?
我保證 I give you my word.
我也跟你保證 You have my word.
沒得商量 Non negotiable.
這不是我能決定的事 It's out of my hands.
從現在開始,這是你自己的戰爭 From here,the fight will be your own.
長話短說 Make it short.
要快點! Make it quick!
我們已經盡我們所能了 We already do whatever we can.
他們只是冷眼旁觀 They just stood by and watched.
你為什麼要幫我 Why are you helping me?
你這傢伙 You're such a dick.
我直說好了,… Get this straight,…
這是你要的嗎? Is that what you want?
你給我聽好了 Listen to me what I'm saying.
你覺得我應該怎麼做 What would you suggest I do?
我們哪都沒去 We ain't going no where.
沒人能看到他們在裡面搞甚麼鬼 No one can see what they're up to inside.
我想我應該知道去哪裡找 I think I know where to look.
我們要進去了 We are going in.
真討厭 I'm so sick of it.
你還真有種啊 You've got some balls.
不管你到哪我都會找到你的 I'd find you anywhere.
我們走吧 Let's roll. / Let's get going.
快點給我滾過來 Get your fat ass over here.
別讓我們這趟無功而返 Let's make this trip worth it.
所有人退後 Anyone get back.
我根本沒有心理準備 I didn't sign up for this.
真是驚喜啊 What a treat!
我們無能為力 We are helpless.
散開 Spread out.
時間造化弄人啊 Time is wack.
調整到自動模式 Go for auto.
你要教他們甚麼叫尊重 You need to teach them about respect.
你懂我的意思嗎? Do you understand me?
我只是想幫忙 I'm just trying to help out.
有時候我還真佩服我自己 Something I amaze myself.
你有在聽嗎? Are you listening any of this?
對你說對了 Yes,you got that right.
別傻了 Don't be ridiculous.
你太黏人了 You're suffocating.
有空嗎? Have a moment?
我就跟你說別放那 I told you not leave that there.
只是出於好奇問問 Just out of curiosity,…?
你還真是只會想到自己 There's a lot of you in the story.
都是為你好 It's all for your sake.
口說無憑 Verbal statements are no guarantee.
你才不了解我 You don't know me as well as you think.
接受他要馬拉倒 Take it or leave it.
同時也不要忘了…的重要性 while not forgetting the importance of…
你最好騎腳踏車 You'd be better off with bike.
再連絡 I'll back to you.
我們自然而然就這樣子了 We were being spontaneous.
活在當下 Living in the moment.
這正是我要說的 Exactly what I was gonna say.
我們還有事要做 We got a job to do.
這夠讓他們忙了 That shoild keep them busy.
更確切來說 / 很會說嘛那我問你 More to the point,…
不是為了去…或是成為…而是為了… not to V,not as N,but rather for the purpose of N
這就是我們思考的目的 This is what our thinking is for.
會促使N想去做V will cause N to want to V
這就是我們需要避免的錯誤 Those are the misconceptions we have to avoid.
但故事不只到此為止 But this story is deeply incomplete.
因為會引出另一個問題 Because the question that gets raised is "…?"
幾年前過世的… who passed away several years age.
原因有很多 Well,there's all sorts of reasons.
簡單來說 One quick answer is…
再說的明白些 To be clear,…
我們目前課堂上講的都是 What we've been talking about so far in the course are…
可能有一堆人 possibly a lineup
你覺得他怎樣? So, what do you think of him?
但實際上的原因在很大程度上是因為 But the reason for this, in large extent, is because…
所以從某種程度上來說 So, to some extent, …
人群中的差異以及他們如何不是全部但是大部分是取決於 The differences between people in the population and how Adj they are is due in large part, not entirely, but in large part to N.
這沒這麼容易 It would not cinch the matter.
他們肯定會贏 It's a cinch they will win.
那對我來說太容易了 That's a cinch for me.
在很多情況下都非常相似讓你無法分清誰是誰 are so similar in many cases, you can't tell whose N is who.
也就是說不管你是不是 And what this means is that whether or not you…,…
而與此同時 At the same time though,…
的確在N中有一些N There is plainly some Ns across Ns.
在技術上貴公司能提供到甚麼程度的支援呢? To what extent can you help us technically?
你怎麼看? To what extent do you agree?
於是你 And so, you…
他們原本沒打算作但還是做了 They may not mean to but they do.
對他搞砸了但又不是我們造成的 He's fucked yes, but not by us.
我不懂你幹嘛要小題大作 I don't see why you are kicking up such a fuss.
絕對是這樣沒錯! No doubt at all.
去年發表的一項研究表明 It was reported last year and it was a study shown that…
包括 It involved N
就像標題所指的一樣 ,suggesting this headline.
但我們也知道另一種可能是幾乎所有的N都V But another possibility,which we know is true, that almost always N V.
另一種可能是 Another possibility is "..."
我想簡單介紹一下 I want to tell you a little bit about…
我們可以花一個禮拜討論這錯在哪裡 We could devote a week to discussing what's wrong with this N.
以後有時間我們再來討論它 We will get around to discussing it sometime.
但是有觀點認為 But here is the idea.
沉迷聲色或之類的 cavort with prostituted and stuff like that
更離譜的是 Here's the even weirder part.
但有可能倒因為果了 But maybe the causality goes the other way around.
你們可能不大接受這個觀點 This isn't going to sit right for you.
有人跑來跟我說 people ran up to me and told me this.They said,"…"
我不是特別指誰 I don't want to get personal.
最後還有一點 A final point on this,…
你可能會疑惑 You might be wondering this.
你可能會想如果 You might be thinking if…
海有一點內容但我想就跳過算了 And I have a little bit more, but I'm going to skip it.
假期愉快喔~等你回來我們再見囉! Have a wonderfual vocation and I'll see you when you get back.
不用著急 There is no rush.
有人可以跟我解釋這是怎麼回事嗎? Will somebody explain what's going on?
你得要靠自己了! You're on your own.
當我說到N時我指的是N像是N和我們在N看到漢聽到的N When I'm talking about N, I'm meaning N like N and what we've seen and heard in N.
這樣其實沒有問題 There's actually nothing wrong with that.
但問題是當… But the problem is if…
這本小說的情節錯綜複雜引人入勝 The plot of the novel is intricate and fascinating.
他有誇大事情的習慣 He has a propensity to exagerate.
舉例來說 For one thing, …
其實未必耶~ Well, not necessarily.
我們知道N可能不是這個情況 We know this probably is not true with regard to N.
我們之所以這樣認為是因為有許多的個案研究發現N是Adj One reason we know this is because of the demonstrated case studies where N is Adj.
這些個案研究曾在歷史上得到多次驗證 These case studies have happened over history.
在某種程度上有意去避免掉可能的N in part deliberately, so as to avoid the possilility of N.
實際情況是 What happens is,…
這表明從某種程度上來說 suggesting that to some extent
我們還知道甚麼? What else do we know?
更具體來說 More speculatively,…
一些最新的N研究針對會對V能力直接引響的N There has been some fairly recent work studying N, Looking at N that are directly responsible for the capacity to V.
那麼我們所說的N到底是甚麼意思? Well, what do we mean by N?
你怎麼做到的? How do you do it?
一瞬間我突然懂了 In a fraction of a second, I gave rise to understanding.
實際上正常的解釋是 The natural interpretation, in fact, is that…
而…只是意味著… Contrast that with "…", which only has meaning…
他用不清晰的聲調說道 He said with thick utterance.
我們很感激她的幫助 We are indebted to her for your help.
我很感謝N它提供了N I'm indebted here to N, which provides N.
我把選擇的機會留給你看你想要怎麼選 You take a chance either way.I leave it to you.
這太瘋狂了! This is insane!
我怎麼會遇到這種事? Why is this happening to me?
我就有話直說吧~ I'm going to be as forthcoming I can be.
你只要跟我們合作… All we're asking in return is your cooperation in Ving.
這條件聽起來很棒 That sounds like a really good deal.
你讓我很失望 You disappoint me.
你這些恐嚇手段是嚇不了我的 You can't scare me with this gestapo crap.
他幾乎無所不知 He knows everything more thing you imagining.
見到你是我的榮幸 It's an honor to meet you.
的確是有點像你說的 You can say that.
你必須親眼目睹 You have to see it for yourself.
決定了就不能反悔喔! After this, there is no turning back.
我只能告訴你N All I'm offering is the N. Nothing more.
我們的時間老是不夠 Time is always against us.
你自己看看吧~ See for yourself.
有這麼難以置信嗎? Is this really so hard to believe.
命運似乎充滿了反諷 Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
有很長一段時間我一職不肯相信 For the longest time, I wouldn't believe it.
直到我親眼看到N And then I saw N with my own eyes.
你遲早會知道 Sooner or later you'll realize, just as I did,…
有得就有失 Some bits you lose, some bits you keep.
我到底是怎麼回事? Tell me just what the hell is happening to me!
值得一試 / 這個線索值得跟 It's worth a shot.
試試吧! Go for it!
我們就這麼幹吧! Let's go for it!
姑且相信,放手一搏吧! Take a leap of faith.
這種氣氛令我感到不安 This make me uneasy.
積習難改 Old habits die hard.
我去檢查一下 I'll go check on it.
你爸怎麼了? What's up with your dad?
你怎麼知道他有沒有做? Who can you tell?
兩個兼顧 Strike a balance.
別接 Don't get that.
你在開玩笑吧! You must be joking.
很難預料 It's very unpredictable.
他們有很強大的技術團隊支援 They have great team behind them.
我真的非常感謝你 I am sincerely thank you.
他送我了一個我一直很想要的禮物 He gave me a gift that I had always wanted.
我不敢相信… I could hardly believe how adj. s beV.
我的臉有一點痛 My face hurts a little.
你說得一點都沒錯! / 真的! You can say that again.
可不是嘛! Tell me about it!
差不多! Pretty much.
你說對了一件事 You are right about one thing.
我可以幫你 I can make things easier.
我們就此互不相欠,之後都不再提這件事了! Let's take it for a "Quid pro quo, tit for tat" ,no discussing.
我跟你沒甚麼好說的了 I'm done with you.
我受夠了 I'm done (with that).
夠了! All right! That's it. That's enough.
你不知道這考試有多難 You have no idea how hard the test was.
確保盡快完成 Make sure this gets done.
你說得很對 Very true.
我去找你 I'm coming to you.
很高興遇到妳 Good to see you.
真準時 Right on time.
我得承認我有點驚訝 I must admit I'm surprised.
直接切入重點 Sraight to business.
真不禮貌 Bad etiquette.
你很少提起她 You rarely spoke of her.
你都準備好了 You're all set.
沒道理啊! It just doesn't make any sense.
再正常不過了! It makes perfect sense.
真巧啊! This is a nice coincidence.
你只想一個人獨處嗎? Just privacy then?
我要提醒你 I got to warn you.
哪家沒有難念的經? Aren't all family stories twisted?
住手!我說住手! Srop! I said stop!
你說完了嗎? Are you finished?
就像你之前提到的 As you pointed out ealier,…
解決一個還有五個 That's one down.Five to go.
代表我們離家門又更進一步了 That means we're one step closer to home.
別誤會我 Don't get me wrong.
心意最重要 It's the thought that counts.
說到這個… On the same topic,…
我很好! I'm totally fine.
我竟然如此幸運 I should be so lucky.
我欠你一個人情 I really do owe you one.
跟我無關 It has nothing to do with me.
跟我有啥關係? What's that got to do with me?
他們和這事一點關係也沒有 They have nothing to do with this.
我有我自己的生活 I own my own life.
總會有辦法的 There is always a way.
就像以前一樣 Just like the old time.
猜對了! Good guess!
跟我想的一樣! Just as I thought.
我們以前有做過 We have done this kind of things before
沒別的辦法 There is no another way.
我快受不了了 I can't take much more.
超好玩的! It's so much fun.
一點也不好玩! This is so not fun.
不公平! No fair.
我把它丟了 I got rid of it.
我要怎麼回家啊? How do I supose to back to home?
你高興就好! Suit yourself!
你還站在他們那邊喔? You're still on their side?
你不會想知道的! You are not gonna like it.
別這樣說! Don't say like that!
我不該食言的! I shouldn't get back my word.
我幹嘛要搞一堆事情累死自己啊? Why do I even bother?
想試試看嗎? Want to try?
我贊成! Aye!
我很苦惱 I'm in agony.
我舉雙手贊成 I'm all for it!
謝謝你的招待! / 感謝你的配合 Thanks for your time.
我有麻煩了 I am in trouble.
是要用來幹嘛的? What was the point?
我忘記要講甚麼了 I forget the point.
比你好XD Up yours.
她胸部大嗎? Does she have big boobs.
他上面沒說 It doesn't say.
就當作是那樣吧! Make that a thing!
我可不想這樣做 I'm not make that a thing.
所以現在要怎麼辦? So…now what? / So what are our options?
省省吧! Save it.
你一定很難受吧! It must be hard on you.
我們不應該對他這麼嚴厲 We shouldn't be too hard on him.
離我遠一點 Leave me along.
我沒聽錯吧? Did I just hear that right?
很難用言語表達 It's hard to put into words.
那真是太好了! That will be so great!
挪過去一點! Move over!
好樣的! Nicely done!
幫個忙後退一點! Do me a favor, get back, please!
想問甚麼就問吧! Ask me whatever it is you want to ask me.
我知道那樣的感受! I know what that feels like.
我們要同舟共濟 This is all hands on deck.
每個人都看著她流口水 Every guy in here is drooling over her.
她眼睛卻只瞄你這邊 She's only got eyes for you.
我就告訴你他會回來 I told you he'd be back.
我說過他會回來 I said he'd be back.
你們兩個夠了沒? / 你倆鬧夠了沒? Are you two done?
慢慢來不要急 Just take your time.
慢慢說 Slow down.
我知道你要面對這些真的很不容易 I know this must be hard for you.
聽起來你們兩個真的一拍即合? Sounds like the two of you really hit it off?
不~我是說如果有的話也是相反的 No.I mean, if anything,it was the opposite.
我老婆是我的全部 My wife is everything to me.
這代表了一切 It means everything.
剛剛是怎麼回事? What was that all about?
現在是怎樣? What's this all about?
你想跟我說現在是甚麼情形嗎? You want to tell me what's going on here?
我會馬上跟你報告的 I'll keep you posted.
在外面感覺怎樣? What's it like on the outside?
感覺怎麼樣? What did that feel like?
你明白的,對不對? You realize that, don't you?
我那時候被嚇到了 I was in shock.
我沒辦法正常思考 I wasn't thinking straight.
我不知道,是這樣嗎? I don't know, is that it?
你真變態! You're twisted.
告訴我昨天發生了甚麼事 Tell me what happened yesterday.
我想我知道發生甚麼事情了 I think I know what happened.
他今天整天都沒來上課 He was a no-show at all his classes today.
他們玩得很嗨 They were having quite a time.
好的~沒問題! You get it.
你還不明白嗎? Don't you get it?
那個要超過一千塊錢 That one ran a little over a grand.
一直不斷的講 keep going on and on aobut
因為他對車的狂熱導致他們之間的疏遠 It was his obsession with cars that created that divide.
打電話給我 Give me a buzz.
我只是關心一下 I just concerned.
事情越演越烈 Things from bad to worse.
有沒有可能…已經…? Is it possible S Ved ?
有可能但應該不會 Possible, but not likely.
每一個能想到的人 everyone we could come up with
但都沒看到他 but no sign of him yet
我們都會知道 We're going to hear about it.
機不可失 It's now or never.
怎麼了? / 現在是怎樣? What's this about?
這事怎麼回事? What the hell is this about?
但我要告訴你這些都跟我無關 But I'm telling to you,I have nothing to do with it.
而且坦白說,… And to be honest with you,…
少來這套 / 可騙不過我 I'm not buying it.
我同意 I'll buy that.
你終於要衝了喔? You're going to move this time?
幫個忙離…遠點 Just do us all a favor,leave … out of it.
他把灰塵彈掉 He flips a speck of dust off.
甚麼事都可能發生 Anything can happen.
被我說中了吧! Am I right?
這一大堆是甚麼東西啊? What is all this stuff?
真是太酷了對吧? How cool is that!
想我自己的事 mind my own business
我深呼一口氣 I took a deep breath.
我只是依法行事 I just went by the book.
我有點發楞 I was a bit dazed.
受益匪淺 Good to know.
你不該再問我的看法了 I think you should stop asking me what I think.
很高興我們把話說清了 I'm glad we got that out of the way.
我去吧 / 我來做吧! / 我很樂意 I'll take it.
我記住了 I'll get it.
被你說中了 You were tight.
也許那套對他管用 Maybe it works for me.
沒見過耶! never seen that before
咱們打包走人 Let's wrap it up.
很高興能來這邊 It's a pleasure to be here.
世界更美好了! The world is a better place.
他得到了第二次機會 He's got a second chance.
她覺得雙腳麻痺 She felt paralysis in her legs.
不可能是…造成的 … didn't do that.
好,不然這樣吧 Okay.I'll tell you what.
你在哪裡買的? Where did you get it?
你喜歡就留著好了 You can keep it if you want.
那對我們會很有幫助 It would be very helpful.
只有它一個嗎? Was it by itself?
那就從我們已經知道的開始吧 Let's start with what we know.
等等接著說 Hold that thought!
奇怪了 That's odd.
我得打通電話 I gotta make a call.
謝謝你的提前通知 Thanks for the heads-up.
感謝你過來 Thanks for coming (in).
你要走了嗎? You're leaving?
你不走嗎? You're not leaving?
很高興見到真人 Good to put a face with the name.
回頭見 I'll catch you guys later.
實際上 As a matter of fact,…
我初來乍到 I'm kind of new in town.
他很挑剔 He is fussy.
這你能辦到嘛? You cound make that happen?
我可以做到 I can make that happen.
全部屬實 All that's true.
他跟上我 He catchs up to me.
我當時也無能為力 There was nothing I could do.
我甚麼也沒辦法做 Nothing I can do.
我不想失去他 I'd hate to lose him.
這次來又是為了甚麼事? What was it this time?
下不為例 It won't happen again.
這很難說 It probably will.
你覺得怎樣? You like that?
我被降職了 I got demoted.
我請客 On me.
大家常會搞錯 People always get it wrong.
他是說真的嗎? Is he for real?
腦子轉得挺快的 Nice had retraction.
注意! Heads up!
謝謝你提醒我! I appreciate the heads up!
你懂行話 You got the lingo down.
我來開我認得路 I'll drive.I know the way.
你真幸運 Lucky for you.
我能負傷上陣 I can work through the pain.
你不用這麼絕吧! You don't have to be mean about it.
過來! Get in here!
我真的甚麼也沒有做! I didn't do nothing!
這是我的錯 It's my fault, my mistake.
他因為我們的錯誤而受責難 He got the rap for our mistake.
他為了兒子頂罪 He took the rap for his son.
他決定要報復 He decides to get even.
有任何想法嗎? Any thoughts?
你想說甚麼? What's your point?
你想說什麼? / 你在暗示什麼? what are you driving at?
全都一模一樣 All identical.
多巧啊! Hell of a coincidence.
他們混淆視聽 They muddied the water.
我已經竭盡所能的去… I did everything I could to …
他在等我 He's expecting me.
但是你還是沒有權力去 But it still doesn't justify Ving
我要出去了 I'm going to head out.
還有甚麼事嗎? You need anything?
你的靈感是從哪個N得來的? What N did you get that one from?
憑經驗辦事,對吧? Go with what you know, right?
你不接電話嗎? Aren't you going to get that?
他後來做得如何了? How did he do in practice?
真的相當麻煩 It's quite a hassle.
他好像完全變了一個人 He seems completely turn off.
我等等就過去 I'll be right there.
我等等就出去 I'll be right out.
你把他逼太緊了 You push him too hard.
我看我們要來硬的了 I guess we gonna have to do this the hard way.
這樣耗下去沒用 This is getting anything nowhere.
我不知道我之前在說甚麼瘋話 I didn't realize what I was saying.
狀況已經不一樣了 Things around here are changes.
所有事情都恢復正常 Everything go back to normal.
現在一切都恢復正常 Things are back to normal here.
一切終於恢復正常了 Things can finally get back to normal.
所有事情變回原樣 Everything go back to the way it was.
覆水難收 Things just can't go back.
我們也是 So do we.
你是不是有喝酒? Have you been drinking?
你想要對我們做甚麼? What are you going to do to us?
這常常發生嗎? Does this happen often?
我知道這很可笑 We know it's preposterous.
好~這樣應該可以了 OK. That should do it.
你們都可以走了 You should be all good to go.
可以開始了 You're good to go.
就這樣了 That'll be all.
我看看要怎麼來幫你 See what we can do for you.
他們腦袋壞掉了 There are something wrong with them.
你知道他們兩個是誰嗎? You have any idea who those two guys are?
他們超優的 They are so over the top.
你打算怎麼彌補? How are you going to fix this?
他醜爆了 He is hideously ugly.
從那邊開始在重來一遍 Just pick it up from there.
我想他再也不會回來了 I guess he is gone for good.
在那邊,你有看到嗎? There,you see that?
那我就開門見山地說了 So I'll just say what I need to say.
仔仔細細給我聽好了 Once and for all,…
我們要一次解決問題 We need to solve the problem once and for all.
眼睜睜的… in blink of eyes
你知道事情背後的真正意義嗎? Do you know the importance behind it?
我該怎麼辦? What will I do?
你的…現在歸我了! Your N shall be mine!
它要來抓我了! It's coming for me.
別看! Look away!
聽著! Look!
聽我說 Hear me out.
爛得像坨屎 …was pure fucking dog shit!
他是經理的第二人選 He is the second in line to be manager.
每個人都期待的觀望著 Everyone watching with anticipation.
大家看! There it goes.
然後呢,我們突然發現 …, and so then, it turns out…
我他媽忍耐已經到極限了 This is the last fucking straw.
他太超過了 He has gone too far.
你自己去看 Go look for yourself!
別讓我們難堪! Don't put us on blast!
他們好像真的對那個還蠻有興趣的 They really seem into it.
你是不是忘了甚麼事了? Didn't you forget something?
你也要! You have to, too!
噁心耶! / 好難吃! Gross!
這是命令!沒得商量! That's not a request!
你自找的! You've done it to yourself!
有很多種可能 It could be a lot of things.
老實說我不會很在乎 Honestly,I wounldn't really care.
如果我說你是個…呢? What if I were to tell you that I think you're…?
以她這個年紀來說真的是太胖了 She is way too fat for her age.
