I was shocked when I watch an episode of Dr. House.


You want to be a man with answer or a man with Grass?
Do you really want Grass or just another challenge?
If you are serious,and you don't treat it seriously,and you will get hurt.
And if you don't accept that,then accept.. she will get hurt.


I’m so sorry to the woman I love.

Every scenes about her are fill in my whole brain every single night,

I’m truely sorry for the stuff that I did to her.

How could I be such a stupid gay in this planet?

Thousands of “I should” could be nothing at all.

I break her heart. I really did. Even though she didn’t express a word.

She made me a man knowing how to live,also a man how to enjoy in my life.

But I still have no clue to reveal the fact of her demands.

I wish I could, cause I still love her. Strongly and faithfully.


You’re committed to something..to someone.

I mean..It’s childish ,but..ultimately great!


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