這話讓你生氣了嗎? Does that make you feel any anger?
我看不出來 I don't see it.
好像任何事都不會激怒他 He doesn't seem to be triggered by anger at all.
學校怎麼會容許這種事情發生呢? How does the school let things like this happen?
我想最好由我來處理這件事 I think it's best I handle this.
其實並不重要 It doesn't really matter.
真正重要的是… What does matter is … / What matters is that...
我想恭喜大家能… I want to congratulate all of you for the effort to ...!
真沒用 So lame.
我們當然有理由生氣! We have reason to be angry!
不要搶我台詞啦! / 換我了! That's my cue!
到這邊有甚麼問題的嗎? Any question so far?
請把問題大聲唸出來 Please read the problem out loud.
這個字我不太會念 It's not a flaccid-to-utter word for me.
你們明白了嗎? Do we got that?
透過剛剛的圖表我們可以發現… By referring again to the chart, we see that…
他在銀行插我隊 He cut in front of me in line at the bank.
在場的各位都被…所困擾嗎? Does everyone here have an issue with their …?
你先請! After you. / Right behind you.
你不知道他的厲害! You don't know his capable of!
請自便! Be my guest!
他可不是這樣說的 Not according to Sb.
我們走著瞧吧! I guess we'll see.
我們慢慢來 We take it slowly.
你懂得規矩的! You know the drill.
不意外! Course' he/she is/was!
算我一個! Count me in!
如果你不想講我就不提了 If you don't want to tell me. I'll drop it.
我永遠站在你這一邊 I'll always be in your corner.
給他一點時間,有一天他會懂的! Just give him sometime. He'll come around!
跟緊一點 Stay close.
跟緊我! Tied on me!
我不想鳥他 I blow him off.
走開啦! Take a hike.
他最近過得不好 He's been through a lot.
這不適不聽我話的藉口 That doesn't excuse him getting out of line with me.
找麻煩的功力沒有人比他強 He has this knack for finding trouble.
這邊還有很多你需要了解的東西 There is a lot about here you need to know.
那就快點去啊! Then hustle.
放手! Get off!
別碰我! 你臭死了! Don't touch me! You reek.
他們膽子越來越大了! They're getting bolder.
不敢相信真的是你! I can't believe it's really you.
抱歉打斷你們的談話 Sorry to interrupt.
對…有一點我可以確定,… One thing I know for sure about …,…
已經不是第一次,也不會是最後一次 Not the first time, won't be the last.
屁啦! Shucks!
知道他們為什麼要…嗎? Any idea why they…
有人一直給她提供情報 Somebody's been feeding her intel.
聽你的口氣好像非常確定? You should pretty sure about that?
我想你可能對這種事情比較敏感 I figure out you might have a nose for this kind of thing.
你能應付那幾個小鬼頭嗎? Do you think you can wrangle the kids?
你怎麼知道一個女生是不是對你有意思? How do you know if a girl likes you?
你要我幫忙做晚餐嗎? Do you want to start on dinner?
今晚一切順利嗎? How'd every go this evening?
萬事OK Smooth sailing all the way!
…有新發現嗎? Did anything new turn up from…?
看來我們要對付的是… It looks like we're dealing with…
我還是覺得好神奇!我一時還沒辦法接受! I still can't get over that!
也許有過一下下吧! Maybe, for half a minute.
我就知道! 我早就看出來了! I knew it! I can just tell!
那都是陳年往事了 It was ages ago.
怎樣? 吃醋囉? Oh, what are you, jealous?
所以分手是你提的還是她提的? So did you break it off or did he?
誰提分手有差嗎? What difference does it make who broke it off?
太扯了吧! Unbelievable.
看上去確實是同一種… It certainly looks like the same…
可惡的小東西 Mean little bastards.
聽起來不像任何一種… Doesn't sound like any species of …
我該對付這些東西啊? How am I supposed to handle these things?
像我們大家都知道: … There's a general rule: …
這件事就這樣定了! No discussion here.
他是好人,雖然有時候很討人厭 Good man.Pain in my ass sometimes.
我可以問你一件事嗎? Can I ask you something?
看來我該謝謝他 I guess I should thank him.
很賞心悅目吧? Exquisite, isn't it?
它在醫藥方面的應用很有前景 Its medicinal applications look very promising.
就我們所知… For all we know,…
你決不放棄相信未來也許會變得更好 You'd never give up believing that things might one day get better.
我知道你對研究充滿熱情 I know how passionate you are about research.
那就要看情況囉 That depends.
你手上有甚麼? What do you got?
你還有甚麼? What else you got?
她是怎樣的人? What was she like?
她和你挺像的 She was kind of like you.
沒甚麼大不了的! It was no big deal.
我們還不錯 We were all right.
可惜你的樂隊解散了 Shame to break up the band.
之後還有很多會來 There are a lot more coming.
不妙了! That's not good.
出發了! Let's move out!
我們要出發囉! We are heading out!
一定有甚麼方法可以… There must be something we can do to…
你帶路! Point the way!
你沒想到會在這裡見到我對吧? You weren't expecting to see me here, were you?
我看到你認出我時的表情 I saw your face when you realized who I was.
你到底想表達甚麼? What are you implying?
他和她複合 He have another shot with her.
準備出發了! Ready to roll!
一定很刺激 Should be exciting.
一起來嘛? You want to come along?
你確定不跟我們一起去嗎? You sure you don't want to come along?
我們能撐多久? How long can we last?
這要弄多久? How long will that take?
這個交給我! Leave it to me!
開始幹活吧! Let's get to work!
  Under no circumstances open a door.
這樣一定夠了! It's gonna have to be enough.
這邊進展如何? How's it coming here?
這是能成嘛? How's it coming?
請退後一點讓我們做事 Please, stay back and let us do our jobs.
這樣還比較快 Things will get done a lot more quickly.
跟你賭…元他沒辦法完成! Bet you … he can't make it!
你輸定了! That's a lame-ass bet.
我們成功了! We've got it!
你確定嗎? You sure about that?
你要勇敢一點好嗎? You gotta be brave,Okay?
我是說真的! No, seriously.
我們丟掉行李後就馬上閃人回家 We jettisoned our luggage, and we hightailed it home.
大概是這樣吧,對不對? That's about it, isn't it?
確切的說,… Near as we could tell,…
馬達的噪音讓他受不了 The whine of the motors jangled her nerves.
就是受了點刺激 Just some jangled nerves.
很吵的聲音 A loud racket.
不要喧嘩 Don't make a racket!
但遲早…那時會怎樣 Bur sooner or later….What happens then?
真是驚魂一頁啊! It's been a hell of night.
好好睡個覺! Sweet dreams.
我們會把牠們抱起來放到床上 We could scoop them up and carry them off to bed.
那個節目很智障 That show is hilarious.
你太搞笑了! Hilarious!
閉嘴! / 別鬧了! Knock it off.
等等! Hang on.
等一下! Hang on a sec.
好好反省吧! Get it through your head.
我們還能堅持多久呢? How much longer can we keep doing this?
時光催人老,沒有不散的宴席 People get older. People grow apart.
你們都會玩得很開心的 You're all gonna have a blast!
現在把他們全部都惹毛了 Now all of them are pissed off at us!
…就跟我們一樣 ...just like the rest of us.
我們會盡量彌補 We can try and fix it!
告訴你朋友他們最好搞定 Tell your friends they better get it done!
我來搞定 I got it coverd.
我們來解決 We'll get it done.
誰來讓…閉嘴? Will somebody get … to shut up?
這不是演習 It's no drill.
世界末日就要到了! The end of the world is imminent.
但我沒辦法克制自己 But I simply can't help myself.
這是你努力的證明 It's a validation of your efforts.
有用了! It's working!
真高興這些事情終於過去了 I'm sure glad that's over with.
我不敢相性這一切終於結束了 I can't believe it's finally over.
正義獲得伸張 Justice has been done.
老兄冷靜點! Dude, chill!
我很想聊不過我得走了 It's really good to catch up, but I'd better be going.
謝謝你讓我了解真正的自我 Thank you for helping me to realize my true self!
我早就想聽到你這麼說! That's all I need to hear!
你聽起來很有把握!想打個賭嗎? You sound pretty confident! Care to wager on that?
到時候就知道了! / 等著瞧吧! We'll see about that.
幫我看一下行李! Keep an eye on my suitcase.
但感覺有點糟,不知道是怎麼搞得 Yet I can't help but feel bad somehow.
他丟下我一個人自己跑了? He ditched me?
對啊~這些我們都聽膩了! Yeah, we heard them all!
你該多跟我們聚聚! You should totally hang out with us!
如果你不把你的話收回去的話,… If you don't take that back right now,…
已經夠他受的了 / 他已經得到報應了 He's had enough!
他已經受不了他的老闆了 He's had enough of his boss.
我已經受夠了! I've had enough.
我可以從你眼中的羞愧看得出來 I can tell by shame in your eyes.
別說我沒警告你! Don't say I didn't warn you!
就算他一開始會不高興,他還是會尊敬你誠實的態度 Even though he'll be upset first, he will respect your honesty.
當你說到XXX我就分神了 I was with you until XXX part.
有沒有辦法不用這樣做就可以解決的方法? Is there anyway I can get out of that for free?
我要怎麼做你才不會去幹傻事啊? Is there any wayI can talk you out of this?
你不想照我的建議做嗎? You're not taking my advice?
我只要取消賭局就好了! I just call the bet off!
我不知道你有甚麼毛病 I don't know what your problem is!
我有事情要跟你說 I have something to tell you.
我馬上跟上去! I'll catch up with you guys in a sec!
考倒我了! / 這可難倒我了 You got me!
你完全擊倒我了! You got me good!
其實我只要再做一件事就可以成為會員 There's actually only one more thing I have to do before I'll become a member.
現在你知道接下來該做甚麼了:… Now you know what has to be done:…
我只是想等你自己承認,好讓你上一課! I'm just waiting for you to clean to teach you a lesson.
讓我看看! Show me!
說比做簡單! Easier said than done.
一切發生得太快了! It happened so fast.
如果不行的話那我們就沒飯吃了 If it didn't, we'd be out of job.
很高興你能過來! Glad you could make it out!
我沒有辦法用言語去描述我的感覺 I can't express how I feel.
不,這對我意義非凡 No, it's sophisticated.
來兩杯! Two of them.
喝完這杯 Finish your drink.
這樣做對大家最好 It's for the best.
你有想過它的代價嗎? Have you considered the cost of this?
我不懂你的意思 I'm not sure I follow.
這樣做不會有好事發生. No good will come of it.
那就這樣吧! So be it.
這會花點時間 This will take some time.
沒差啦! It makes no difference.
不管你怎麼想… Whatever you may think,…
我突然害怕起來 I flinched.
聽起來覺得怎樣? How does that sounds?
我的意思是說,看看你自己的樣子! I mean, look at yourself!
為什麼我有一種不好的預感? Why do I have a bad feeling?
糟糕! This can't be good.
別讓我發瘋 Don't drive me insane.
你錯得離譜 That's so not true.
你聽起來很累的樣子! You sound frazzled!
他怎麼啦? What is the matter with him?
他發甚麼神經啊? What's wrong with him?
你神經錯亂了嗎? Are you out of your mind?
知道了! Noted!
你就饒了他吧! Why don't you give him a break?
你幹嘛多管閒事? Why don't you own your business?
你讓我臉紅了 You're making me blush.
那是甚麼?說來聽聽? What would that be?
你懷疑我的虔誠? You got a problem with my religiosity?
敢搞怪,我就… Any tricky,…
你以為你可以躲我多久? How long you think you can hide from me?
…我就要倒楣 了 …,I'm jinxed.
我還能去哪裡了? What else would I be?
求你了,不要鬧了! Come on, knock it off.
看到我被你害的怎樣了嗎? See what you got me into now?
你最好幹的漂亮點! You better make it good!
閉嘴! Pipe it!
你說甚麼? What'd you just say?
我要去大醉一場 I'm going to get drunk.
他這種時候怎麼可以…? How can he … at a time like this?
也許你講得有道理 You may have a point there.
能有多難? How hard can that be?
有很多人在看 There's a lot of people looking.
和女朋友有點麻煩嗎? Things with the girlfriend not so well going?
那太噁心了 That's almost vomit.
到底怎麼啦? What's happening now?
這是怎樣? What's all this?
你變聰明了! 酷喔! You stud!
你有聽懂嗎? Did you get the gist of that?
他和死了沒兩樣! He is as good as dead!
別把責任推給我! Don't pin this on me!
這就對啦! Good for you!
現在可以嗎? Is now good for you?
我只是補充你的話 I just enforce your messages.
以後再說啦! This is not the time!
我們完全沒問題! That's totally cool with us.
我不是這樣說的好嘛! No,that is not what I'm saying.
這也太浪費了吧! What a waste!
這在道德上站不住腳! It's morally indefensible.
沒想到你會來! Didn't expect you.
沒想到你也在這兒 Didn't expect to see you here.
放馬過來吧! Bring it on!
現在不是講這個的時候! Not the time!
我們應付得來啦! We get by!
有空嗎?我有事情要跟你說 You got a minute?
那晚點再聊好嗎? Can we talk later?
我們都要共同承擔 …, we all have to wear.
她知道該怎麼做 She knows what she's doing.
別想勸我放棄 Don't try to talk me out of this!
我們趕快趕過去! Let's step on it!
我得彌補這個失誤 I gotta make good on this call.
別逼我回答 Don't make me answer that!
離我們遠點! Leave us along!
不要放手! Do not let go!
我們先歇會兒! Let's just take a minutes here.
我要用自己的方式 I gonna do this my way.
她很難接受 She didn't take it so well.
我受不了 I can't take it.
你怎麼知道? Why do you know that?
你不需要覺得抱歉 You've got nothing to be sorry about.
什麼都沒發現 We've got nothing.
都好 That's cool too.
我不是要來這邊阻止你 I'm not here to get in your way.
我是來幫你的 I'm here to help you.
我站在你這邊 I'm on your side.
你懂我的意思嗎? Do you see what I'm going here?
全都是因為你! It's all because of you!
你非常清楚你幹什甚麼好事! You knew what exactly you were doing!
這不是我做的決定! It wasn't my decision!
待在原地別動! Stay where you are!
交給我們就行了! Just let us do our job.
我不相信! Not buying this!
我們還有其他辦法嗎? What's our other option?
最近還好嗎? How have you been?
你剛去哪? Where have you been?
有時間嗎? You got a sec?
他很明顯是在騙你! He is abousolutely yanking your chain!
你今天經歷太多事情了 You have a lot going on.
你有時間喝杯咖啡嗎? Do you have time for a cup of coffee?
你最好告訴我 You'd better tell me.
你只是希望我好過一點所以才這樣說的吧! You're just saying that to make me feel better.
我會這樣說是因為我經歷過! I'm saying it 'cause I lived it.
差的遠咧! Not even close!
我配不上她 She is so astronomically out of my league.
我去接她的時候… By the time I picked her up…
還有一件事… Just one more thing.
有多長時間了? How long has that been going on?
我真感動耶! I'm touched!
他重新開始而我卻只能守著不堪的過去 He got his fresh start, and I got the underwater mortgage.
那之後就沒人敢出聲了 Nobody say anything after that.
我們雖然不親近但向來都井水不犯河水 We were never close, but we were always cool.
我不知道當時是甚麼讓我感覺到我可以辦到 I don't know what made me think I could do it.
我們再倒回去一點 Let's go back for a second.
你信了? You buy it?
聽起來像是他在編故事 It felt like he was making the story up.
我只是猜測 / 我只是有這種感覺 I only had a hunch.
我要整死你 I will crush you!
你在巴黎過得如何? How did you get by in Paris?
他沒有欺負我 He hasn't been mean to me.
該睡了 Time to settle down.
那之後發生了很多事 A lot happened since then.
我們為什麼不能進去? Why aren't we in there?
他們只是想威脅我們 They're just trying to intimidate us.
那不可能/休想 That's not about to happen!
我有點不放心 I'm not ok with this.
他們難道沒有比這更好的辦法了嗎? Don't thsy have anything better to do then?
他們一直以來都是這樣 This is just what they do.
不太樂觀 It doesn't look good.
她還要在裡面待多久? How long is she gonna be in there?
你們清出自己幹了甚麼嗎? Do you realize what you've done?
你以為這樣就贏了 You may consider that a victory.
國內和國外的 Domestic and imports.
目前來不用 Not just yet.
我們不跟她講嗎? Shouldn't we tell her?
讓我看一下! Let me take a look!
沒發現任何動靜 No movement detected.
我根本不鳥她 I don't consider him at all.
這對你來說不陌生吧? This is no surprise to you?
我沒有一天不想… Not a day went by I didn't want to…
我肯定他沒那膽子做這種事 I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the balls to pull this off.
我知道你經歷了甚麼 I know what you've been through.
他們會密切注意你們 They will be watching you closely.
我建議你們按規矩辦事 I suggest you play by their rules.
更重要的是… And most importantly,…
別太在意 Let it go!
我完全無法想像她遭遇了甚麼 I can't even imagine what she went through.
我完全無法想像你現在的感受 I can't even imagine what you're going through.
這樣可以激發士氣 It could boost morale.
如果你感覺自己做的不對,… If you don't feel yourself doing it properly,…
我們甚麼時候才可以喝酒? When do we get to drink the wine?
快好了! / 馬上就到了! Almost there.
讓她接電話 Put her on!
你是要寵壞我嘛! Look at you spoiling me.
別高興得太早! Don't get too excited!
可以理解 Understandable.
媒體簡直瘋了 The media's in a frenzy.
我和你媽媽剛還在說你呢! Your mother and I were just talking about you.
有一些狀況 There's a situation.
甚麼事? What sort of situation?
從現在開始,… In the meantime,…
我馬上就過去 I'm on my way there now.
你對我爸做了甚麼? What have you done to my father?
可能是過去和他有宿怨的人 It could be someone from his past harboring an old grudge.
她的心臟不好 Her heart is weak.
不管發生甚麼我們會幫你 Whatever's wrong, we'll help you.
你逃不了的 You won't get away with this.
你在裝神弄鬼呼嚨我! You're gaslighting me.
都在裡面了 It's all in there!
你這麼認為而已 So you think.
挑起這件事的人不是我 I didn't start this.
他會不惜一切代價去… There is no risk he won't take.
你只要跟我說一下就好了啊! Just come out and say it!
我該怎樣補償你? How can I make it up to you?
要我做甚麼都行 I will do whatever it takes.
你還真是得寸進尺啊! You are really pushing it!
面試真的讓你折騰了一番 You're really put through the wringer at your job interview.
還好最後證明沒有白費 Fortunately my effort didn't prove to be futile.
那你們就開心地去吧! Have fun with that!
希望一切順利! / 祝我好運吧! Wish me luck!
從現在開始 …from now on.
我等不及想知道 I can't wait to find out!
我聽夠了 I heard enough.
你過獎了 You flatter me.
為了達到這個目的 To that end,…
你不會不爽嗎? Doesn't it bother you?
習慣就好了 You get used to it.
我們知道甚麼? Where we got?
歡迎加入! Welcome aboard!
我知道近來大家都不太好過 Hard times, everyone , for the entire team.
聽起來很合理 That's sounds reasonable.
有消息通知我 Keep me posted.
犀利的見解! Sharp!
我說他媽太對了! Damn straight, I'm right!
他生來就是為了戰鬥 He lives to fight!
對這就是我的意思 Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about!
他是誰,自身的處境都不重要,在這裡(手指心臟)有甚麼才重要 It doesn't matter who he is, what status the world puts on him, it's what's in here that counts.
我差不多說完了 I'm pretty done here.
談完了嗎? Are we done here?
我們會就開到這邊 We are done here.
問這個幹嘛? Why do you care?
瞧! Check that out!
真棒! That's nice!
我喝醉了! I'm hammered!
他蓄勢待發 隨時準備殺人 He's a man on autopilot. Set to kill.
你光是從眼睛就看到這麼多? You got all that from his eyes?
我不是懷疑你,我只是好奇 I'm not doubting you. I'm just fascinated.
只是沒甚麼實際價值 It just has no practical value.
我們只需要設一個局 What we need here is a confidence trick.
你或許比妳看起來聰明 You may even be smarter than you look.
去證明我錯了! Go prove me wrong!
他會在近期造成威脅 He poses an imminent danger.
這由我做主 I called my shot.
我們要知道原因 We need to know why.
祝你們好運! Good luck to all!
很有幫助 It helped.
所以你才沒有繼續演奏了? Is that why you stopped playing?
我已經準備好承擔後果了 I'm ready to get what I got coming.
不管你喜不喜歡我都要救你出去 I'm going to get you out of this, whether you like it or not.
他等等馬上就來了 He will be right in.
你想要我問他甚麼? What do you want me to ask him?
你希望我說什麼? What do you want me to say?
想問甚麼就問吧! Ask anything you want!
讓他開口 Get him to open up!
做你自己就行了 Just be yourself!
你跟我的想法一樣耶! You're a man after my own heart!
我不知道你之前跟誰談過 I don't know who you've been talking to.
我會把你的話認真聽進去的 I'll take you seriously.
我不要重蹈覆轍 I'm not getting lured back into this again.
他從未… 一次也沒有! He never…. Not once!
結論也跳太快了吧 / 這也太玄了 / 最好是啦! That's quite a leap.
我和他一起來的 I'm with him.
你從她那邊瞭解了甚麼? What did you learn from her?
我們都知道那樣做的效率如何 We all know how effective that is.
你也太會開空頭支票了吧! You are quite the pied piper.
恕我直言,… / 無意冒犯 All due respect,…
難道不值得一試嗎? Isn't it worth a shot?
她有些私事 She has some personal business.
你怎麼買得起? How did you paid for this stuff?
放下! Put it down!
我們該擔心嗎? Should we be worried?
我能做甚麼可以幫上忙的? What can I do to help?
你對我女朋友有意思嗎? You hot for my girlfriend?
你睡了我老婆? You bangin' my wife?
請你現在離開 I need you to go now, please!
我們需要一個新的切入點 We need a new approach.
不用費太大力氣啦! Wouldn't take much!
要是誰也幫不了他呢? What if he can't be helped?
他有點太激動了 He is in a little over his head.
我看夠了所有人都把這人的生活當兒戲 I'm sick of watching everyone play with this man's life!
不,恐怕不是 No, I'm afraid it's not.
我們一直在觀察你 We've been watching you.
他跑了 He's on the run! / He's on the move.
…只會讓事情更複雜棘手 … is just gonna make things a whole lot more complicated.
我沒打算活過今天 I don't expect to live past today.
好大聲! Loud!
怎麼沒人受傷 How come no one's hurt?
你為什麼總是戴著這副手套? How come you're always wearing those gloves?
聽起來還不錯 Sounds good. / Sounds great.
保重! You take care!
好好照顧自己 You take care of yourself.
那是我的位子! That's my spot!
你算計我! / 你耍我! You set me up!
沒人能料到會發生這種事 One can never know these things.
老實說,我挺支持你的 To be honest, I was rooting for you.
關於他們我非常認同 I was rooting for them.
你到底在笑甚麼? Why on earth are you laughing?
我明白為什麼會沒有用了 I figured out why it didn't work.
你猜猜我做了甚麼? Guess I've been doing?
自我感覺倆好 Grandiose sense of self-worth!
那還用說! You betcha!
顯然能說明很多問題 Certainly explains a lot.
現在我知道我要面對甚麼了 Now I know what I'm dealing with.
我會按照這個來調整 I'll adjust accordingly.
你肯定會的! As you should!
我覺得我們會相處融洽 I think we'll work very well together.
我要回家了 I'm gonna go home.
我喝完一杯就走 I'll take one to go.
你也一樣 As did you.
幹的好! Nice work! / Nicely done. / Well done.
你做的很不錯 You're doing a remarkable job.
我總覺得有那裡不對勁 Something about that doesn't seem right to me.
我感覺這有關聯 I'm sensing a connection here.
我想做個實驗 I'm gonna try something.
如果你不反對的話,我想做些測試 If it's all right for you, I want to try something.
你知道我在好奇甚麼嗎? You know what I find myself wondering?
不然我們來談談…如何? How about we talk about…?
怎樣了? What about it?
超屌的! It's pretty damn great.
先讓我們忘了…吧! Let's leave that … for now!
先別講讓我有所期待 Keep me in suspense!
你該問的問題是… The question you should be asking is …
我們開始吧! Let's get started!
困擾你六年的答案在門後面等著你 The answers to all your questions for the last six years await you behind the door.
有人要為此付出代價! Someone's gonna pay for this!
我不太舒服 I don't feel well.
這喚醒了我的記憶 It triggers my memory.
你沒有選擇的餘地 It's not optional.
兩種我都可以啦 I'm good either way.
你這迷糊蛋! You oaf!
你挑今天出來兜風真是挑對了! You pick a great day for a drive!
你得把話題轉回到… You need to shift your conversation back to ….
不是看上去那回事 It's not what it looks like. / This is not what it looks like.
真是了不起的突破! Amazing breakthrough that was!
那就是一職以來困擾你的事情! That's what's bothering you the whole time!
我還真的躲過了一劫! I really dodge a ball there!
就是沒辦法啊! It just not working!
明天會下雨 It's going to rain tomorrow.
地面結冰了 It's icy.
謝謝各位的全力支持! Thank you all for your support!
該解散了! Time to disperse!
我們終於要付諸實行了! We finally pull it off!
請賜教! Enlighten us!
我快要暈倒了! I'm totally passing out.
我們要從哪裡開始? How should we start? / So where do we start?
你要跟她走! You will be going with her.
我沒有選擇 We don't have a choice!
對不起我剛有點失控 Sorry, I got a little crazy there!
算了,忘了我說的話 Nerver mind!
別人很難讀懂他的想法 He is hard to read on.
我不知道她被捲進了什麼裡面 I don't know how she's into.
我不知道她涉入多深 I don't know how deep she's in.
這句話還遠遠不夠 It's not good enough.
這樣不行 Not like this.
你只需要跟我說就可以了 All you have to do is talk to me.
我不喜歡他的作是方式 I don't like the way he did.
他只是利用你來報仇 He is using you to get revenge.
你要報酬 You get even.
一定還有其他辦法 There's gonna the other way.
我馬上回去 I'm on my way back.
他會來找我們的 He is gonna come to us.
那就是我的目的 That was kind of the point.
我不是故意擾亂你 I didn't mean to confuse things.
他一定被著我在外面幹壞事 He's obviously got a secret life goning on out there.
他們推遲了幾個小時 They puched it back a couple hours.
你說完了嗎? Are you done?
這有關係嗎? It matters?
沒關係嗎? It doesn't matter?
一切都會好起來 It'll all be fine.
具體指的是什麼? Which was what exactly?
只是朋友間互開的玩笑話而已 It's just an exchange of pleasantries.
沒別的了 Nothing more.
我們來此的目的就是要阻止這件事的發生 We are here to make sure that doesn't happen.
我們知道是你 We know it was you.
我都數不清他救過我多少次了 He saved my ass more times than I'd like to remember.
我是來還他人情的 I'm here to return the favor.
你覺得我該怎麼辦? What was I supposed to do?
我確定你們的談話幫不了他一絲一毫 I'm fairly certain that this conversation isn't helping him one bit.
聽上去我們有得忙了 Sounds like we got a lot of work ahead us.
我對她的偏見先放一邊 I'll try not to hold that against her.
打電話告訴他我要去趙他 Give him a ring, tell him I'm on my way.
他不肯退讓 He's not backing off.
如果我想要...我早就下手了 If I wanted to ..., I would've done it.
為什麼那麼做? Why would you do that?
此話怎講? Why would you say that?
你為什麼這麼說? Why would you say any of that?
我確信你會想明白的 I'm sure you can figure it out.
我們一起想! Let's figure it out!
你倆理解的很快嘛! You two catch on fast.
他到底在想什麼? What does he think he's doing?
他不想讓我們受牽連 He won't want us implicated for aiding and abetting.
他定會帶我們找到他老闆 He's bound to lead us to his boss.
你要怎麼做到? How are you gonna do that?
好啦!那我們到底有計畫沒? Okey, so do we have a plan or what?
一有發現立刻通知我們 Let us know if you find anything!
你聽說了喔? You heard of it?
我從沒聽過她 / 我不知道有這個人 I nerver heard of her.
對啊! Yeah, you can say that.
看來你很了解他 You seem to know him pretty well.
坐以待斃可不是他的強項 Patience was never his stong suit.
我們應該過去看看 We should get going.
請問有什麼急事嗎? What is your emergency?
很抱歉闖進你家 I'm sorry I broke in your house.
我實在沒其他地方可去 I didn't have anywhere else to go.
沒必要道歉 No apology is necessary.
你是通過非法渠道得到...的? You didn't come by ... in a legal manner?
你不看新聞,是吧? You don't watch the news, do you?
我盡量 少看/少做/不去想 I try not to.
你他媽腦子進水是吧? What the hell is the matter with you, huh?
你瘋了嗎? Have you lost your mind?
你幹麻吼我? Why are you yeiling at me?
謝謝你打來! Mahalo for calling!
一旦發現他我們立刻趕過去 As soon as we get eyes on him, we'll be there.
我把電話條成免持 I'll put you on speakerphone.
我找到個人你得跟他談談 I find someone you need to talk to.
我在門口等你 I'll be waiting out front.
你也聽到他說的 他有線索了 You heard the man. He's got something.
這事以前有成功過嘛? Has it ever worked before?
我內心其實很高興 I'm happy on the inside.
你幹麻轉移話題? Why are you changing the subject?
別轉移話題! / 黑白講! / 別打哈哈了! Ah, pull the other one.
她要搬回來跟他住 She's moving back in with him.
我們之前沒能成功,誰說這次就可以,對吧? It didn't work out the first time, who's to this time would be any diffrent, right?
那就不要被條子攔下來 Just don't get pulled over.
找到後打給我 Call me when you get a hit.
就在那門後面 Through that door.
我來理一理頭緒 Let me just get this straight.
他做這一切都是為了家人 All he did is to protect his family.
你在煩惱什麼? What's on your mind?
這點不容置疑 ... . And there's no reason to think otherwise.
一切都在我的掌控之中 I have everything under control.
在我這兒可行不同 That's not goinig to happen on my watch.
你要是越了線 我會找你們算帳 You cross the line, you answer to me.
好吧! / 挺合理的 Fair enough.
那恐怕不行 I'm afraid that won't be possible.
這事有蹊翹 Something's not right.
這是兩回事 It's not the same!
理清頭緒 Put things in perspective.
他費盡周折 He went to a lot of trouble.
我以為分開一陣子對大家都好 I thought some time apart would help.
你們吵架了嗎? Did you two have a fight?
能告訴我因為什麼原因吵架的嗎? Can you tell us what it was about?
你怎麼知道? How can you tell that?
我不能就這麼乾等著 I couldn't just sit around here and wait.
他埋頭工作 He took a job to keep busy.
他很難接受 He took it pretty hard.
沒有,只有一次差一點 No, I came close once.
我也是 / 同上 Ditto.
好,馬上辦 OK, get right on it.
她最近過的很不好 She was going through some tough times.
你也應該帶他一起來 You should bring him with you, too.
我不承認也不否認 I neither confirm nor deny.
還好你是我們這邊的 Glad you're on our team.
我會轉告他 I'll let him know.
那趕緊去吧! Then get on it.
我知道我們都不想這樣但還是盡力而為吧! I know neither of us expected this, but let's just try and make the best of it.
對我們肯定有用處 That could come in handy.
那是啥意思? What's that supposed to mean?
顯然形象對她來說很重要 Clearly, appearances are imiportant to her.
交給我吧! I'm on it.
能跟你談談嘛? You got a second?
你只是不想我插手 You just wanted me out of your hair.
我是在排擠你 I sidelined you.
你至少有種承認 Well, at least you're man enough to admit it.
慢著! Wait a minute!
還有別的事情對吧? There's something else, isn't there?
他們不弄這種 They don't mess with that.
我只是隨便說說 I'm just saying.
只是告訴你一聲 Just saying.
我就說嘛! Told you.
科學學不來嘛? You couldn't hack the sciences?
體育才是我的強項 Phys Ed was more my style.
你想仔細說說嘛? You care to elaberate on that?
等我了解你以後再說吧! Maybe when I know you better.
我看她是等不下去了 I think she's done waiting.
你好像有心事 You seem distracted.
我想說如果你遇到什麼麻煩可以來找我 I want you to know that if something is going on, you can come to me.
這個情報的可信度如何? How accurate is this intel?
他們也說不准 They can't say.
你們吵夠了沒啊? How long have you two been married?
這你管不著 / 那不關你的事 That's none of your business.
我明白這一切對你來說難以接受 I know this is hard for you to understand.
我不會讓他們將你從我身邊奪走 I'm not gonna let them take you away from me.
結果如何? / 怎麼樣了? How'd it go?
我們沒什麼好談的了 We have nothing to talk about.
馬上就來! / 等等就上菜! Coming right up!
一時半刻是好不了的 Nothing happens overnight.
約出來是好的開始 A cup coffee's a good place to start.
你要重新來過 You need to get back on the horse.
我又回到起點了 / 又要重新來過了! Guess I'm back where I started.
給你的! Got that for you.
這次又是什麼事? What do you need this time?
這個你怎麼看? What do you make of this?
她能受的了嘛? How'd she take it?
這種情況下她無法承受真相 There's no way she'd be able to process it.
幫我個忙 I need a favor.
跟他不是很熟只知道一點 As well as the next guy.
他是個悶葫蘆 He mostly kept to himself.
你說的是誰? And who might that be?
你應該約她出來 You should ask her out.
她已經名花有主了 She is taken.
她是單身 She is single.
還是沒有回音 Still no word.
我先下水 I splash first.
你跟我們一起去 You are going with.
需要呼吸袋之類的嗎? / 有需要這麼驚訝嘛? You need paper bag or something?
你有那種氣質 You have that look about you.
我們得走了 We'll be on our way.
他早就走了 He was long gone.
失陪一下 Excuse me a sec.
希望你能讓我延期 I hope you'll me a rain check.
我是來告訴你我們只能改約下次了 I'm gonna need to ask for a rain check.
我得去收拾行李了 I should probably go pack.
要不我們約個中間的地方見面? Why don't we meet somewhere halfway?
你這麼晚還和我打電話被你媽抓到我們兩個就死定了 If your mom catchs you up this late, she's gonna lkill us both, OK?
我在想你能否賞臉和我喝依杯咖啡? I was wondering if you'd like to get a cup of coffee with me?
樂意之至 I would like that.
我現在真的不想聽你說教 I'm really not up for a lecture right now.
我也不是來...的 I'm not here to give you one.
你現在經歷的一切我都經歷過 Everything you're going through right now, I've been through myself.
我沒有忘記那段日子事什麼滋味 I remember what that felt like.
你不是孤軍奮戰 You're not along in this.
真相是需要代價的 Risk versus reward.
沒人能長生不老 Nobody lives forever.
有什麼新聞嘛? / 最近有發生什麼嘛? So, give me the updates.
知道你還是老樣子也挺好的 It's comforting to know that some things never change.
你會在這裡留多久? How much longer are you gonna be in town?
我被一些事情耽擱了 I got hung up with something.
廣告之後馬上回來 Don't reach for your remote, I'll be back.
很高興你們能過來! Glad to have you here.
她受了很大的打擊 She's a wreck.
我先離開剩下就交給你了 I'll leave you to it.
我就在這裡看 I'll watch from here.
我們需要你幫忙 We're gonna need your help.
我自己也有一個兒子 I have a boy of my own.
抑鬱是個惡性循環 Depression is a vicious cycle.
我要去我媽媽那邊把他接回來 I'll go to my mother's to pick him up.
當時沒有時間 There wasn't time for that.
這又有什麼關聯? Why exactly is that relevent?
相信我說的話吧! 我敢保證! You can take my word for it.
你想不想讓她的痛苦結束? Would you like it if her pain could stop?
有一會兒了 It took a while.
很有可能會被人發現 Chances are someone would have noticed.
他在圖謀什麼? What's he trying to accomplish?
我知道你兒子在哪 I know where your son is.
我能帶你去見他 I can take you to him.
我很樂意 With pleasure. / That would be my pleasure. / The pleasure's mine.
加把勁! 時間不等人的好嗎? Put a rush on it. Clock's ticking,OK?
抓緊時間! Clock's ticking!
當時就你一個人嘛? Were you by yourself?
那就是你走神的原因 That's what had you distracted.
每分每秒都事關重大 Every minute, every half-minute counts.
你確實有點不對勁 Something is definitely up.
怎麼了嗎? Is there something I need to know?
想說來聽聽嘛? Is there anything you want to share?
這在可接受的範圍內好嘛! That's within the realm of reasonable.
第一個總是與眾不同,在任何方面都是 There's always something about the first, in anything.
也許是我想多了 I might be way off here.
我覺得他似乎有那個意思去試探我們之間舊的火花會不會復燃 I think she's putting some feelers out to see if that old sparks is still there.
重新開始的機會不是天天有 / 我們不是一值都有第二次機會的 We don't always get second chances in life.
我覺得你該試試 看看結果如何 I say take the plunge, see where it goes.
現在是免持喔! You are on speaker.
跳到最後一個 Skip to the last one.
我來做一下後續調查 I'm here to do some follow-up.
現在別來煩我們 We just need to be left alone right now.
我知道你現在壓力很大 I know this is a lot of to absorb right now.
這就是他要她說的話 That's what he wants her to say.
她對我太重要了 She means so much to me.
真是似曾相識 Deja vu all over again.
我會想辦法撬開來 I got my crowbar out.
我從來都不知道她去了哪 I never know where she went on those walks.
我從沒見過她是如此滿足 I don't think I ever saw her more content.
自那以後... From one moment to the next,...
現在輪到你做出正確的選擇了 Now it's your turn to do the right thing.
他活著只有痛苦 He has caused nothing but pain.
那是你說的 According to you.
你得讓我做完這件事 You have to let me finish.
因為他以前做過所以沒人會懷疑 Because he tried to do that before, nobody would question it.
我說的那些都不是真的 I didn't mean to say those things.
你確定不要幫忙嘛? Sure you don't need any help?
給我來點好嗎? / 幫我倒一點好嗎? Top me off, would you?
我記得你不愛喝酒的啊? I don't remember you as being a big wine drinker.
我想我只是在今晚需要一點勇氣 I guess I just need a little fortificaion tonight.
你還記得我們互相許下的諾言嘛? Do you remember the pledge we made to one another?
你怎麼不早跟我說? Why didn't you call me earlier?
拜託讓我說完 Please let me finish.
如果我現在不說我不知道以後還有沒有機會 If I don't get this out now, I don't know I ever will.
行不行的通試了才知道 It's not a good idea until you've tried it.
她就是這麼滑頭 She's silppery like that.
可能只是我疑神疑鬼而已 I'm probably just imagining it.
我們說說吧! Let's have it.
她叫我過來看看你過的怎樣 She wanted me to come by and see you were doing.
實話實說 To tell you the truth,...
我要怎麼跟你爸講? What am I gonna tell your dad?
對但到目前為止你只是把事情弄得更糟而已 Yeah but so far, all you've managed to do is potentially make matters worse.
我剛剛肯定去神遊了 I must have drifted off.
我錯過了什麼? What did I miss?
很貴嘛? Pricey? / Pricy?
如果我是你就不會那樣做 I wouldn't do that if I were you.
如果我是你的話就部會攪和近來 I'd stay out of this if I were you.
如果我是你的話會先報警 I'd call the cops if I were you.
別以問代答 正常說就可以了 Don't answer his question with another question. Just saying.
或許我可以幫你提些意見 Maybe I could help you with a second opinion.
希望你來之前先打個電話 這樣你兩就不用白跑一趟了 I wish you'd called ahead. I could saved you both a trip.
她什麼時候回來? When will she be back?
真是淘氣! Naughty, naughty.
答對了! It speaks.
你覺得自己山窮水盡了 You're at the end of your rope.
他聽你差遣 He's all yours.
他一直逃避問題 He kept deflecting the questions.
我現在唯一的感覺就是困惑 I suppose I'm more confused than anything.
真沒什麼好說的 There's nothing much to say really.
這真不像他的作風 It was so unlike him.
不過這也說的通 But it all added up.
你一直逃避有關Jack用藥過量的問題 You ducked the issue of Jack being overmedicated.
他們有什麼理由要這樣做呢? For what earthly reason would they do that?
這簡直是無理取鬧 / 這完全是毫無理由的瞎鬧 It's playing the goat for no earthly reason.
他一直想打電話給你 He's been trying to call you.
我記不太清了 I don't really remember.
一切像是一場惡夢 It was like a bad dream.
不是他的錯 It wasn't his fault.
過去他的精神也不正常 He was bonkers back in the day.
最讓我恐懼的是這有可能是家族遺傳 The thing that scared me most was that it would run in the family.
我可能會跟他一樣 I'd end up like her.
我也不知道自己著了什麼魔 I don't know what come over me really.
這本子裡有什麼是你不想讓我們看到的? What is it you don't want us to see in that book?
我們不會告訴任何人的 We won't tell anyone.
沒什麼 就是累了 Nothing. I'm just knackered.
只要你想沒有你做不到的 You can do anything you set your mind to.
你以為我在幹什麼? What's it look like I'm doing?
你等了超久是嗎? You took your bloody time, didn't you?
你看上去不錯喔! You look good.
別傻了你 Don't be daft, you.
你常常逗我笑 You used to make me laugh.
聽見了嗎? Do you hear me?
我真是雲裡霧裡了 I'm high as a kite.
我頭痛到不行了 I got a blinding headache.
他是故意這樣做的嗎? Did he do this deliberately?
你怎麼能放任他這麼做呢? How could you let him?
你這是做什麼? What'd you do that for?
你這是什麼意思? What's the meaning of this?
你這是什麼問題? What kind of question is that?
我以為你想和我好好聊聊 I thought you wanted to have a chat.
胡說 你不知道才有鬼! Bollocks, you don't know.
你還真是滿口胡說八道啊! That's a lot of bollocks.
這不全是我的錯 It wasn't all me.
她也有責任 She had something to do with it.
大家都說一個巴掌拍不想 It takes two, as they say.
就這樣吧! / 繼續維持! Let's keep it that way.
拿著這個滾吧! Take this and sod off.
這樣問題就解決了吧? Problem solved?
我們已經在一起一整天了你卻一次都沒提過住院的事 We've been together all day and you haven't mentioned being in the hospital once.
誰說的? Says who?
你和你爸聊天了嗎? Did you and yout dad talk?
你說夠了吧! Enough of your lip!
那就是沒有了! That's a no then.
盡量別動 Try not to move.
我知道那個表情 I know that look.
我聞到了頭條的味道 I smell a headline.
事情還要更複雜一些 It's a little more complicated than that.
能讓我說完嘛? Can I finish?
他們都在等對方先行動 Each is waiting for the other to go first.
你覺得我在亂講嘛? / 你不信嘛? You think I'm playing?
你覺得我在胡扯嘛? You think I'm full of it?
你在胡說八道 You're full of it.
真荒謬 / 胡說八道 That's bsurd!
現在總算輕鬆點了 That's a bit of a relief.
我喜歡四處打探 I poke about a bit.
但現在的經濟狀況 做生意不能太挑剔 But in this economy, one can't be too fussy.
他這一輩子算完了 His life's pretty much over.
這對每個被捲入的人來說都是一場慘劇 It was a terrible tragedy for everyone invloved.
你來這裡不是只為了說這些吧! I don't think you came down here just to tell me that.
不知為何我對你很有信心 For some reason, I have faith in you.
我還要補充一下庫存 I've got some restocking to do.
我們快遲到了 We're running late.
不難嘛!對不對? It wasn't that hard, was it?
你去忙吧! On your way, then.
我要集中精神 I need to focus.
看不出來啦! / 污漬看不到啦! You can't see it anywhere.
兩點半的話更好 Two-thirty is actually better.
你現在是不是在想... So what part of you is thinking "..."
你知道我要來,是嗎? You knew I was coming, didn't you?
這裡只有我 You've got me!
有什麼事就說吧! Speak!
我想也是! / 這樣才對! I got so!
我想也是! That's what I thought.
把這件穿上! Pop this on!
喝點水吧! Why don't you have some water?
會讓你舒服點 It'll help you out.
我怎麼到這裡來的? How did I get here?
這是我爸的公司 This is where my dad works.
裝的很像 Nice try!
你應該找點事做來幫你排解壓力 You should find something to help take the pressure off.
你懂我意思嘛? You see what I mean? / You know what I mean?
報告裡有沒有提及...? Does it say anything in that report about...?
這個名子不是第一次聽到 It's not the first time the name's come up.
有些東西是永遠也不會忘記的 There were things that he never ever forgot.
馬上回來 Back in a jiffy.
有個很棒的解決之道 That'd be an elegant way out.
這樣對我們都有好處 For both our sakes.
希望如此,不然我們就慘了 Let's hope so, for all our sakes.
他們婚姻觸礁 They're on the rocks.
只剩下前的問題了 It's all down to the money.
我還不知道你的芳名 I didn't catch your name.
那是因為你沒給我機會 That's because you haven't given me a chance.
怎麼? 我說錯話了嗎? What? Is it something I said?
我有說錯嗎? Correct me if I'm wrong.
什麼時候出來的? 幾天前嘛? 還是幾週? When'd you get out? Was it days ago? Weeks?
他會用不同的角度看事情發現別人注意不到的細節 He sees the world differently, notices things others don't.
你能證明這些猜測嘛? Can you prove any of this?
我有這打算 I intend to.
你什麼都證明不了 You can't prove a thing.
即便如此 even so
... 這就是你想說的? "..." That's what you're saying?
這樣恐怕代價不菲 That doesn't come cheap.
他們的目的明確 They know what they were doing.
他們是先做過調查 They'd done their research.
即便這樣你還是什麼都沒有給他們對嘛? You haven't given them anything, though, have you?
但就差那麼一點了 But you came this close.
他知道他沒時間考慮了 He figured his time to think was over.
完全正確! Absolutely certifiable!
它比表面上看起來要複雜的多 Little bit more to him than meets the eye.
...,如果我沒記錯的話! ...,if I recall.
都是往事了 / 都是過去式了 Those were the days.
幫我查查這個好嗎? Run this for me, would you?
我明白的的擔憂,也知道你為什麼會有疑惑 I hear your concern, and I get where you're coming from.
請按照我的要求去做 Please just do as I ask.
我和...已經毫無瓜葛了 I served my ties with ....
我不是別人的哈巴狗 I'm no one's lap dog.
我覺得被利用了! I feel used!
這和你的聽障沒有關係 This has nothing to do with your deafness.
他在那邊幹什麼? What's he up in there?
他會把你逼瘋 He'll drive you crazy.
他完全不尊重你的私人時間 He has no repect for your time.
他指派的任務九成九都是徒勞無功的 Most of what constitutes that work will involve more than fool's errands.
你還是不要擔心我多擔心你自己吧! You should stop worrying about me, and worry more about yourself.
他是怎麼說我的? What's he saying about me?
他最後終身下半身癱瘓 He ended up a paralegic for life.
我舉雙手贊成 I'm all over that one.
奇怪的是... Odds are,...
我這邊有你要的東西,不過有代價 I got something you want, but it's gonna cost you.
你葫蘆裡賣什麼藥? What are you selling?
你平常就是這樣做生意的嗎? Is this how you normally do business?
我是來這裡談生意的! I'm here to do business.
你能從中得到什麼? / 這對你有什麼好處? What's in for you?
他們對你怎麼樣了? What'd they do to you?
恕我不能同意 / 我難以接受 I beg to differ.
因為有人應聘所以需要核對一些信息 Need to find some information on someone applying for a job.
乾杯! Up yours.
他說什麼原因了嗎? Did he say what for?
要幹麻? What for?
你最好有人幫你送來 You better have somebody get over here to drop it off.
好吧 / 既然沒辦法要不然 Thought so.
他進步很大 He had come a long way.
還需要我補充嘛? Need I say more?
這叫做自覺行動 It's called initiative.
如果你願意可以呆在這裡幫我把風 You stay here and be my look out if you prefer.
你一有機會就走捷徑然後指望我們其他人跟在後面收拾你的爛攤子 Any chance you get to cut a corner, and you just expect the rest of us to follow behind you and clean up after you.
你偷看了我的私人日程表 You broke into my personal calendar.
你幹麻放那麼明顯一下就讓他找到? Why you made it so easy for him to find?
不用多說了 Say no more.
你話真多 有沒有人這樣說過你? You talk too much. Anybody ever tell you that before?
我不明白你為什麼要那麼多人手? I can't see you need that much muscle.
你有吃的嗎? 我餓死了 You got any more food? I could eat a horse.
你以為我是誰? Who do you think I am?
你以為你是誰? What do you think you are?
真幼稚! So immature!
喔!別幼稚好嗎! Oh, grow up!
他當時知道你已經懷孕了嗎? Did he know you were pregnant?
像你這樣的人怎麼會和那種傢伙為伍? How does a guy like you partner up with a bloke like that?
你又不了解我 You don't know anything about me.
你欠他人情嘛? You owe him, don't you?
你欠他一條命 You owe him your life.
他的眼睛似乎可以看穿你 He has these eyes that look right through you.
你會...很正常,畢竟他有... ... Sounds natural, considering his history of...
他和你還有連絡嘛? He keep in touch with you?
我們沒有積蓄 We have no savings.
於是有一天 So one day,...
他請了一小時假 He took an hour off work.
此後 Henceforth,..
我發誓從今以後再也不對你說謊 I promise never to lie to you henceforth.
消費者就很火大 Customers went nuts.
他們做了他們該做的 They did what they had to do.
他們搪塞他 They give him the runaround.
你在敷衍我嘛? Are you give me a runaround?
我被打發了 I was given the runaround.
於是他被惹惱了 ... So he just snapped.
他很生氣 He lost his temper.
我們完蛋了 We are finished.
最後他們的房子被法拍 They ended up getting the house foreclosed on.
他一直不肯罷休 He never gonna let this go.
別分心 No distractions.
別裝腔作勢 No histrionics.
走吧!現在還來的及 Walk away while you still can!
他也有份 He gets about a bit.
還有三個 Three to go.
他超顯眼的就像妓女來到尼姑庵一樣 He sticks out like a tart in a nunnery.
你跟著我 You stay with me.
你人很好跟你的團隊不是一個檔次 You're well out your league.
我想搞她已經好幾個月了 I've been trying to get in her pants for months.
我請你吃早餐 I'll buy you breakfast.
最後的機會 Last chance.
現在別亂來 Don't blow it now.
夥計! 你現在有空嘛? You got the time on you, mate?
你現在聽明白了嗎? Now, we understand each othier?
走開 Be on your way.
他就是為此而來的 That's what he came for.
他沒跟你提過嘛? Didn't he tell you that bit?
別幫倒忙 That's not helping.
感覺如何? How does it feel?
你感覺如何啊? How do you feel about that?
別讓他跑了! He doesn't move!
那個人就是你 That person's you.
首先我想說一些我兩年前就應該說的話 I want to start by saying what I should have said 2 years ago.
你的遭遇本來是可以避免的 What happened to you should never have happened.
團隊是我辛苦建立起來的 The group was built on my sweat.
你在亂搞我的...我們之間就玩完了 You mess with my... again, you and I are through.
別問我是怎麼辦到的 Don't ask me how it works.
有人叫我們在這裡等你 We were told to wait here.
那個跟你講的人一定是講錯了 或是你聽錯了 Whoever told you that misspoke. Or you misheard.
想知道我怎麼看你嘛? You wanna know what I think of you?
我想你是在找新工作 I think you're on the hunt for a new job.
不准動除非我叫你動 You don't move till I tell you to.
他不可能會知道的啦! There's no way he would know.
知道為什麼嘛? / 有頭緒嘛? Any idea?
我怎麼會知道 How would I know?
我只是在試探你而已 I'm just poking at you.
一個也沒有 Didn't have any.
你有多瞭解他們? How well do you know them?
你對他了解多少? How well do you know him?
只能用一種方法來證明 Only one way to find out.
誰是這裡的老闆? Who's in charge here?
你找錯人了 You're barking up the wrong tree.
他是個光說不練的空想家 He's all hat, no cattle.
就降! That's how!
隨你的便 Have it your way.
隨你怎麼說 If you say so.
她喜歡裝堅強但她真的不是 She like to act tough, but she wasn't, really.
你靠不靠的住? / 我能信任你嘛? Whether or not I can count on you?
你入選了!? You made the team.
我盡量早點結束 I'll try not to work too late.
抓緊你們的時間! Catch yourselves up.
她總為自己的過錯埋怨其他人 He blames everybody else for his screw-ups.
現在變成我的錯了!? Now it's my fault.
現在我們之間有些互動了 Now we got a bit of a back-and-forth going.
他自找的 He have it coming!
因為他出言挑釁 Cause he was talking smack!
他們出言譏諷你的... They taunt you about your...
他說了她什麼? What'd he say about her?
你覺得他們會說什麼? What do you think they say?
你要麼...要麼我用我的方式找答案 You..., or I'll find my answers my own way.
明白了嗎? Are we clear?
有一些流言斐語 There are rumors.
我真心希望沒有 I seriously hope not.
為什麼?為了你媽媽好嗎? What, for your mom's sake?
可能想以此報復我爸 Probably to get back at my dad for something.
你有沒有想過...? Did it cross your mind...?
我當然想過 Of course it's crossed my mind.
你們沒有採取安全措施嘛? You didn't practice safe sex?
你是不是在暗示...? Are you suggesting that...?
你最好別那樣做了 You gotta stop doing that.
每次都洩漏了你的恐慌 Dead giveaway every time.
這也太明顯了吧! It's just a dead giveaway!
他一點也不帥 He's no hunk.
你們倆在玩我嗎? Are you two messing with me?
我為什麼要擔心? Why would I be worried?
現在你對我來說已經死了 Now you are officially dead to me.
這種話你怎麼說的出口? / 你怎麼能這樣說! How can you even say that?
別和他硬碰硬 He's not worth it.
明天同一時間嗎? Same time tomorrow?
永遠別對你的對手不敬 Never disrespect your oppenent.
你覺得我對你不敬嗎? Do you think I'm disrepectful to you?
你控制不了 You can't help it.
你會在城裡呆多久? How long are you going to be in town?
你還要我等多久財告訴我真相? How long are you gonna make me wait for the truth?
用任何你想的到的名目! You name it!
看你的表情那我就當做沒有了 I'll take that as a no, then.
那我就當你說喜歡了 I'll take that as a yes.
但某種程度上你把所有的...都當成自己的 Yet somehow you think of all... as yours.
也沒有人會對此有意見的吧! No one would argue with that.
在這裡我不會就此事繼續說下去了 I'm not gonna talk about this any further out here.
不然我們再出去講這件事! ...or we'll take this back out there!
你又不是不知道 As you already know,...
你們有何看法? And your point is?
介意解釋一下嗎? Care to explain?
他據不透露真相 He's standing in the way of the truth.
他還以為 As far as he's concerned,...
你有看過你爸哭嗎? You ever seen your dad cry?
看! 又來了! You see! There it is again!
你很享受看他受最是嗎? You enjoy seeing him suffer, right?
我覺得我們之間開始有點相互了解了 I think we're starting to understand each other.
你都沒有看她一眼 You won't even look at her.
你想反抗你的父親 You want to stand up to your dad.
你這樣傷害了所有的人 This hurts everyone.
你不知道有這種爸爸是什麼感受! You don't know what it's like to have a dad like him.
那我真的完全不了解你的感受 I have absolutely no idea what that's like.
拜託讓這一切結束吧! Please make it stop!
聽起來很耳熟嗎? Sound familiar?
名字聽起來很耳熟嗎? Sound like anyone you know?
我們要好好談談 We got a lot of talking to do.
你沒事吧?! You gonna be all right?
慢慢來! Go easy.
別那樣翻白眼! Don't roll your eyes like that!
別針對個人! Don't make it personal.
接受你的道歉 Apology accepted.
有你一直陪我 You've always been there for me.
我確實嘗試提醒過你 I did try to warn you.
我真抱歉你要承受這些 I'm so sorry this is hanppening to you.
你剛剛說的沒錯 You were right.
我會想起來的 只差一點點 It'll come to me. It's on the tip of my tongue.
他警告我要小心你 She warned me about you.
你想讓我用這個做什麼? What you want me to do with this?
實在抱歉 I'm terribly sorry.
你做的不對 You're not doing it right.
你不知道接到你的電話我有多開心 You have no idea how happy I am you called.
我只是順道來看看她 I just came by to check on her.
你過了四十分鐘才來!? 40 minutes it took you to get here!?
我才剛下班 I was off duty.
這就是我火速趕來的原因 Which is why I got here as fast as I could.
今晚你有得忙了 You're the one that's having a rough night.
...直到救護人員來了 ...until the paramedics arrived.
你到的時候有其他人在嗎? Was anyone there when you arrived?
對於你的遭遇我很難過 I'm very sorry for your loss.
他在這做什麼? What's he doing here?
我們可以走了嗎? Can we go now?
你知道我和Mary是什麼關係嗎? Do you know who I was to Mary?
你們誰會看手相? Which one of you reads palms?
我猜你很難信任別人 I'm guessing you have trust issues.
那聽起來是不是有點牽強? Is that sounding a little farfetched?
他惹到你了 He turned on you.
你去看醫生了嗎? You've been to the doctor yet?
無意冒犯,但... And not for nothing, but...
你很想找人開刀這我能理解 You got an axe to grind here and I understand that.
看情況了 Depends.
你是從哪裡冒出來的? Who the hell are you?
為什麼人們要這樣做? Why do people do that?
嘴巴上說...但真正意思卻是... Say "..." when you really mean, "..."
他讓你幹什麼? What's he got you doing?
我們還在網路上搜索 We are scouring the web.
我們只需要讓他開口 We just need to get him talking.
那不是我弄亂的 That's not my mess.
我的律師不在場我什麼都不會說的 I'm not saying anything without my attorneys.
我十歲的時候... When I was about ten...
他指責我抽了他的雪茄 He accused me of smoking his cigar.
如果你坦白我就既往不咎 If you come clean, I'd forget about it.
你真是拿我尋開心 / 你真的很想要玩我 You really go to town on me.
這和...有什麼關係? What's this have to do with ...?
我辦公室裡有插座 I got power at my office.
現在還不確定 Not exactly sure yet.
你不告訴她就不會了 Not if you don't tell her.
你嗑藥了嗎? Are you smoking crack?
耐心點兒! Bear with me.
你會喜歡等等的發現的 You'll gonna love this one.
重複做同一件事然後期待不同的結果 Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
挺像你的 It's kind of like you.
你自己想想看 You do the math.
所以都是他自找的囉? So, he had it coming?
好好看清楚 Take a long look.
早安親愛的! Morning, sunshine!
她為什麼要隱瞞? Why would he keep that a secret?
你沒辦法...都是他說了算 You can't... He decides for you.
我們協議將這件事情保密 We agreed to keep it a secret.
他隻字未提 He never say a word.
現在我只需要再做幾個測試 I just need to run a few more tests.
聽起來很容易嗎! That sounds like a doddle.
這手段也太狠了 It's bound to be perfect.
完全無懈可擊 Totally airtight.
這麼晚了較我們過來幹麻? Why are we all here at this late hour?
希望你們能協助 I was hoping you could help.
他們有那種關係 She was involved with him.
只是辦公室八卦 It was just office gossip.
這件事情沒那麼簡單 This was about something else.
一覽無餘 Real specific.
誰激怒誰? Who's winding up who?
今年六月就滿三歲了 Should be three this June.
我應付的來 I get by.
你第一次見到他是什麼時候? When did he first come to you?
那也是你能期待的最好情況了 That's about the best you can ever hope for.
你那表情是什麼意思? What's that look mean?
我也沒有答案 I don't have an answer for that.
快去洗澡 Go wash up now!
你沒有害到他們 You did not fail them.
決定權在你 The decision is yours.
你們能來這邊真不錯 It's nice of you to be here.
感覺有些絕望 It was sort of helpless.
這些錢讓我得以免於流落街頭 The money helped keep me off the street.
你好善良 It's very kind of you.
有個傢伙叫做... a fellow named...
同意你的要求 Premission granted!
如果你想得到更好的方法去..的話 Well, if you can think of a better way to...
我洗耳恭聽 I'm all ears.
早做早了事 / 我們早點把它結束 Let's get this over with.
出了什麼事情了? / 後來怎麼了? What went wrong?
那本來可以當作有獎徵答的獎品的 It should've been a giveaway.
有道理 Good point!
和...完全無關 It completely divorced from ...
我和...水火不能相容 Me and .... We got together too young.
這樣子是正常的嗎? Is this supposed to happen?
現在你該說... This is where you say... .
那沒有用 / 那樣沒有用啦! That's not gonna help.
她覺得她被拋棄了 She feels jilted.
我不會冒這個險 I'm not taking the risk.
是他在冒這個險 It's his risk to take.
看!這樣做就對了! See, that would be an example.
我付出了代價 I paid the price.
已經好點了 Better aleady.
很高興那起作用了 It's a good thing that worked.
打起精神來! Lighten up!
樂觀點-- Bright side--
咱倆真是志同道合 It's like we are twins.
我沒其他問題了 No issues there.
我們趕時間 We're on a clock. / We're in a hurry.
進行的還不錯 It went well.
最後是不是.... Didn't it turn out that...
他對那點很堅持 He was very insistent on that point.
他最近過的如何? How's he doing these days?
他聽完之後反應如何? How's he doing with all this?
他時日無多了 He is running out of time.
快點! 我們快沒時間了! Hurry! We're running out of time!
我想要通情達理一些 I want to be understanding.
當時你在想什麼? What were you thinking?
是為了享受拒絕的快感嘛? Was that just so you'd enjoy saying no?
別又開始了! Don't start that!
我出去接 I'll take this outside.
拉緊了! Stay taut!
你不會相信的! You're not gonaa believe it!
過來看看! Check this out.
你一定要過來看看! You've gotta come see!
別太囂張了! / 別到處炫燿! Don'te smug about it!
我想我也做不到 I don't think I can do it either.
說起來簡單 / 要求也太多了點 It's simply asking too much.
感覺好多了! That's better!
看起來是那樣沒錯 Looks that ways.
有那麼明顯嘛? (Is) That obvious?
取決於你如何定義... Depends on how you define....
你幾時要走? When you leavin'?
你們關係是超好對嗎? You guys like BFFs?
你的好意我心領了 I understand where you're coming from with this, but...
那些日子已經不在了 Those days are over.
省省吧你! Just save yourself the trouble.
你走吧~不送! Let youtself out.
選這時機太讓人起疑了! The timing of this is a little too suspicious.
不需要 No need.
我可以給你一兩句忠告嘛? Can I offer some advice?
你要知道! You gotta know that.
你從他臉上就能看出他他不想讓你失望 You can see it in his face that he hates disappointing you.
別放棄他 Don't give up on him.
好吧~你可以一直不理我 Okey, go ahead, keep up the silent treatment.
如果我沒記錯的話上次... Now, if I remember correctly, last time...
我給你帶了點東西來 I got you something.
我動用了點關係 I called in a favor.
這是兄妹間該做的 This is what siblings do.
有福同享 有難同當 They look out -- good times and bad.
如果我搞砸了怎麼辦? What if I screw up?
不會給你惹麻煩嘛? Won't that relect bad on you?
就像你希望的那樣 成為...的接班人 Become the next... like you always talked about.
他不介意接受一下採訪 He's not above doing interviews.
回頭見! / 明天見! See you around!
現在要怎麼辦? So what happens now? / And what happens now?
這又沒有什麼! It was nothing!
如果別無選擇,對就是這樣! If that's what it takes, yes!
什麼改變了你的想法? What made you change your mind?
我們最好趕快出發! We better get going!
機會馬上就要來了! Those times are going to come!
等等! 這不是當初我跟你講好的! Wait! This isn't what I signed up for!
無所謂! / 沒什麼大不了! No biggie!
這件是總要有人來做! Somebody has to do it!
我是她的全部 I'm all she has!
關於...我想有些是您有必要知道 There's something about ... I thnk you should know.
他們會因為害怕而退縮嘛? Will they puss out?
表情全寫在臉上 It's written all over his face.
閉嘴! Stow it!
收起你那種態度! Stow your attitude!
別誤會我的意思 Don't get me wrong.
可以這樣說 / 很貼切 That's one word for it.
一個一個慢慢來 One at a time.
你剛剛說什麼? You are saying? / You were saying?
或許是肚子痛 Maybe it's a tummy ache.
如果他變的更嚴重的話,... If he gets any worse,...
新聞都在報 It's all over the news.
那不是你負責的嗎? Isn't that your thing?
我哪來的時間去...? How am I supposed to find time to...?
我穿的有哪裡怪嘛? What's wrong with the way I dress?
你等等忙嘛? Are you busy later?
用血淚換來的 Got the bumps and the bruises to prove it.
是啊~是啊! / 你這樣不錯啊! You better (be).
我超想知道上面是怎麼說的 I'm dying to know what it says.
猜猜上面寫了什麼? Guess what it says?
目前還不確定 I'm not sure yet.
很好~不過先就此打住! Great! Stay on that!
多滑稽的場面啊! What a tableau!
他只是再幫我們翻譯 He's just helping with the translation.
但我可以聯絡...他可以告訴我們更多 But I can get in touch with ... who might be able to tell us more.
如果明天是世界末日今天你會做什麼? What will you do today if tomorrow is doomsday?
你一直盯著她看 You've been staring at her.
別走神! / 專心一點 Stay focused!
我們真的要專心一點 We really have to stay focused.
所以你覺得我要不要約她出來? So you don't think I should sak her out?
你想嘛? Is that what you want?
需要加水嘛? Can I get you anything else?
希望我能讓它好起來 Wish I could make it all better.
越快越好 The sooner, ther better.
我每次看都能得到新的東西 Every time I read it, I'm finding something new.
你有讀過嘛? You ever read it?
人類常用神當藉口去為非作歹 People use God as an excuse for a lot of things.
他們全都發瘋了 They're all toally insane.
丟掉講稿 放輕鬆就好 Lose the speech. Just relax.
你把它們穿起來會更好看 They look better on.
我已經來回問過十餘個人了 I've been bounced around like ten people.
我沒錢付租金 I'm short on rent.
我可能因此丟掉工作 I could lose job over this.
我們共同面對一切 We're all in this together.
A看起來因為B搞砸在偷笑,還是只有我這樣想? Is it me, or does A look happy B just shit the bed?
你沒有想太多 It's not you.
拜託告訴我我剛沒有那麼糟 Please tell me it wasn't that bad.
他剛進手術室了 He just went into surgery.
趕快吃完你的... Just finish up your ....
不准你在我的車上滴油 You're not getting grease on my car.
白白浪費了一個下午 Fuckin' waste of an afternoon.
如果你有中年危機我們可以聊聊 If you're having a mid-life crisis, we can talk about it.
把你的手拿開 Get your hands off me!
你知道小孩接受麻醉,特別是三最以下的更可能造成學習障礙嘛? Did you know that children who undergo anesthesia under the age of three are more likely to develop learning disabilities?
你還有研究喔? Are you doing research?
而且一旦...併發症機率會提高到百分之... And once ..., the complication rate rises to ...%.
我去餐廳 看一下有沒有可以吃的 I'm gonna go to the cafeteria, see if anything's edible.
你還Hold的住嘛? How are you holding up?
我很感謝有能讓我轉移注意力的事情 I appreciate a distraction.
我偷偷跟在他後面 I sneak up on him.
是真的還是比喻? Like, figuratively, or---?
你應該保持虛心 You got to keep an open mind.
我會是著開明點 I'll trying to be more open-minded.
你爸也會很以你為榮的 Your dad would have been proud too.
看誰在幕後搞鬼 Look who's behind the curtain.
你早就知道這會發生 You knew this was gonna happen.
那不代表什麼 It didn't mean anything.
你最好準備給予相應的回報 You'd better be ready to pay the piper.
我不確定我現在走不走的開 I'm not sure if I should leave.
我不是故意偷聽或幹麻 I didn't mean to eavesdrop or anything.
他睡的正香 He is sound asleep.
他醒了馬上打給我 Call me the minute he wakes up.
不用送了 我們會自己出去 Don't bother getting up. We'll see ourselves out.
什麼事情這麼重要連一下都不能等 Tell me what's so important that it couldn't wait.
你也會為我做同樣的事 You'd have done the same for me.
我到處找你耶! I've been looking all over for you!
你怎麼會突然關心起來了? Why are you so interested all of a sudden?
我下錯注了! I was on the wrong side of that bet.
看起來有那麼不可能嘛? / 有這麼難相信嘛? Does it seem so unlikely?
這個遊戲似乎很難引起廣泛注意 It seems unlikely that the game could attract so much attetion.
結局不大好 It didn't end well.
近來可好? How's it been?
不好過 It's been tough.
我有好一會兒沒看到他了 I haven't seen him for a little while.
我不知道他在哪 I have no idea where he is.
我等等就回來 I'll be right back.
去撞牆吧! Go right ahead!
我知道問題在哪裡了! I see what this is.
我再也無法忍受了 I can't do this anymore.
你還有課要教 而且不到一小時 You have a class to teach in less than an hour.
我們知道這本來就不簡單 We knew this would not be easy.
我知道這很難 I know it's hard.
是要來還是要走了? Is it coming or going?
很難分辨 Hard to tell.
不要緊 No worries.
太遲了! 已經開了頭了! Too late! The seed is planted.
你學的很快! You are a quick leaner!
那是侮辱嘛? Is that an insult?
不,這是稱讚 No, it's a compliment.
請坐 Have a seat.
我被你的精神感動了 I'm won over by your spirit.
你感到有點矛盾 You're conflicted.
我能考慮一下嘛? Can I have some time to think about it?
我接受你的糾正 I stand corrected.
我也呆不了多久 I won't be around very long.
我猜你會 I'm betting you do.
是你還是他的決定? Your choice or hers?
結果發現他們已經暗中交往兩年了 Turns out that they were secretly in love with each other for 2 years.
想聽聽看嘛? Would you like to hear it?
你是在勾引我嘛? Are you trying to seduce me?
抱歉我要去上一下洗手間 Excuse me. Potty break.
他在關鍵時刻能扭轉乾坤 At crunch time, he'll bring it.
我會很樂意得謝你的 / 這個忙不會讓你白幫 I'm willing to make it worth your while.
在他萬念俱灰的時候,... In his darkest hours,...
我無權談論此事 I'm not at liberty to say.
你怎麼知道我在這裡? How did you know where to find me?
查一查! Look into it!
沒機會! Not a chance!
我該向你道歉 I owe you an apology.
很難形容 It's hard to pinpoint.
說實話,... Truth be told,...
就這麼簡單 Plain and simple.
我想也許你們都已經知道了,... I suppose it's no secret,...
我得給你個機會為你自己辯解一下 I feel compelled to offer you a chance to redeem yourself.
他們為了達成目的不計較風險 They prioritize results over risks.
有一種說法是... It's been said that...
我不會手下留情 I'll show no mercy.
我希望那個人是你 I hope that someone can be you.
所以你要一起來嘛? So, you with us?
我幫你打包好了 I packed for you.
我們有伴了 We're not alone out here.
你在打量我的...嘛? You're digging on my...?
我會考慮一下的 I'll keep that in mind. / I'll keep that under advisement.
你們在看什麼? What are you guys watching?
放鬆 別緊張 Hang lose. Try to relax.
就是要這種精神 That's the spirit!
或許是個辦法 Maybe a way in.
別謙虛 夥計! Do not sell yourself short, man!
對我們任務進行的方式還有任何問題嘛? Any questions about how we conduct our missions?
好~有什麼不對就說吧! OK, throw stones.
再晚就來不及了 It's now or never.
我早就知道結果會以悲劇收場 I knew this was going to be a fiasco.
他現在受到專人很好的照顧 He is in good hands.
我還在想辦法解決這有點棘手的小麻煩 I'm still working on addressing that particular hiccup.
我們正在想辦法 We're working on that.
我現在要幹麻? What's my assignment?
我改主意了! / 接下來我又想了想 On second thought,...
這是什麼意思? What's the catch?
你能幫我做到嘛? Can you do that for me?
就這樣嘛? / 還有其他事嗎? Will that be all?
我想是吧! I suppose it will.
我叫人來給你看一下 I'll get a mate to come around and take a look.
喔~真是羨煞旁人啊! Aw, tha'ts adorable.
我不斷回想所有的一切 I keep going over everything in my head.
我怎麼就沒料到呢? How did I not see that coming?
我記得可不是這樣 That's not the way I remember it.
我下樓去看看他們需不需要幫忙 I'm going to fo downstairs, see if they need some help.
這個看起來很有希望 / 這裡面可能會有 This looks promising.
離那天可能不遠了 May not be far off.
我從來沒有片刻的後悔 I don't regret a moment of it.
別想控制我 Don't try to manipulate me.
我只是想表達一些我心理憋了很久的話 All I was trying to do is expree something that I have been sitting on for a long time.
你壓根沒懂 You're missing the point.
讓我來第一個歡迎你加入... Let me be the first to welcome you to ...
我只是希望你是第一個得知此事的人 I just wanted you to be the first to hear it.
那你快去唄! So scurry away!
那你能大鬆一口氣了 You must be relieved.
領導這部門可不是個閒差 Running the department is a strssful gig.
別牽著我的鼻子走 Don't hold my leash.
他被管的死死的 He's on a leash.
他會對你要求很嚴格 要你做些不歸你管的事 He's gonna keep you on a tight leash, ask you to do things that are way beneth you.
換我的話 我不會這麼早大放厥詞 I wounldn't sart measuring for drapes quite just yet.
在我出發以前... Before I head out,...
不管原因是什麼你講的沒有錯 / 這句話是事實 但會這樣的原因有很多種 That is true regardlees of the cause.
你已經說夠多了 You said as much.
你相信我眼淚快流下來了嗎? Can you believe I'm getting a bit dewy?
先聲明一下 / 我鄭重的說 For the record,...
數字不會說謊 Can't argue with math.
有任務了 / 我們有事情做了 Somethings come up.
只要是...我們都可以幫你解決 It takes the mess out of your ... Needs.
我不會做的 除非你告訴我為啥 I'm not doing anything until I know what and why I'm doing it.
我怎麼有聞到有點譴責的味道呢? Is that a whiff of condemnation I just detected?
至少應該讓我知道我們要...吧! Can I at least ask what ... we're
你給我... 作為回報我給你個好消息 You bring me... And in return, I bring you good news.
我們發現一個可能的問題 We sweep flagged a possible problem.
我們遭竊密了 We're breached. / There's been a breach.
這我知道 I'm aware of that.
這事我已經知道了 I'm aware of the situation.
後面那邊發生什麼事了 後面那邊什麼情況? What's going on back there?
就不能讓我消停一次嘛? Why would you ever make it easy on me?
你能不能消停一下啊? Will you relax?
最好不過了 Probably best.
你應該要 You should have.
換我問了 My turn.
我都不知道該笑你還是尊敬你 I don't know whether to moch you or admire you.
咱們速戰速決 Let's get this done quick.
書就是在這裡丟的 This is where the book went missing.
他就是我們要找的人 He is our man.
坦白吧 讓自己好過一點 Come forward and make it easier on yourself.
不誠實是條不歸路 / 說謊就像滾雪球 Dishonesty is a slippery slope.
...就是這樣一個例子 Look no further than ...
我們絕不會步其後塵 We would never stoop that low.
我就趁機逃跑了 It was my chance to run.
胡說! / 亂講! / 別瞎說! Rubbish!
這故事和我們的現狀有啥關係 What possible relevance could this story have to our persent situation?
我頗有此感 I couldn't agree more.
那你是怎麼保持心理平衡的? How do you stay sane?
跟你說個小秘密喔! A little confession?
...也一樣 ...,too ,for that mater.
當我...那些光景就在我眼前隱約浮現 When I ... , I flash back to those days.
我不知道為什麼為那樣 I don't know why that is.
恭候差遣 Whatever you need.
我的西語都快忘光了 My Spainish is a bit rusty.
我得和部門主管談談 I need a moment with the director.
不關我事 Not my problem.
這個很少出差錯 It's hard to go wrong with this one.
你還是個小屁孩 You're barely out of nappies.
你飢渴不減當年 He's as hungry as ever.
你記住...了嗎? Have you got ... Memorized?
來考考我吧! Quiz me.
主要針對... ..., specializing in...
上面有寫嘛? Was that in there?
他們透過朋友認識 They met through friends.
你知道我哪裡不明白嘛? You know what I don't get?
電話沒問題了 Good for phones.
集中精力做好該做的事 Focus on the job you're expected to do.
來 給你介紹個好的 Come on. Good one for you.
有什麼值得看的? What is there to see?
你想到了什麼? / 你在想什麼? What are you thinking?
那只是誘餌 He's using it as bait.
我們自投羅網了 We walked right into it.
已經在處理了 It's already being done.
細節還是少透露為妙 The less said about the details, the better.
全都沒了! Poof!
就為了收拾個爛攤子 Just to clean up after a screwup.
真叫人做立難安! Doesn't sit well!
這樣你就安心了嗎? And you find that comforting?
我本該跟你實話實說 I should have been straight with you.
這是不是意味著我要擔心你呢? Is this intended to make me worry about you?
我很急 但還沒有瘋 I'm desperate, but I'm not crazy.
我想你該回家了 I think it's time for you to go home.
這邊出差錯了! There's been a glitch.
這邊突然出了個小狀況! There's been a snag.
百分之百 Sky high!
你聽起來很有自信嘛! You sound surprisingly confident.
這會是一場不划算的交易 It would be a lopsided trade.
那麼按常理來講我們應該袖手旁觀 So common sense dictates that we walk away.
我是真的在考慮...嗎? Are we seriously considerinig Ving?
每個選擇我們都要考慮到 Every options has to be considered.
不得以時花大錢也在所不惜 Make it rain money if you have to.
我們會爭取時間 We buy some time.
我給你倒點喝的吧! Can I get you a drink?
不如我們快點談正事吧! How about we get the show on the road?
我也這麼覺得 You're probably not wrong.
他也得維持生計嘛! He does have to make a living.
所以就變成現在這個樣子了 So that's where we are.
這並不屬於正常範圍的... This doesn't fall into the category of ...
他只是盼望有一個更好的未來 All he's looking for is a better future.
這並不過分 / 我們也只有這點要求 Nothing more than what we all want.
我們應該去好好燈紅酒綠放縱一蕃來紀念... We deserve a night of havoc and debauchery in honor of....
等一下 Hold the elevator.
這就要看你怎麼回答了 That kind of depends on your answer.
讓我考慮一下 我會答覆你的 Let me think about it. I'll get back to you.
我們有結論再通知你 We'll get back to you.
我等等馬上回電給你! I'll get right back to you.
我會給你打包的 I'll bring you a doggie bag assuming there are leftovers.
估計不大可能 ..., which is highly unlikely.
我警告你們 I offer you this warning--
我不希望看到你們都進監獄 I would hate to see you all behind bars.
我不確定有沒有機會下手 I'm not sure if the opportunity will present itself.
我們想法上要與時俱進一點 Let's try some progressive thinking here.
你有擦香水? Are you wearing perfume.
聞起來像是巴黎製的 Smells like Paris.
那會讓你爽到家 It would blow your mind.
這我還能接受 I could work with that.
你想找到什麼? What did you expect to find?
電話會議準備好了 The teleconference is set up.
我算是知道什麼叫痛了 I'm in a gread deal of pain.
承蒙大師誇獎 High praise from the master.
當時我整個看走神了我 I was gone.
我不會輕易退縮的! I'm not easily chased off.
他只會玩玩你 然後就一腳踢開 He would just chew you up and spit you out.
或許我會讓你刮目相看 I might surprise you.
我剛剛的話還沒講完 I wasn't done with this conversation.
我會牢記在心的 I'm committing it to memory.
你有想要點什麼嗎? Would you like to order something?
除了他們還有誰可以? Who else do we have available?
這樣會讓別人知道你的弱點 It exposes you to potential compromise.
能麻煩你陪我散散步嘛? Can I trouble you to join me for a walk?
他根本沒有道德底限 What he lacks is a fixed moral compass.
你應對你的搭檔忠誠 Your allegiance is to your partners.
但說到這兒 / 不過... Now, that said, ...
我隨時洗耳恭聽 My door is always open.
笨蛋 他的意思是... Numb-nuts! What he means is...
你沒必要太低調 There's no need for you to hide your light under a bushel.
就是說我們的工作已經完成 Which means our work is done.
我不想再繼續糾纏下去 I'm trying to sever ties.
我想問下...的是處理的怎麼樣? I want to know how things went down with...?
儘管來源不怎麼樣,但我還是覺得我們該... In spite of the source, I say we ...
我還不知道你叫什麼 You know, I never did get your name.
估計是受工作影響 I guess it comes with our line of work.
我們會藉此來幫你們更好的理解何謂真正的毅力 We will ... to help you reach a better understanding of true grit.
有鑑於我是你的上司 我希望你能專換一下焦點 In my role of your supervisor, I'd love for you to shift focus.
你可以先把這個消息瞞上一陣子嘛? Can you sit on this for a little while?
你最好... You might want to...
現在又歸我們管了 Now it fell back into our hands.
五點起飛 It leaves at five.
記得準時到 Be on it.
想辦法殺出一條血路 Shoot your way out?
你很淘氣喔! You're up to no good.
我很討厭別人對我撒謊 I don't like being lied to.
希望令尊早日康復 J hope your father recovers quickly.
我相信有你在他身邊他一定很開心 I know he'll be happy to have you by his side.
我個人認為... It is my belief that...
省省吧! / 算了吧! / 不要那樣了! Scratch that!
兩樣都給你 You have them both.
我剛說到那兒了? Where was I?
它的真實性有一點爭議 There is some dispute as to its authenticity.
你怎麼理解這些話? What do you think it's saying?
所以只能靠你了 So it's in your hands.
要它幹什麼用的? What's it for?
他偷襲我 He caught me by surprise.
下次笑到最後的是我 Next time I'll be the one left standing.
很好~我們的目標一致 Good! Then we're on the same page.
這你或許用的上 You might need those.
你多重? How much you weigh?
我推薦我們用... I remmend we go with...
但你下手要快 What does matter is that you do it quickly.
據我們所知,... For all we know,...
...想見您 ...would like to speak with you.
謝謝你及時通知我 Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
說到這邊,... / 說到這兒 Speaking of which,...
他很難搞 He is a piece of work.
不用 這次就算了 No, not this time.
怎麼樣? How did it go?
萬一出了岔子怎麼辦? What if things get hairy?
一旦開始就不能回頭 Once this thing kicks off, there's no turning back.
這倒是真的 我親眼看過 This is true. I've seen it happen.
控制那種恐懼 ...have a handle on that fear.
我們現在就得終止行動 We need to pull the plug right now.
他們說的不算數 It's not thier call.
決定權不在他們或我身上 決定權在你 It's not thier call, or mine. It's yours.
一到十 你的...能打幾分 From 1 to 10, what number would you give your ...?
在我看來市可接受的程度 That sounds like a perfectly workable number to me.
巧的是 As it happens,...
我給自己打六分 I'm sitting at six myself.
一會兒見 We'll see you in a few.
你覺得我們有需要擔心嘛? Think we need to be worried?
你們不會得逞的! It won't stick.
他們會好好招待你們的! They're gonna have a field day with you.
你臉色怎麼有點發青啊? You're looking a litte green.
給你個出氣筒 / 以防你想找人出氣 In case you feel the need to hurl.
他知道是你們動的手腳 He knows you guys were behind this.
下次你陷入困境可以來找我 Come to me next time you're in a bind.
需要理由嘛? Do I need a reason?
感染就不好了 I'd hate for it to get infected.
這不是我的功勞 I can't take all the credit.
這是團隊合作的成果 It was a team effort.
我雖然是...,但... I might've been..., but...
第一輪我請客 First round's on me.
他們會出席嘛? Will they be attending?
你可有良策? Have you had any luck?
雖然可能有點太過自信 但我覺得他已經迷上我了 At risk of sounding overconfident, he's already sweet on me.
我能問個問題嘛? Can I ask a question?
你們那是什麼意思? What did you mean by that?
他覺得我給...通風報信了 He thought I tipped off ...
他很擅長威逼利誘 He can be very persuasive.
你恰好是個很容易說話的人 You've proven very susceptible to suggestion.
別擔心 Fear not,...
我還在想標題要怎麼訂 I'm still looking for a title.
終於有可以拿出檯面的東西了! One for the boards!
剛剛那是啥? What did we just see?
嗨! 你過的怎樣? Hello! How are you doinig?
是不是有點事後諸葛? Seems a little after the fact?
他們打算繼續選舉喔? They're going ahead with the election?
其實很可笑的是 Which is ironic,...
我們什麼時候出發? When do we leave?
這是份神聖的職責 因此我剛才比喻成教堂 It's a sacred duty, hence my earlier church metaphor.
房間分配你們都拿到了 You've all got your room assignments.
咱們早點睡! Let's hit the racks early!
我去說服工作人員讓我們進去 I will convince the clark to give us access.
我也可以很圓滑的 I could be smooth.
如果你一定要問的話 If you must know,...
右邊第一個門 First door to the right.
我不喜歡你指責我的語氣 I don't like the judgement in your voice.
我也希望我能想到更好的辦法 I like to think I could have done better.
等等! 有狀況! Hold up! Something's happening.
他們不可能知道我們在這裡 They wouldn't know we're here.
這是史上最差的醫院 It's the worst-run hospital in history.
那只是一種可能! That's one theory!
還有其他的可能嘛? And the other theory?
你猜怎麼著? And you know what?
我也這麼認為 So do I.
如果你看到我們看到的你也不會相信 If you had seen what we did, you wouldn't believe it either.
所以整個行動的關鍵就是... So this entire operation hinges on...
也不完全是 Hardly!
你還是不太相信 You're not convinced.
標是標Prada沒錯 但其實是仿冒品 The label says Prada, but it's a knockoff.
你還要我繼續說下去嘛? Do you want me to go on?
僅有...是不夠的 I'm gonna have to have more than...
只是拿來當茶餘飯後聊天用的 Just for giggles.
這應該可以用來當做我技術的證明 It should serve as a voucher for skills.
恩~反正也不會傷到人 Well, this can't hurt.
我們希望你別說出去 We need your help to keep it that way.
無論怎樣都無所謂了 It doesn't matter one way or the other.
我不想逃避 I don't want to run away.
這就是我們此行的目的 That's why we're here.
我們現在要進虎穴了 We're heading into the lion's den here.
我們唯一要做的是得到他們的信任 Our only objective is to make them trust us.
應該不會太難 Which should be easy.
別突然亂動 No sudden movements.
這啥鬼? What the heck is this?
誰敢不服...? Who are we argue with...?
也沒費多大勁兒 / 也沒多難 It wasn't that difficult.
一旦安全許可就撤離他們 Get them evacuated as soon as safety permits.
這樣作是出於政治利益考慮的 It's politically expediant to do so.
是有一點 不過我不放在心上 A litlle, but I let it slide.
這樣解釋很合理 That's a fair point.
難怪我們電話打不通 No wonder we couldn't get through on the phone.
怪不得啊! No wonder!
真是咫尺天涯 / 明明很近卻難如登天 So close, yet so far.
有何想法? 紳士們? A penny for your thoughts, gents.
我們在城裡被耽擱了 We got caught up in the city.
我就愛你這副表情 I do so love that look.
別擺出那種表情 Don't make that face.
你那邊情形如何? What's your status?
簡陋但勘用 It's crude, but it'll work.
你打算怎麼做? How do you plan to do that?
贊! Gorgeous!
我還有點驚訝他們會花這麼久時間 I'm surprised it took them this long.
他們的行為模式都一個樣 They are such a predictable bunch.
你的...學的不錯嘛! You're up on your...
你有兩點錯了 You're wrong on two counts.
我必須要過去 I need to go there.
暴君仍掌權 The tyrant stays in power.
我需要對策 I need options.
範圍可能有限 I'll have limited range.
我們先從那裡下手 Let's start there.
這是個極其愚蠢的行為 This is a colossally stupid move.
一旦情況有變 If anything looks off,...
計畫趕不上變化 Circumstances have changed.
感謝你這麼說 It's kind of you to say.
你應該深感榮耀 You have a lot to be proud of.
用言語沒辦法形容 There's not a word to sum it up.
接我們的人來了 There's our ride.
你有名片之類的嗎? You have any business cards or something?
現在最好還是維持這樣 It's best for now.
我們晚點再繼續談 We will talk about that thing later.
沒准它還能戴我們順藤摸瓜掉到大魚 See if he leads us to the larger picture.
你覺得我們應該先找誰談話 Who do you think we should talk to first?
這是一條非常有用的訊息 That is a great piece of infomation to have.
我一直對...有成見 I've always had a problem with...
我沒有真憑實據 只是直覺使然 I can't put my finger on it. Just a gut instinct.
有時候我們只能靠直覺 Sometimes gut instincts are all we have.
你幫了大忙 You've been a big help.
我們很快就能知道了 We're about to find out.
A已就位 B也一樣 A's in place, as is B.
我藏好它 只在特殊情況下才使用 I save it for special occasions only.
比喻的很到位 / 形容的很好! Apt analogy.
這說明事件的牽涉面比我們想像的大的多 Which means this is much bigger than we'd thought.
造成多大損失? How much damage are we talking about?
我們還在評估 We're still assessing that.
我會讓他開口的 I'l make him willing.
無人能及的間諜 A spy like no other.
...的創始人 The founding father of...
...非常快的 / 俐落點! ... pronto.
你一點也沒變 I see nothing has changed.
你知道在哪裡找我 You know where to reach me.
他因從事間諜活動而被起訴 He is prosecuted for espionage.
也許他們有什麼目的 / 也許他們看上了什麼東西 Maybe they're onto something.
女人可不好惹 A woman scorned.
我能有今天都是拜他所賜 不管是好是壞 He's the reason I'm where I am tody, for beter or worse.
你是個寬厚的人 You're a very forgiving person.
那你有什麼計畫來實行? And how do you propose doing that?
屆時他只能二選一 He'll do one of two things.
這太蠢了! This is dumb!
我不喜歡你的語氣 I don't like you tone.
我就是只有這一種 It's the only one I got.
進量不要死 Try not to die.
發現目標 Target in sight.
噓你個大頭鬼 Stop shushing me!
別再問了 Then leave it!
這件事情不該被提起 It is the thing that shall not be mentioned.
真是太貼心了! / 考慮真周到啊! How thoughtful!
聽起來相當戲劇化! Sounds very dramatic.
你沒豪洨! 真美味! You weren't lying! That is tasty!
我一定能在你身上學到很多 I'm sure I can learn a lot from you.
我不跟你討論這些 Not discussing it.
我們得讓他們露出馬腳 We have to make them blink.
我們準備引狼入室 We're going to leave the lights on and the key in the door.
我只是建議採取額外的預防措施會比較謹慎一點 I'm merely suggesting that it might be prudent to take some extra precautions.
我只是不希望以往的過節讓你稍不留意就影響了判斷 I would just hate for past grievances to inadvertently affect your judgement.
屆時會採取預防措施 Extra precautions will be taken.
不要太感動! Don't get all weepy!
那讓我反胃 It makes me squeamish.
我只怕這個 It's my only phobia.
這可以載入史冊了 This is one for the books.
現在因為你其他事情全都放一邊了 They're all taking a backseat now to you.
我們此生都如願以償了 We both got what we wanted out of life.
抱歉 先生 Apologies, man.
怎樣? 覺得我已經不行了嗎? What? Thought I'd lost my edge?
我喜歡認真投入的男人 I like a man who's committed.
你是在換種說法說你...嘛? Is that your way of saying you ...?
今天的課就上到這裡 So concludes today's lesson.
不用說 It goes without saying...
我代表...感謝你 On behalf of ..., I thank you.
這話有傷到你嘛? That hurt a little bit?
我沒有惡意! / 無意冒犯 No offense.
沒關係 / 別在意 None taken.
你是吧A和B混淆了吧! I think you're confusing A with B.
這小子有兩把刷子 The kid's got it in spades.
看情況要多久就多久 As long as it takes.
而我不希望這種事發生 ... And I don't want to see that happen.
可是讓他相信你會也許不是壞事 But it might not be a bad idea for him to think you would.
事情變的很棘手 Things have gotten too hot.
他沒有看上去那麼傻 He's not as clueless as he looks.
謝謝你把我蒙在鼓裡 Thank you for letting me twist in the wind.
這角色就像是為我量身訂做的 It was the role I was born to play.
這就要輪到你上場了 That's where you come in.
我被抓裡也不要緊是嗎? I'm expendable.
不能讓他們冒被捕的風險 Can't risk them getting arrested.
我一定會仔細完成任務 I'm going to nail this assignment.
我們找到對的人來做這個工作了 We got the right man on the job.
你中風了嗎? Are you having a stroke?
我想帶你去個夢幻的地方 I would love to take you somewhere fantastic.
你是個好人 You seem very, very kind.
我不適合你 I'm not the right man for you.
這還是讓我自己決定吧! Let me be the judge of that.
我只會給你帶來不幸 I will only cause you grief.
真可惜! That's a shame.
或許你有聽過我們 Perhaps you've heard of us?
我以為...已經不幹了 I though ... has gone out of business.
我們只是在進行內部重組 We're simply going through some corporate restructuring.
他們很活躍 They're quite active.
我跟你保證 I can assure you.
如果你老闆有興趣我能擠出談生意的時間 I can squeeze in some business with your boss if he's interested.
有什麼玄外之音我沒聽懂的嗎? Is something getting lost in translation here?
你講的很請楚了 / 我懂你的意思了 Your point's well made.
也許表達的有點過頭 Might have overstated it a smidgen.
最後的應急手段 Last resort!
我們如何知道那是什麼時候? How will we know when that is?
我很會猜這種事 I pride myself on guessing these things.
你真是我肚子裡的蛔蟲 A man after my own liver.
他是...旦別因此就疏遠他 He is... ,but you must mot hold that against him.
他是自己人 He is a trusted associate.
我記得你們在...方面很在行 I seem to recall you guys having creative means to...
幾天吧! Couple of days.
這樣對你比較公平 I wanted to be fair to you.
我看信任和忠誠甚於一切 I value trust and loyalty above everything.
這種雕蟲小技完全沒有必要 This ruse was entirely unneccesary.
你還是死了算了 You'd be better off dead.
他永遠能先逃跑 / 他總能領先一步 He's always one step ahead of the game.
他不會上鉤的 He's not gonna bite.
我要你信任我 I'm asking you to trust me.
這樣不值得啦! It's not worth it.
如果你碰到了就不要錯過 If you have it, don't squander it.
是你們幹的嗎? You're responsible, right?
我們有麻煩了 This could be a problem.
嘿~咻! Heave-ho!
必要時栽贓他 Trump up charges if we have to.
他發現最近風聲太緊 He caught wind of a bust.
我想取消交易 I want to call off the buy.
你能讓他相信這一套說辭嗎? Can you sell that to him?
我可以讓他相信 I can tell that story.
時間快到了 It's getting close.
他們在...的問題上和我們達成共識 They share the same desire that we do to ...
他們讓我們拿什麼來換? What do they get in return?
我們現在要協同合作了! It's now a joint effort.
事已至此 That's how it has to be.
這麼豪華的車我怎麼好意思拒絕? Who am I trun down a ride such extravagance?
有什麼好建議嗎? Any recommandations?
看起來的確如此 It's appears we are not.
這就奇怪了 That's puzzling.
他不在我會缺乏安全感 I feel vulnerable without his presence.
我們得倍加小心 We're playing it safe.
哇~我都語塞了 Wow, I don't know what to say.
他最多只剩幾週可活了 He has only weeks to live at best.
我失言了 I misspoke.
我的天啊! Holy moly!
專注在任務上 Head in the game.
沒有效 It had no effect.
我只能認定他們是... I could only conclude they were...
你們帶了什麼來? What have you brought me?
你剛在他耳邊說了什麼? What did you wisper to him?
抱歉我剛一直走不開直到... Sorry, I couldn't get away until..
我們想跟你談談 We were holping to speak with you.
我現在要回去繼續派對了 I'm returning to the party now.
你可以跟我一起 You're welcome to join me.
你們太看中權力了 Power is overrated.
我覺得還是這樣比較好 I intended to stay that way.
我確信他是全心全意為你著想 I'm sure he's looking out for your best interests.
希望不算太晚 Let's hope it's not too late.
至少我們把這一點搞清楚了 As long as we have that cleared up.
有他在旁邊周旋 我們很難更進一步接觸到他們 With him hovering, we're not going to get anywhere near them.
才不是 Untrue!
好到不能再好 / 現在又比之前更好了 Even better now.
很高興你能好起來 Glad you're feeling better.
我猜你已經沒有任何人類情感了是吧? Guess any actual human emotion would be foreign to you.
這是我們晚點再說 We will resume this later.
我請你們以這種態度來對待 I'd appreciate it if you'd treat it as such.
保持良好的精神狀態對於他的康復至關重要 Maintaining a positive outlook is critical to his recovery.
這可能對康復造成負面影響的影響 It can be disruptive to the healing process.
是喔! 那你大可放心了 Well, then, you'll be relieved to know. ....
我本來就不該來 It was a mistake to come.
請讓一讓 If you'll excuse me---
有一件是我們希望你能幫忙 There's something we were hoping you could do for us.
用...的身分嗎? In your capacity as ...?
在你走之前作見好事吧 Do one good deed before you go.
他說話總能一語中的 He always cut right to the heart of things.
我想表達一點敬意 I thought I'd show some respect.
有時候你還真讓我很感動 Sometimes you get me right in the ticker.
從此天下太平 ...and all is well with the world.
看來我們只剩下一條路可以走了 There's only one option for all of us then.
還有最後一件事 One last thing.
我不是那個意思喔! But not that way!
他不會這麼容易死的 He doesn't go down easy.
她被當然花痴 She's treated like a nymphomaniac.
他們和外人都何不太來 They don't play well with others.
我看沒什麼區別 I firgured it natural.
他們陪伴我們 They provide companionship.
你別想用這個賄賂我 You're not going to bribe me into changing my mind.
他又開始有活動了嗎? Is he back in business?
你們不是真的在琢磨這件事吧? You guys aren't getting it through your heads?
上次就是你們搞砸的! You guys blew it last time.
我警告你別大呼小叫 I'd caution you to tone it down.
那我也提醒你一句 Let me lob one your way.
我們不會將同伴棄之於不顧 We don't leave a man behind.
多謝提醒 Appreciate the heads-up!
你這麼關心我很訝異 I'm supprised by your concern.
我猜你很想知道在...發生了什麼 I guess you want to know waht happened in...
我覺得我們應該先顧好眼前 I think we should focus on the mission at hand.
簡單來說 (To cut a) Long story short,...
生活充滿變數 Life's full of stange twists and turns.
他們真登對 是吧? They do make a cute couple, don't they?
別緊張 高手 Cool your jets, hotshot.
再說 他們在這兒能把我怎麼樣? Besides, what can they do to me here anyway?
怎樣都行 Everything goes.
是麼? / 是真的嗎? Is that a fact?
說是有人人頭要為此落地 Word is someone's head is gonna roll for this.
我希望死的不是你 I don't want that head to be yours.
多謝關心 It's nice to know you care.
別操之過急! Don't push it!
別浪費你的時間和精力了 Let me save your time and effort!
我能做些什麼來緩和這件事? If there's anything I can do to mitigate this?
我很樂意打幾個電話 I'm happy to make some calls.
告訴我 如果你是我 你會怎麼作 Tell me, what would you do in my position?
如果別無他法 那就只能這樣了 If that were the only way, then yes.
... 你會被公開羞辱 ... You're disgraced publicly.
你做過的每項決定都會被重新審查 Every decision that you ever made comes under scrutiny.
他被永遠蒙上汙點 He is tained permanently.
你將會犧牲掉你接觸過的所有人 You'd be sacrificing everyone that you've ever touched.
他們來了! Here they come.
亡羊補牢 為時未睌 / 晚點總比沒來好 Better late than never.
我等等在給你回電話 I'm gonna have to call you back.
我們原先來這裡該幹麻就幹麻 We do what we came here to do.
搞不好他們就不追究了 Maybe we can barter our way out of this mess.
好~現在我們有計畫了! Okey, got ourselves a plan.
那我們就將計就計 Let's make that all work for us.
意思是? / 怎麼說? Meaning?
你要盡地主之誼嗎? / 你要接下這神聖的工作嗎? You want to do the honors?
我們覺得之前是對你刻薄了點 We've decided we might have been a bit harsh on you.
所以我們覺得應該給一點小意思 So we thought we'd make a small gesture.
現在要反悔還來的急 It's not too late to call it off.
你來的正好! You didn't miss anything.
我沒有非分之想 I wasn't trying to be forward.
我只是想證明一個觀點 I was merely trying to prove a point.
手機斷訊了! You're breaking up. / You've broken up.
你做的準備比我想像的還多啊! You've done more work than I could have imagined.
你怎麼會突然轉行? Why would you change careers out of the blue?
喔還有 友情提醒--- Oh, one more thing. Word to the wise---
我肯定是忘記了 I must've forgot.
本性難移 Old habits die hard.
他當面罵我是個廢物 He called me a loser to my face.
你全搞錯了! You got it all wrong.
你搞錯了 You have it wrong.
他們為此起了爭執 They fought over it.
當事不如意,... When it did not go your way,...
一直都停那 Always in the same spot.
他就是不聽 He just wouldn't listen.
吃完了就沒了 No more refills over here.
到你了! That's your cue.
是他起的頭 / 他才是罪魁禍首 He started this.
還有多少生會為此葬送? How many more lives is that gonna cost?
那邊的風景真是引人入勝 The views are just spectacular.
我對...沒有抵抗力 I have a weakness for...
他不是一個可以容忍遲到的人 He is not one to tolerate tardiness.
我們真的要遲到了! We really are going to be late!
有你的幫助我才能完成任務 With your help, I can get that done.
你知道這是大勢所趨 You know it has to happen.
你心理早就有數了 / 你很久很久以前就已經知道了 You've known that for a very long time.
沒有她幫忙的話我當時不會成功 I couldn't pull it off without her.
但我有條件 But I need something in return.
他們向我們衝過來 They head straight for us.
他出賣了我們 He sold us out.
去穿衣服準備一下吧! Suit up!
你最好確定要這麼作 You better sure about this.
不要跟我唱反調! / 別反駁我 Don't contradict me.
毫無進展 So far no luck.
明明才幾分鐘 卻像好幾小時 It was only a minutes ago, feels like it was hours.
我想也沒有辦法知道這要花多久 I guess there's no way of knowing how long this is gonna take.
我不會丟下你的! I'm not leaving you behind!
我不會丟下她一個人的 I'm not leaving without her.
只要她沒事就好 I just hope she's gonna be okey.
我們正在找替代方案 We're pursuing alternatives.
我會第一個告訴你的 / 你會第一個知道的 You'll be the first to know.
凡是皆有因 Everything happens for a reason.
我們一直在等你 We've been expecting you.
好像你能預測我的每個動作 It seems you can predict my every move.
我從沒這樣想過 The thought never crossed my mind.
他說他會把這考慮進去的 He said that he's taken that into consideration.
你不是認真的吧! You're not serious.
心血來潮... ...on a whim.
我沒辦法期望由我一個人完成 I can't hope to do it alone.
我請求你們加入我 / 請跟我一起走 I ask you to come with me.
想留下來的 請上前 Those of you who want to be here, please step forward.
我們會需要很多人手來幫忙 We're gonna need all hands for this.
我會說可以開始 / 可以進去 / 都在許可範圍 I'd call it a green light.
我們可以繼續使命 We can get on with the mission.
現在 咱們可以開始了嗎? Now, can we get this over with?
我帶你到處參觀一下 I'll show you around.
真是浪費啊! It seems like such a waste.
你從不給人好日子過 對吧? You never make things easy, do you?
目前不太好 So far, not so good.
沒得選了! It's not much of a choice.
我都快不能呼吸了 I can hardly breathe.
聽起來不妙啊! That doesn't sound good.
我看不懂這東西 I can't read this thing.
我是說我們死定了 I'm saying we're dead already.
講直接一點就是,... To be perfectly blunt,...
我們也不能預見這些 / 也沒辦法事前知道啊! There was no way to know.
我們做的對 It was the right call.
你嚇壞了 You're freaking out.
猜的很好! / 精采的推理! Nice catch.
我們能過去嘛? Can we make it through?
我們得自己動手了 We're gonna have to do this on our own.
我不是這個意思 / 我指的不是這個 That's not what I meant.
是我們可以承受的損失嘛? Is it something we can live with?
這可是只有一次機會 It would be a one-shot deal.
沒辦法知道確切的時間 / 地點 No way to know for sure.
隨時都可能爆炸 It could go off any second.
就在下面 我摸到了 It's underneath. I can feel it.
那我們還有什麼顧慮? ... So what do we have to lose?
我想不出來有什麼其他話好講了 I can't think of anything else to say.
我們已經回來好幾個小時了 We've been back for hours.
告訴她她對你有多重要 Tell her how much she means to you.
很快你就能親自去跟她講 You can go and tell her yourself soon enough.
腳有點麻 Leg fell asleep.
當你...的時候就已經太晚了 By the time you..., it's already too far advanced.
現在我最想做的事情就是... There's nothing more I want to do right now than...
希望不會再發生 Hopefully this is a one-time event.
要找到匹配的機會很小 To get an adequate match, it's a long shot at best.
先急當務之急 / 一步一步來 First things first.
這個手術危險的令人焦慮 就算提見許可也很危險 This surgery is fraught with danger even in the best circumstances.
我不想袖手旁觀 I am not inclined to stand by and watch.
我不會袖手旁觀 看他掛掉 I'm not gonna sit back and let the man die.
不要猶豫 No hesitation.
有什麼好笑的? Why is that funny?
早做早結束 The sooner you do it, the sooner it gets done.
換做是你也會做一樣的事情 You'd do the same thing for me.
祝你玩的愉快 Wish you have a good time.
我們扯平了嗎? Are we straight on this?
這下扯平了! Now we're even!
我們扯平了! Let's call it a tie.
我會說他們兩個平手了 I call it a tie between them.
他絕對不笨 He is anything but stupid.
或許還有一個辦法可解決目前的困境 Maybe there is a way out of this.
一出現可以立刻射殺 Permission to shoot on sight.
你最好呆在... You are way better off here in...
不管我們多努力嘗試,他們終究都會... No matter how hard we try, they're gonna...
你為什麼會來...? What brought you to...?
你說那句話是什麼意思? What do you mean by that?
如果我告訴你我就得殺了你 If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
發生什麼狀況了? What gives?
照稿子唸! Stick to script!
如果可以的話... / 不知道你能不能... If you could indulge me, ...
我沒興趣 Not interested.
他一值都表現的很冷漠 He's acting all aloof.
我很難不去注意到... I couldn't help but notice that...
你做的...比例真的有到位 Your ratio of ... was spot on.
需要載你一程嘛? Want a ride?
我剛打了個小冷顫 I just got a little chill.
他們對我們彬彬有禮 They showed us every courtesy.
我們不交換午餐 We're not trading lunch.
毛毛雨下不停 / 現在正在下毛毛雨 A fine drizzle is falling.
天氣潮濕又悶熱 It's muggy and oppresive.
我們真是心有靈犀 We're completing each other's sentences.
交出你的現金和手飾 Hand over your cash and jewrlry.
我不逞英雄 Ain't trying to be no hero.
我知道我可以 / 我知道自己在幹麻 I know what I'm doing.
這種狀況下出現這種反應適當嗎? Is it an appropriate reaction to the situation?
差不多每個禮拜都會有一次 It comes up about once a week.
他的提案再國會引起了大聲的抗議 His proposal has raised squawks of protest in Congress.
...供之後使用 ...for later consumption.
真是太英勇了! / 大聖人! Pish-tush!
你這個法西斯的混帳! You fascist bastard!
叫他滾!以後不用來上班了! Off with his job.
在你東山再起以前... ...till you get back on your feet.
站起來 On your feet!
能有多久? How long could it be?
最好多想想你現在擁有的東西 It's best to concentrate on what you do have.
我總是不停回想到可怕的往事 I have reoccurring flashback to a nightmarish past.
我需要找個地方躲起來 I need somewhere to lie low.
不是你想的那一個 是另外一個 Not the one you're thinking of. There's another one.
我可以跟...單獨說句話嗎? Can I talk to ... alone a minute?
我不要聽! I won't listen!
我吃到快滿出來了 I have ... coming out of my ears.
趕緊去...吧! It's not too early to...
你沒說我還真不知道呢! You don't say.
我不想說 但圖書館真的快關門了 You know, I hate to say this, but the library is about to close.
我今天學的夠多了 I've learned a lot today.
先別急! Not so fast!
至今你學了什麼? What have you learned so far?
謝謝你糾正我的錯誤 Thanks for setting me straight.
我們現在還是不要說話好了 Let's stop talking now.
操他媽逼逼彈!(愛可Run把) Ay caramba!
我們為了這一刻已經準備很久了 We've been working for this so long.
我們要客觀一點 不要情緒化 We have to be objective, not emotional.
我的話你聽清楚了嗎? Is that clear?
我馬上過去 I'll be right over.
你是老大 你決定就好 You're the director, your call.
資歷不是我們做決定唯一的衡量標準 Seniority isn't the only metric we make decisioins on.
收到 / 記得了! Duly noted.
你的建議我們會關注 Your suggestion has been duly noted.
你這個無賴! / 你說話不算話! Bummer!
你把這件敏感的事情正式的跟...說了嗎 Did you read ... in?
再十分鐘你就有故事可以講給孫子聽了 In 10 minutes, you'll have a story to tell your grandkids.
美言行遍天下 Flattery will get you everywhere.
他要去上洗手間 He needs to use the facilities.
如果你...那就完全是另一回事了 If you..., it's a whole different story.
...你的免疫系統將受到很大的損害 ...Your immune system could be profoundly compromised.
這是我們最後一次談這個話題 This is the last time we'll talk about this.
他非常熱衷於這個運動 He was obsessed with the game.
祝你成功的對你姐姐坦白 Good luck with your sister!
到處都有你的朋友 You have a friend everywhere.
朋友就是要這個時候用 / 像這種時候朋友就很有用了 Friends come in handy at times like this.
我已經幹兩年了 I have been for two years.
我長話短說 I'll keep this brief.
大體上來說 是的 In essence, yes.
這是必須要聽我的 ... And that's not a question.
這些縫線大約一個月應該會溶解掉 Those stitched should dissolve in about a month.
到那時候,... By then,...
我們不能坐視不管 We have to act.
我希望我們能一起度過難關 I hope we could work through this.
找到我們要的狐狸尾巴了 There's our hand in cookie jar.
他在...的時候被抓個正著 He was caught with his pants down when he was Ving.
他啥也沒說就走出去了 He walked out without saying anything.
讓我給你指條明路吧 Let me make your day easier.
你早就知道了 You knew that already.
你想要我怎麼做? What do you need from me?
當我們在講話的時候已經有一組人在著手進行了 We have a team doing that even as we speak.
我什麼時候要來報到上工? What is the date to report in for my duty?
這個還算像回事 / 這招不賴 That one was clever.
表演結束了! Take a bow.
你真應該看看你剛才的臉 You should've seen your face.
喔~好好笑喔!(譏諷) Droll!
繼續笑吧 沒關係! Enjoy your japes, gentlemen.
你們不要忘了一件事--- Well, you've forgotten one thing---
我是道道地地的台灣人 I'm Taiwanese through and through.
不相信的話去問問... If you doubt me, ask ...
別同時一起回頭看啊! Don't everybody look at once!
不知道 他可能迷路了吧 I don't know, he might be lost.
看好囉 學著點! Watch and learn!
他假裝和...調情 He pretends to hit on...
那我們來交易怎麼樣? Would you be open to a trade?
如果你真的做到了你可以把你的照片掛上去 Cause if you did, you get your picture up there.
別忘了去... Be sure to...
你還要講幾遍啊? How many times you're gonna tell me?
你是怎樣啊? What's with you?
他吃錯什麼藥啊? What's with him?
你不是昨天就買了一大堆了? Didn't you just buy a bunch of it yesterday?
全都吃完了 That's gone.
這是個痛苦的月份 因為A和B都在同個時候 It's a rough month when A and B hit the same time.
工作那邊怎麼樣? How was work?
很高興你問了 I'm glad you asked.
想看看我畫的漫畫嗎? Want to see a comic I draw?
你真有才華! You're very talented!
早知道就好了 I wish I'd known that.
這疊紙太厚了釘不進去 These sheet of peper are too thick and the staples can't go through.
別再用那種語調說話了好嗎? Stop talking like that!
門沒鎖 It's open.
要來背酒嗎? Glass of wine?
我這才想起來我在哪裡見過你 That's where I know you from.
我知道跟你說這個可能有點怪 I know that might be a weird for us to take about.
不 一點也不會怪 No, zero weirdness.
但在這個問題上,你也知道的嘛... ,but in this area, as you know,...
你不介意我們討論這個話題吧? You're okey talking about this?
我不是那種人 That's not who I am.
我們先別衝動! Let's not do anything rash!
他不會這麼魯莽的做決定 He wouldn't make any rash decisions.
對!就是這麼回事! Now, we're getting somewhere.
你的第一反應是什麼? What is your gut tell you?
我明白你嚇我只是想跟我玩 I've realized that you were scaring me was all in jest.
允許我說一句--- Allow me to say---
...如果這樣做會有任何幫助的話 ...if it's of any help.
這樣做可能正好適用 It might be surprisely applicable.
那還有點管用耶! That actually does help.
你回來的時候可以幫我帶一點...回來嗎? On your way home, will you pick up some...?
你對...的熱愛 your fondness for...
那可真教人有些不安哪! That's very unsettling.
我剛剛想到... It just occurred to me that...
你這小屁孩 You son of gun!
他心臟有問題 He has a heart condition.
你又不是不知道! You know that!
我還以為他是瞎掰的! I thought he made that up!
難道這全都只是一場騙局嗎? You mean this was all a ruse?
我就不要...了 I'm gonna pass on the...
聽起來好嚴肅 Sounds serious.
這種是有時候會發生 These things happen.
你的直覺很准 Your gut's rarely wrong.
對了~要是猜做了就糾正我 And now stop me if I get wrong.
你不知道他會做到多絕 You have no idea what he's capable of.
不要再抱怨了 Quit complaining.
你腦子有毛病 You've got problems.
他們跟你講的沒有錯 You were told right.
我嚴厲嗎? 或許是 但我這麼做是為了他好 Am I strict? I suppose, but I do it for his own good.
這跟我無關 It's none of my business.
我真的應該回去了 I really should be heading back.
太狡猾了! Sneaky bastard!
希望你不要對此產生誤解 I hope there's no misunderstanding here.
你沒資格講話! You don't get to speak.
你沒資格做任何事 You don't get to do anything.
你當初是這樣要求的 It's what you asked for.
我就不要要求這麼多了 I'll waive it.
我找到一個突破口了 I made a breakthrough.
我們一起做不然就拉倒 We do this together or not at all.
我就知道會有今天 I know this day would come.
他一直沒打來讓我有點小不爽 I'm a little offended he hasn't contacted me.
真潮! Sleek!
你們到底打算怎麼做? What exactly is the plan?
我們已經想辦法喬好了 We've done more with less.
很抱歉我有一個壞消息 是關於你的車 I'm afraid I have some bad news about your car.
當C不在A就靠B A leans on B when C's not around.
靜觀其變吧! Let's let it play out.
那我就帶走囉! And it leaves with me.
他把電話掛了嗎? Did you lose him?
快讓...回來聽電話! Put ... Back on.
他們在裡面搞什麼? What are they doing in there?
相信裡面不會有任何問題 I think you'll find everything in order.
別把事情弄得更糟 Don't make it harder than it is.
這全部都是他的主意! He came up with the whole thing.
那我也要回家囉! I'll be headed home, too.
我就知道你這人肯定有品味 I couldn't tell you're a man of refined tastes.
我馬上到家 最多時無分鐘! I'll be home. 15 minutes, tops.
在那之後要怎麼辦? What comes next?
也就是說 ...,which is to say,...
他不是那種愛抱怨的人 He is not a complainer.
他沒有近視 He has 20/20 vision.
我完全不介意 I wouldn't mind at all.
我現在沒那個心情 I'm not in the mood (for N).
這正是我的專長 That's my specialty.
你知道我向來好話不說第二遍 You knoe I kate to repeat myself.
我相信他一定很樂意去 I'm sure he would love to come.
請慢用! (甭ㄟ胚替) Bon appetit!
我知道你想說什麼 I know where you're going.
你真憤世嫉俗 You're a cynic.
有一句話是怎麼說的,... You know what they say,...
以備不時之需 For a rainy day.
他走投無路了 這是他最後一步 He's desperate. This is his last play.
我總是讓...失望 I'm a constant disappointment.
你比他更不可信 I trust you less than I trust him.
我很確定東西還在你手上 I'm fairly certain you held onto it.
最後一手 我的最後一步棋 Pis aller, my move of last resort.
他不是在虛張聲勢 He doesn't bluff.
你選就好了 / 看你囉! Surprise me!
他會預料到 He would have foreseen that.
安分的坐好 Sit tight.
不惜一切代價去... Whatever it takes to...
他有一種難以言喻的氣質體現出是專業而非業餘的 He has a certain je ne sais quoi that distinguishes a professional form an amateur.
這些是非常嚴重的指控 These are very serious sllegations.
我就知道你不會讓我失望 I'd be disappointed if you didn't.
幹麻一直這樣折磨自己? Why keep doing this to your?
我想也是 / 確實是 / 我也這麼覺得 I'd say so.
要有意見你自己來做 If you don't like it, come do it yourself.
要說我不擔心是騙人的 I would be lying if I said I didn't worry about him.
你從沒想過要改變嗎? You never tried to change that?
不論好壞 For better or for wrese.
真是個別有用意的問題啊! That's a loaded question.
關鍵時刻你可以信任他 When it counts, you can trust him.
你覺得他們在講我話壞嗎? Think I'm in trouble?
關於女人你還有的學 You've got a lot to learn about woman.
我當時再次的意識到 ... It hits me. Again. ...
我是認真的 I meant it. / I meant what I said.
我不是那個意思 I didn't mean it.
我覺得他這人很會見風轉舵 I think he's an opportunist.
我和你完全不同 I'm nothing like you.
就像當初一樣 Just like old times.
你脫不了關係 You won't get away with this.
我想回去值班 I want you to put me back to ratation.
他們缺人手 They're short-handed.
我想應該在找點箱子過來 I think I gonna go find some more crates.
本來應該是我來照顧你的 I'm supposed to be the one taking care of you.
我是不是應該保持什麼姿勢? Shouldn't I take a stance?
你只要想辦法保護自己而已 You's just looking to protect yourself.
保持手腕放鬆 Keep your wrist loose.
我從沒說過它...啊! I never say it was.
出門可別忘了帶 Don't leave home without it.
如果我們把矛頭對準自己人那什麼時候攻來都不重要了因為我們已經輸了 If we start turning on each other, then it doesn't matter when the attack comes 'cause we've already lost.
遠超過你的想像 More than you'll ever know.
一小時後出發 We'll leave in an hour.
他把我們分開 He broke us up.
我們要開始互相照顧彼此 We have to start looking for each other.
他要我好好盯著你 He told me keep an eye on you.
正在進行中 It's work in progress.
我會盡快去找你的 I'm gonna come for you as soon as I can.
別走散了 Stay on the path.
我為兒子的失禮抱歉 Excuse my son's manners since you're new here.
你今晚不用作家事 You got a pass on chores tonight.
一個模子刻出來的 A chip off the old block.
我們待會再聊 I'll catch up with you later.
他們快累趴了 They're about to fall over.
最好找個裡面的地方 Better it happens inside than out.
他現在最需要的就是朋友 What he needs more than anything now is a friend.
你得走了 You gotta get going.
講個笑話來聽聽吧! Regale me!
假設很合理 Safe assumption.
寫信給我 Drop me a line.
歡迎隨意拜訪 Please drop in on me.
讓我下車 Drop me off.
他一直死盯著我不放 He's breathing down my neck.
你整晚都在盯著這個東西 You've been staring at that all night.
我可以拿去檢驗 I can have it tested.
我們能談談嗎? I was hoping we could talk.
還要我繼續講下去嗎? You want me to go on?
有道理 You make a fair point.
我知道規矩 I know the drill.
火焰就和女人一樣變換無常 Flame is a fickle mistress.
我們可以掉包 We could swap it out. / We could make a switch.
這樣時間會很趕 It's gonna be close.
我保證她喜歡一點刺激 I'm sure she's up for a little excitement.
我擅自進來了 I let myself in.
我來休戰 I'm calling a truce.
我可能太快就下定論了 I may have rushed to judgment.
我已經盡可能放低姿態了 I'm trying to be gracious.
我當時很生氣 I was pretty pissed off.
隨時歡迎你來 Door's open anythime.
我們第一個計畫泡湯了 Our first plan was compromised.
我們必須籌錢準備第二個 We have to fund the second.
是偏頭痛發作嗎? Is it a migraine?
我沒有偏頭痛 I don't get migraines.
你不會得了動脈瘤吧? You counld've been having a aneurism.
我們會把你弄出來的 We'll get you out.
他還有意識 He's conscious.
閃開一點 Budge up a bit!
我該去上班了 I better get to work.
你覺得這樣如何? How's that sound?
你忘記拉拉鍊了 You forget your fly.
你的拉鍊沒拉 Your fiy is undone.
這還不值得分享嗎? That's not worth sharing?
我看下我的日程表 I'll check my candenlar.
我最近有點心煩意亂 I've been so distracted lately.
你真的覺得這樣可行嗎? You really think this is gonna work?
你當時要是沒那麼做的話,... Had you not done that,...
這些把他逼瘋了 They drove him out of his mind.
第一次惠顧的贈品 First time bonus on me.
你現在收手還來的及 You can stop it right now.
你是怎麼知道的? What is it with you?
我是著用另一種角度去看待 我終於... I stopped looking the other way and I...
只是閒聊而已 Shooting the breeze.
我需要一個局外人的視角 I need a outside perspective.
那麼 開始吧! Then, proceed.
我也一樣 Likewise.
你得了斯德哥爾摩症候群 You have stockholm syndrome.
我知道你話中有話 I can read between the lines.
陪我走走! Walk me!
說你的計畫! Walk me through this!
你願意犧牲多少? How far are you willing to go?
這是我的一個小怪癖 It's a little quirk of mine.
我不知道你在暗示什麼 I've no idea what you're implying.
要多久? How long will it take?
好 我會把行程記下來 I'll put it on the book.
他有點強勢 He's a little intense.
在你的任務期間 For the length of your assignment,...
我會帶些開胃小菜 I will whip up some canapes.
你說真的嗎? You're being serious?
他撐不過一周 He won't last a week.
你沒能正中要害 You didn't go for the throat.
你我所見略同 Your conclusion was my intension.
他讓公司股價起死回生 He pulled the company stock back from the ledge.
我讓你做的調查好了嗎? Where's the research I ask you for?
接過來 Put him through.
我不知道我還能堅持多久 I don't know how long I can do this.
你推薦的地方 The place you suggested.
書面上看起來很完美 Looks perfect on paper.
他正為會議養精蓄銳 He's gearing up for a meeting.
我們可得幫幫他 We're gonna lend a hand.
這個我來搞定 I'll get that.
我爽暈了! Giddy up!
在經過我的調校之後,... With my modifications,...
他會亂邊豪洨 He'll cook something up.
派對已經搞定 一定會很轟動 The party is a hit.
你需要... 好好學! You need.... Work on that!
今天跟你老闆受的氣別沖著我來啊! Don't take your day with your boss out on me!
這可是你先挑起的! Don't get me started.
或許這邊你可以幫到我 I could use your help with this.
純屬猜測 法官大人 Conjecture, your honor!
這真是超醜的 It's absolutely hideous.
去開房間吧! Get a room!
完全沒心情了 Mood's sufficiently killed.
...有線索了沒? Any leads on...?
但問題是 But here's the thing,...
他拿到了我要的鐵證了 He's got my smoking gun.
別讓我失望 Don't make me regret this.
我肚子不舒服 / 我胃不舒服 My gut's bothering me.
算了吧 Think I'll pass.
他的能力超過他的職位 He's overqualified.
我會確保這一點 I made sure it stays that way.
只是條件反射 It's an involuntary reflex.
你看出了什麼了嗎? / 你有什麼看法? What do you see?
搞神秘! / 真隱晦! Cryptic!
那不歸我管! Above my pay grade!
什麼風把你吹來了? What brings you up here?
沒必要再按他的規矩行事了 You don't have to play by his rules anymore.
所以我才告訴你 That's why I'm letting you know.
萬事皆有所指 Everything points to something.
他和誰見面了 Who did he meet with?
我怎麼就沒預見這一幕? How did I not foresee this?
又回到原點了嗎? Back to the drawing board?
現在離交贖金的截止時間不到六小時 The ransom is due in less than six hours.
他們早有預謀 That takes some premedication.
我們在迷宮一般的街道上迷路了 We lost our way in the labyrinth of streets.
那時什麼意思? What does that mean?
我們會告知你每一步的情況 We'll keep you posted every step of the way.
或者用他的話說... Or, as he would put it,...
一點也沒錯! Precisely!
我希望能幫到你們 可我無能為力 I wish I could help you, but my hands are tied.
他找到了一個突破性的線索 He's got a solid lead.
關於這一點 With that,...
他的生意都倒閉了 His business is all dried up.
這項活動辦的相當成功 The event was a conspicuous success.
他臉上閃過一絲微笑 A flicher of a smile crossed he face.
你知道他有多古怪 You know how eccentric he is.
你知道他跟我說什麼嗎? You know what he said to me?
定個計畫度過難關 Make a plan. See it through.
難的不是這個 而是... It's not the hard part. Hard part is...
希望你已經學會時刻保持警覺 I hope you've learned to sleep with one eye open.
我留著下次用 I'll save it for another time.
一切能恢復正常真好 It's good to be back to normal.
你後來有找到他的辦公室了嗎? Did you make it to his office?
多虧有你 Thanks to you.
我知道我找到志同道合的人了 I knew I'd found a kindred spirite.
我希望我有能看那張貨單的許可 I wish I had clearance to see that manifest.
船上的大部分東西仍是未知數 Most of what was on the boat is still unaccounted for.
選一張牌吧! Pick a deed!
你的勝算可不小 Your chances are not slim.
這次的大獎是什麼? What's the grand prize on it?
一對一 One on one.
我喜歡這個調調 I like the accent.
我要怎麼做? How do I do that?
一開始是家族企業 It began as a family business.
我怎麼教你來著? What did we discuss?
你的真命天子是怎麼樣? Who might this right man be?
聰明過人又美如天仙 Smart as a whip and gorgeous as hell.
為什麼我感覺自己得全副武裝? Why do I feel like I need a pike and sword?
看男人的表情可以得到很多東西 You can tell a lot about a man by his smile.
你怕你造成大轟動 You're afraid you'll cause a frenzy.
你的方法是什麼? What's your apporoach?
我要他們對我讚不絕口 I want good word of mouth.
最後提醒一句 One final reminder,...
我從此就沒再回頭過 I've never looked back.
看來你很熱愛糕點 You seem passionate about pastry.
那種感覺無與倫比 Nothing compares to it.
獵\殺時有種莫名的快感 There's a certain thrill in t6he kill.
我想多了解點你的事 I want to hear more about you.
...那部分被你忽略掉了是吧? The "..." part went right by you, huh?
我得承認... I've got to admit,...
跟我說一些你的事 Tell me a little about your self.
我奉獻了大部分的時間投注在非營利事業上 I devote the majority of my time to a few nonprofits.
時間有點太短了 It was a little too fast.
我可不想擋了你的道 Don't let me stand in your way.
你要帶他去哪裡? Where are you taking her?
你只能遵守協議了 You're gonna have to seal the deal.
他支持我去 He got me into this.
我已就位 I'm on point.
入座吧? Shall we?
你在拍賣會幫我挽回面子 You helped me save face at the auction.
我只能用一餐美味來報答 The laeast I can do is offer you a decent meal.
我偶爾會小冒險一下 I'll take a risk once a while.
我是不是有點太唐突了? Maybe that was a little too forward.
沒什麼比...更有吸引力 There's nothing more attractive than...
心動不如行動 Do more than think!
我有想過 I thought about it.
有些東西是你沒辦法現學來的 There are certain things you cannot recover from.
我看穿了他的企圖 I caught on to his plan.
你介意我用一下你的洗手間嗎? You mind if I use your bathroom?
我會補償你 I'll make it up to you.
你把他嚇跑了嗎? Did you spook him?
還有別的法子嗎? Is there another option?
我比誰都想盡早了結這個事情 I want this over with more than anyone.
去呼吸下新鮮空氣 Get a little air.
情況也沒有太糟糕啊! That wasn't a complete train wreck.
糟到不能再糟了 That's as far as it goes.
他為一位紐約姑娘而傾倒 He became enamored of a girl in NY.
真有格調! / 品味真獨特! Very eclectic!
略懂 / 我略有涉獵 I dabble.
他開始涉足當地政壇 He dabbles in local politics.
我可不接受拒絕 I won't take no for an answer.
你可以下班了 You may enjoy your night off.
真能幹的幫手! How handy!
他是萬中選一 He's one of a kind.
少了你我可怎麼辦啊! Don't know I'd do without you.
他有點古怪 He's curious.
哪台車 The car came out of nowhere.
是的 無論你問我多少次 Yes. As many times as you ask.
你可以當見證人嗎? Will you bear witness?
這件事困擾了我一生 This has been hanging over me my whole life.
聽起來不像沒事 Doesn't sound like nothing.
聽起來像是你有話想對我說 Sounds like there's something you want to tell me.
你在想什麼? What's on your mind.
我就不打擾你了 I won't distract you.
你看起來很不安 You seem upset.
真是精心策劃啊! Very elaborate!
下輩子再說吧! Perish the thought!
是你自己造成現狀的 You've made your own fate.
我做不到 I couldn't go through with it.
未雨綢繆總是好的 Always good to be prepared.
那可維持不了多久 That's not gonna last very long.
笑一個 Put a smile on your face.
要我們關注...的動態 keep our eyes out for...
我把最好康的劉在最後面說 I saved the best for last.
怎麼連你也倒戈! Et tu, Brute!
我還在說服我自己相信 I'm still trying to wrap my head aroud it.
我沒辦法容忍他的所作所為 I can't ignore what he's done.
你的話他都聽不進去嗎? Does he even hear you?
從那天起 From that day on,...
我們會設法保護他 We'll put him under protection.
呆在這裡別跑 Stay put!
我想以牙還牙 所以我 I wanted payback, so I got...
他開車非常謹慎 He's a very conscientious driver.
他從不走收費公路 He never run a toll.
你的故事最好站的住腳 Your story better hold up.
所有的都很重要 .... All vital.
我們像是你的跑腿小弟嗎? Do we like your errand boy?
我還要在這陰間的虛無地呆多久? How long do I have to stay in this stygian limbo?
求你快點 不然我真的要瘋了 I bag of you, hurry, for my sake of my sanity.
他們一起被關在一個房間裡 They cooped up together in a room.
你只是想親自去看看對吧? You just want to go there on your own, don't you?
這能怪我嗎? Can you blame me?
你這身也不賴啊! You don't look so bad yourself.
我一定要把這拍下來 I gor to get this.
我需要午睡 I need my afternoon respite.
多謝賜教! Thanks for the update.
好久沒有...了 It has been a long time since I had a...
你真是我的指路名燈 You are a beacon in a storm.
連贏四場 Four in a row.
你老是自作主張 You're insubordinate.
滾吧! 我不想在看到你了! Get out of my sight!
這還不是最糟的 That's not the worst of it.
他妥協了 He went for it.
我沒時間陪你玩遊戲 I don't have time for games.
冤冤相報何時了? You see where this is going?
不要出賣你的朋友 Don't double-cross your friend.
這就是事實! That's what happens.
我們沒及時出現的話怎麼辦? And if we hadn't shown uo?
我知道你們可以的 I knew you would.
行動就是雄辯 Actioin is eloquence.
真是個多愁善感的人啊! A sentimentalist.
這你也管? / 有誰說不准嗎? Am I not allowed?
我們順其自然慢慢發展 We're taking things one day at a time.
兩個都給你 You can have both.
他會不會越來越肆無忌憚? Will he get bolder?
講到敏感的話題了嗎? Touchy subject?
想都別想 Not gonna happen.
敢不敢打個賭? You want to make a bet on that?
沒找到代駕司機 Designated driver
你錯過了好康 You missed out.
他的確有點像我 He bears a cursory resemblance to me.
你要見到黃河才死心 You need to hit rock bottom before you can change.
已經辦好了! Done!
這也太巧了吧! What an incredible coincidence.
你怎麼做到的? How'd you pull that off?
我們活在見利忘義的時代 We live in a cynical times.
真是一直變來變去 Can't really settle on a theme.
他很愛現 He's beach.
我可不是個什麼好模範 I'm not exactly a role model.
你就像是個模範榜樣 You're the gold standard.
...只要我們弄到... ... as soon as we get ahold of...
我再問問看其他人 I'll keep my ears open.
他對你有正面的影響 He's a good influence on you.
別戴壞他 Don't be a bad influence on him.
你確定想參一咖嗎? Are you sure you want to be involved with this?
我就喜歡你這一點 That's what I like about you.
我們把你救出來 We got your keister off the hook.
現在別扭扭捏捏 Don't hold out on us now.
在那裡蠻久了 Been there a while.
做過了沒什麼意思 我不想再試 Been there, done that, and I'm not gonna to try that again!
你幹麻不去? Why don't you drop by?
雖然她看似端莊實則淫蕩 Though she seems demure, she packs quite a punch.
...更貼切 (s不發音) more apropos.
我是來找...的 I'm here for...
眼睛別亂瞄 Eyes front and center.
出來散步啊! 看風景嗎? Out for a stroll? Taking in the sights?
你們倆挺搭的嘛! You two make quite the pair.
我們小小碰壁了一下 We hit a snag.
在下面講就好了 Down here's fine.
只是時間問題 Only question is when.
他從人間蒸發了 He's gone completely to ground.
我當時確實已為我說動他了 I actually thought I was getting through to him.
因為你說的話打動了我 Because what you said got to me.
謝謝你拉我一把 Thanks for the help.
江山易改本性難移嘛! People don't change overnight.
好壞不分的年輕時代嘛! Indiscriminate youth.
我可以推理出來 I can deduce it.
敢不敢賭一把? Would you like to make a wager?
說通俗點就是... In the common vernacular,...
神乎其技啊! It was a masterstroke.
他是個真正的天才 He's a bona fide genius.
我可沒聽說... I was unaware it was...
我一時慌了 I panicked.
這有點超過我的預算 It's a little out of my price range.
我的處境十分尷尬 I'm in a terrible predicament.
我很樂意提供協助 I would like to offer my assistance.
是一樣啦! Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.
總結的很好! / 清楚明瞭! / 就是這樣! / 沒錯! Concisely stated!
你自己忘了關 You left it open.
你不要碰... Keep your hands off my...
馬上幫您辦理 Let's get you set up.
他護送她回家 He escorts her home.
沒必要一直推我吧! There's no need to herd me!
沒差反正到時候倒楣得不是我 / 出了是我可不負責 It's not my butt in the meat grinder.
滿足他所有要求 Help him with anything he needs!
你表現的很好 / 你說的太對了 You nailed it!
門都沒有 Fat chance!
少得意忘形 Don't get cocky!
這戒指上有刻字 The ring bears an inscription.
感覺很熟悉吧? / 早習慣了! Just another day.
別跟她的...搞混了 Not to be confused with his...
我送你出去吧? I'll walk you out, okay?
你總是那麼出類拔萃 You always were an over-achiever.
你可否介紹一下...的特點和用處? Could you highlight the finer points of ...?
那是個反問 It was a rhetorical.
我們見過嗎? Have we mee?
應該沒有 I don't believe we have.
不管你信不信 Like it or not,...
先說好消息 Start with the good news.
我們作息都不規律 We keep odd hours.
你背後有靠山? 我也有! You got friends in high places? So am I!
你夠有種 我很欣賞 You got stones. I respect that.
你太衝動了 You're above this.
時間正好吻合 The timing works out.
抱歉害你被拉下水 I'm sorry you got dragged into this.
你的直昇機到了 Your helicopter's inbound.
你一定很鬱悶吧 That's got to be weighing on you.
我很感動 That means a lot.
懸念快把我殺了 / 我已經等不及了 The suspense is killing me.
你這是在讚美我嗎? Are you playiing me a compliment?
你有想過...嗎? So, hypothetically, you ever think of ...
我想先聲明一下喔 I want it noted that...
你說的不錯但... Points for trying, but...
我以為那個彈簧鎖是鎖上的 I thought that latch was latched.
先撇開那些不談啦 我覺得... Butt that right out, I think...
我們要理順新系統的一些問題 We need to iron out the kinks in the new system.
我們就快搞定了 We are in the pink.
我們在準備期就把資金花完了 We mowed through the fortune on start-up costs.
我一遇到這種...事情就坐立難安 I get antsy taking cases with...
我看這一時半刻也好不了 I don't see that changing anything soon.
夫復何求啊! Who could ask for anything else?
如果情況惡化,... / 即便失敗 If it all goes south,...
我做好預防措施了 I took precautions.
下次再跟你講我的想法 I'll give you my two cents.
這只是我的一點小意見而已啦! Here's my two cents.
不然要姐姐幹麻? Well, what are sisters for?
我就知道你的身手還是一樣敏捷 I knew you'd fall for that old line.
他被蜂擁而出的...踩傷了 He was trampled by a stampede of ....
他也許再也不能走路了 He may never walk again.
他腿部骨折 His legs were crushed.
太無恥了! / 放肆! The audacity!
你什麼都可以跟我說 You tell things that you don't tell other people.
他平常就這麼暴躁嗎? She always this grumpy?
我來看看有沒有辦法! I'll look into it.
有沒有什麼人可以讓我請教這個問題? Is there someone I can talk to?
還蠻琅琅上口的! It's kind of catchy.
小事一樁 Not a problem.
當自己家請鬆一點啊! Make yourself at home.
當時究竟發生了什麼? What really happened?
像這種經歷會一直纏著你 Something like that stays with you.
揮之不去 永遠揮不去 Never left me. Never will.
她會幫我蓋被子然後唱歌給我聽 She would wrap me in a quilt and sing songs to me.
只需要一點小小的...就能... All it takes is just a little bit of ... to ...
你回家好好休息 You go home, get some rest.
我將消滅他心中的光 I will snuff out his light.
你怎麼這麼肯定? And you knew this how?
你一直都把工作帶回家做嗎? Do you always bring your work home with you?
就這樣 What it's all about.
A剽竊B的作品 A plagiarized B
我們得敢好長一段路回去 We got a long ride down to ...
我們應該走了吧? / 該結帳了吧? You want to call it?
我快要把辣妹把到手了 I'm about to cross a smokin' hot girl off my bucket list.
我不想前功盡棄 I don't want to have to start all over again.
你真是不可理喻 You're unbelievable.
如果你盡了本分這事根本不會發生 If you were doing your job, this wouldn't have happened in the first place.
你得承認這些對...不好 You got to admit this isn't good for...
我一團糟 I'm a mess.
我有糟到這麼離譜嗎? Am I that fucked up?
看 就是這麼簡單! See how easy it is!
我去叫他 I'll get him.
那我們就切入正題了 好嗎? So we should probably get down to business, right?
所以一天下來 So, at the end of the day,...
我總覺得找不到一個屬於自己的地方 I just feel like I don't have a space to call my own right now.
我們可以進去嗎? Can we go inside?
請便 By all means.
來擊個掌 Give it up!
那太高興了 The pleasure would be all mine.
我來示範給你看要怎麼做 Let me show you how it's done.
不用送了 I'll show myself out.
大失敗 It's a colossal failure.
我比表面看上去更有耐心 I'm a lot more patient than I let on.
別亂跑 Stick around.
你真是個文藝青年 You got the heart of a poet.
當時沒有他我是做不到的 I couldn't have done it without him,
我答應你 I'll make it happen.
有夠髒的 It's filthy.
他跟我對著幹 He bolted in the opposite direction.
別說出來! Don't go there!
是你起的頭! You brought it up!
快上車吧! Hop in.
我載你一程 I'll give you a lift.
他腿一陣劇痛痛的他齜牙咧嘴 He winced as a sharp pain shot through his leg.
你該趁此機會好好休息一下 You should take this opportunity to recharge your batteries.
我不需要 That's not necessary.
你硬ㄍ一ㄣ也不會加分 You don't get bonus points for a stiff upper lip.
他叫我回家休息 He sent me home to rest up.
我盡量不去多想 I'm gonna try and not read too much into that.
你有地方呆嗎? You have someplace to stay?
終於找到了 / 終於完成了 It's finally happened.
我今晚就簽合同 I sign the lease tonight.
你高興我就高興 I'm glad you're glad.
我不能透露 好兄弟也不能說 I can't divulge that, not even for old farternity brother.
他不想再糾結下去了 He want to put it behind him.
你回去跟他講我要見他 Call me in.
我聽說他在...混的不太好 I hear he's getting stymied in...
他威脅要把你外派到...去 He's threating to farm you out to ...
那和這件事有什麼關係? What does that have to do with anythinig?
這事關我的名譽 It's my rep on the line here.
如果你來是因為你另有所圖,... If you're coming in because you got an ax to grind,...
不大好 Not particularly, no.
我說的話你能明白嗎? Does what I say make any sense to you?
我是不是太直接 搞的你很不好意思 Does my dirctness embarrass you?
我們熬夜整晚 We stay up all night.
這櫻桃是我從果園空運來的 The cherries I fly in from an orchard.
然後搭配著...吃最好 And you must have some ... to go with it.
吃A絕不能少了B You can't have A without B.
讓美味游走在你的脣齒之間 Let the tasre transport you.
差十五分就六點了 It's a quarter to six.
我去魚市場已經快來不及了 I'm late already for the fish market.
你可以呆在這沒關係 It's okay for you to stay.
你想什麼時候走都可以 You can leave whenever you like.
你想的真周到 That's very kind of you.
別擔心 什麼事都沒發生 Don't worry. Nothing happened.
那我是怎麼到這裡來的? How diid I get here, then?
你那時候走路有一點東倒西歪的 You were a little bit wobbly.
他變的很堅決不讓我看它 He became very adamant about me not seeing it.
有助於醒酒 It's good for hangover.
聽說那個超美味的 I hear it is sensational.
這就是你下一個任務 It's your new up.
我們把話說清楚了 Let's be perfectly clear.
你要怎麼做 就取決於你自己了 How you do that is up to you!
你怎麼能這麼蠢啊! You can't possibly be this obtuse!
危在旦夕 It has been compromised.
他內心很渴望 He had a craving.
我不會妨礙到你做任何事吧? I'm not keeping you from anything, am I?
我們得想辦法打發這半個小時 We need to figure out how to kill half an hour.
沒睡好齁! Rough night's sleep, huh?
不行 That is a negatory (manner)
太危險了 That is too compromisingi.
我知道怎麼進去 I have a way in.
他神出軌沒 He maybe part vapor.
激起各方關注 It piqued everyone's interest.
你霸道的無視於我對於...的反對意見 You've run roughshod over every objection I've had regarding...
我不是要故意跟你大小聲 I don't mean to be respectful.
他還在昏迷中 He's still out.
他被指控作假帳 He's accused of accounting irregularities.
為什麼你之前沒有提到這個? Why didn't you bring this up before?
我以為這事已經結束了 I figured it was all over with.
我做了修正 I've made amends.
總要有人來承擔責任 Somebody has to take responsibility.
預見未來 Divining the future.
很高興見到你 Enchanté!
那就是你自己節外生枝了 That's a limb you went out on.
我們的過節到現在都沒解決 We never did it work out.
出了差錯他將不承認授權此事 This backfires he'll dney that he ever agreed to it.
我就是到我們能達成共識 I knew we'd find some common ground.
不好意思 說溜嘴了 Sorry, slip of the tongue.
顯然問題出在我身上 Apparently, the problem is me.
這能讓事情有所改觀嗎? Is that supposed to make it all better?
勇敢一點! Step up!
我的底線 ...Final offer.
管好你的馬子 Get your wonan in line.
他把頭依偎在我的肩上 She snuggled her head onto my shoulder.
他走歪路後從前的朋友都迴避他 He was shunned by his former friends after he went astray.
小孩子有時候真的很難管 The kids can be a real handful.
倒也不是說這是誰的錯,... But through no one's fault,...
能把那個從桌子上拿下去嗎? Can we get that off the table?
這次 就是你的不對了! This time, it's your fault!
到你了! You're up!
我們可以排除這個可能性 We can rule that out.
你到底有什麼毛病啊? What the hell is wrong with you?
我挺他 I got his back.
你幹麻這麼在意? Why do you care so much?
別太自責了 Don't be so hard on yourself.
這跟我有什麼關係? What does this have to do with me?
氣死我了! Maddening!
振作! Buck up!
我要下線囉! Logging off.
他的臉書上就有了 It's all over his facebook page.
這就是我們的一些優勢 That's our edge.
我不能再自欺欺人了 I have to stop kidding myself.
抹一點點這個 Try a dab of this.
我幹麻沒事提這個啊! Why did I bring that up!
既然你來了 來幫我一下吧 Since you're here, I could use a hand.
這樓梯幾乎程垂直的了 The staircase was almost perpendicular.
拍謝! / 不好意思喔! (死辜絲诶) Scusi!
不用客氣 (ㄆ類诶狗) Prego!
...是什麼? 想冒昧問一下 What is ...? I'm afraid to ask.
沒想起來 / 想不起來 Doesn't ring a bell.
記住我說的話 Mark my word.
星期天必須去工作的確不合情理 It really goes against the grain to have to work on a Sundy.
他的說謊功力爐火純青 He is consummate in the are of deception.
我記得很清楚 I remember it well.
這感覺似層相識啊! I think we've traveled down this road before.
請說! Pray tell.
直說吧! Out with it!
我好像有點心動了 I may have had stirrings.
只能偷襲不能硬上 Stealth over force.
我來接手 因為你不太方便 I'll take it from here on account of your condition.
有時候我會即興發揮 Sometimes I just improvise.
我發誓我不知情 On my word, I had no part in this.
輪到你即興發揮了 Here's your chance to improvise.
我正在努力 I'm attempting it.
所以我當機立斷 So I did what needed done.
他以前經常編造一些他在軍隊時的離奇故事 He used to spin yarns about his time in the Army.
管他什麼...或... I care not for ... or ... .
我發誓就在這附近 I could have swore it was somewhere tight around here.
我們不能停下來! We must not stop!
先生? Squire?
我沒係唱了 是嗎? My trick's out, is that it?
她後面的頭髮剪的很短 Her hair was cut at the nape of her neck.
小伙子走快點 Hurry up, lad!
他看上去像個好人 He seemed like a nice bloke.
我信不過你 There's no trusting you.
他們的好客眾所週知 Thier hospitality is proverbial.
了嗎? Savvy?
交換條件是... In exchange for...
我想知道你是怎麼從表象查到我的? I was interested how you read the tea leaves on me.
你是如何看出那個分部模式的? How'd you spot the pattern?
別妄自菲薄 Don't sell yourself short!
你沒有你想得那麼聰明 You're not as clever as you think you are.
你真的是不會放過一條蛛絲馬跡啊! Always working.
我覺得你很可憐 I pity you.
你要是再像這樣惡搞 我們就玩完了 You ever pull a stunt like that again. We'll through.
等風聲過去了 When the threat against you has been neutralized,...
那是在浪費時間 That's a waste of time.
我很懷疑 I highly doubt that!
你是不是還在外面? Are you still out there?
我無言了 I don't know what to say.
你對於這些條件有什麼問題嗎? You have a problem with that?
我想應該沒問題 I don't see a problem with that.
你看出問題的所在了嗎? Do you see the problem?
為了你我敢冒險 For you I risk it all.
我願意冒險 I risk it.
我不敢茍同 I beg to differ.
我有不同的意見 I venture to differ from you.
還有其他我需要知道的嗎? What esle I shouild know?
讓我來解說一下 Let me walk through it.
我量你也不敢 I dare you to do!
我被鎖在外面了 I was locked out.
你一大早就把大家搞的雞犬不寧 You are all over the place in the morning.
很令人陶醉 對吧? Intoxicating, isn't it?
我突然想到如果 It occurs to me, if...
這部電影的根據是傳聞而非事實 The movie is based on anecdote not fact.
...加上這個不錯 "..." is a nice touch.
就像我常說的... You know, I always said ...
我不要跟你討論這個話題 I'm not thaking about this with you.
跟他要慢慢來 Take your time with him.
振作起來! Snap out of it!
別浪費時間了! We're losing daylight!
我不太確定 I'm not quite sure.
我等不及想知道了! I can'twait to find out!
我不打算這麼做 I don't plan on it.
你人真好 為什麼其他人不能和你一樣? You're so great. Why can't everyone like you?
我想我該走了 I should probably go.
謝謝你的解說澄清! Thnak you for the clarification!
你不會覺得自己有點反應過度了嗎? Don't you think you're overreacting?
沒辦法 That's a negatory.
我覺得很內咎 I feel guilty.
別讓我們內咎好嗎? Don't lay this guilt crap on us!
你們不需要內咎 There's no guilt.
你只是做了你應該做的 You did what you had to do.
喔 真是太謝謝你了! Okay, that was very nice of you.
不敢相信我真的做了 I cant' believe I'm doing this.
你繼續! You carry on!
她的愛快讓我窒息 She smothers me.
那部份倒是真的 That part's true.
我比你還早就想到了 / 我早想過了 Way ahead of you.
她那是什麼意思啊? What does she mean by that?
你有認真在聽我講話嗎? Are you even listening to me?
你知道嗎 我覺得我之前對這家餐廳的判斷有點錯誤 You know I think I may misjudged this restaurant.
我不想冒險 I don't want to go out on a limb.
你終於有這個認知了! Recognised!
別把我算進去 Count me out!
打擾不斷 教我怎麼工作? How can I work with these pertpetual interruptions?
我剛從那邊回來 I just came from there.
那是怎麼個笑法? How is exactly that laugh go?
兄弟 拿出勇氣來! Sack up, dude!
說正事! Hit that thing!
聽起來好像很有趣! Sounds really interesting!
所以你們是怎麼認識的? So, how do you two know each other?
他是個開心果 He is very delightful.
我覺得我很有希望成功 I am very hopeful.
他們提到可能會有副作用 They mentioned there're maybe side effects.
這樣也沒辦法改變過去 It won't change the past.
誰也別想從我這邊過去 None shall pass!
他試圖跟她講道理 He tried to reason with her.
我還有好多書要唸 I have a lot of studies to catch up on.
時間過得很快啊! / 時光飛逝 Time flies.
謝天謝地 終於擺脫這個累贅了! / 討厭鬼終於走了! Good riddance!
你有被人甩過嗎? Do you ever been rejected?
你想要我走開嗎? You want to be alone?
後來我意識到... What I realized later on was...
別亂來 Don't lose your nerve.
這種事不說也罷 It's too sad to talk about it!
不懂你在說啥 You lost me there.
我也感覺到了 I'm beginning to sense that.
這些錢足夠幫助這邊的環境好轉 It'll help get things going around here.
已經不出這麼多了 You've done so much.
我保證會回來看看 I promise I'll always be around.
要聽實話嗎? Truthfully?
他是現代青年的典範 He's the epitome of a mordern young man.
這很傷人 That hurts.
我開心的迎接新的一天 I greeted the day with much enthusiasm.
午餐吃啥? 我餓死了! What's for lumch? I'm absolutely ravenous.
這可釋個大發現 可解釋很多事情 That accounts for a good deal.
我寫到哪了? / 我讀到哪了? Where was I?
祝你健康! (葛犉海特) Gesunheit!
跟我想的一樣! Just as I suspected!
沒用的廢話說夠了沒啊! Enough of this infernal folderol!
我一定是把他嚇跑了 I must have scared him off.
有人可以辨認他的字跡嗎? Can anyone decipher his handwriting?
我落後大家了 I got left behind.
他們蹲在地板上 Thery were squatting on the floor.
我會打蝴蝶結 I can tie a bow.
我的老天爺啊! My gracious!
感動的我快哭了 It moved me to tears.
我們不想讓他失望 We're not going to disappoint him.
別打小報告 / 別把我呈報上去 Don't tell on me.
當時機來時 When the time comes,...
很有用的資訊 Very informative.
盡量爭取時間 / 你們盡量拖住時間 Buy as much time as you can.
我不建議 I wouldn't remommend it.
你最好希望我們能撐的住 You'd better hope that we can.
這裡只有我認為這是史上最酷的事情嗎? Am I the only person here who thinks this could be the coolest thing ever?
我能該做的和能做的相差甚遠 What we should do and what we can do are too far apart.
我們還沒有好好談過一次話 We never really talk.
很難解釋清楚 Touch to explain.
你們想好名字了嗎? You have any names picked out?
他經常說話含糊不清 He's slurring words here and there.
很瘋狂的主意 但也是唯一我們可選的機會 It's absolutely insanity, and it's the only choice we've got.
別吹噓了! / 別說的太好聽了! Don't oversell it!
是自殺式攻擊! It's a kamikaze run!
他可是出了名的難取悅 He's notoriously hard to please.
那還用說嗎! That's goes without saying.
三天吧 或多或少要這個時間 Three days, give or take.
他八十歲上下 加減一年吧! He was 80 years old, give or take a year.
我猜你們應該討論過這部分了吧! I assume you were going to get to that part.
我算了好幾遍了 I've run the numbers.
這可行 但我們要做就要趕緊做 This could work, but we have to do it soon.
你有24小時可以想出個更好的主意出來 You've got 24 hours to come up with a better idea.
我們很快就別無他選了 We're quickly running out of options.
你已經把我搞的夠慘了還要裝蒜? You've caused enough bollocks. You want to piss with me?
不管那些風風雨雨,... Despite of everythin,...
糟糕 完蛋了! Opps! I'm toast!
不如請您來跟大家說個幾句話吧! How about a toast?
聽起來好像沒錯! Sounds about right!
我不接受否定的答案 I can't take no for an answer.
是不是又有何不同? What difference does it make?
在有限的時間內 是不能 Not in the alloted time, no.
沒你的份了! You are cut off!
你想表達什麼? What are you getting at?
問題是出在我身上嗎? Would it be me?
走開! Go away!
如果能這麼容易就好了! I wish that simple!
他不是我通常會約會的那種類型 He is not the kind I usually go out with.
好刺眼的陽光! Glare!
對不起 我聽不太懂 I'm sorry. I don't get the point.
你可能要再縮小範圍 You have to narrow down.
我覺得很想作嘔 I'm nauseous.
他覺得昏昏欲睡 頭暈目眩 噁心 He feels drowsy, dizzy and nauseared.
這個故事聽起來很耳熟 The story had a familiar ring to it.
這裡什麼最好玩? What's the hottest attraction at this place?
剛剛是怎樣? What is that about?
幫我們跟他問聲好 Say hi to him for us.
你把我給帶壞了 You're kind of a bad influence on me.
別裝了 Don't be coy.
她聲音故意裝很高 / 她裝可愛 She's being coy.
請收下我的一點心意 A token of appreciation for.
他人人稱羨 He was the toast of a town.
他是話題人物 He's the talk of a town.
看我搞得一團糟 I make quite a scene!
她懷孕了 She is in the family way. / She is knocked up.
他們夫妻倆想生孩子 They want to start a family.
他有憂鬱症 He had depression.
我真佩服你 I've got to hand it to you.
我大學時當然看不到後來每件事的關聯發展 It was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college.
他說外交辭令 He's been diplomatic about it.
你聽到那句話了 You caouht that.



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