到這邊還有沒有問題? Any questions so far?
我自己有研究過 I studied on my own.
這樣算是人身攻擊耶 It's really insulting.
你這懶蟲! 快起來! You maggot! Get going.
你到底在哪? Wherever you are?
他把我們都弄糊塗了 He's messing with our heads.
他的提案只是一場騙局 His plan is nothing but smoke and mirror!
這一幕很有爭議性 The scene is very controversial.
你投注了全部精力在上面對嗎? You went all out on that one, huh?
我忙到沒時間找朋友 I don't have time for friends.
我現在沒空跟你玩啦! / 我沒時間顧及這個 I don't have time for this.
這對我來說不是個問題 It's not a problem for me.
我們之間的關係有點像同事 We were more or less like colleagues.
我幾乎把我的學生當同事一樣對待 I treat my students more or less like colleagues.
我明天就遞辭呈 I'll give my notice tomorrow.
今天我休假 It's my day off.
我今天不該待在這邊 I am not supposed to be here today.
不該是這樣結束的 It wasn't supposed to go down like this.
記得要小心 保持低調 Remember, be subtle. Keep low profile!
諷刺意味很濃厚 It's very sarcastic.
如果你有問題記得一定要來問我 If you have questions,be sure to ask me.
那我們禮拜一見囉! I'll see you Monday then!
所以你是來炫耀的嗎? So, you're here to pick up the trophy?
他超想得冠軍 He wants the championship trophy very badly.
給我隨便來一杯 You call it.
那個誰誰誰 What-do-you-call-it?
怎麼了?你沒事吧? What's going on? Are you all right?
這部電影周末開出五百萬元票房 The movie grossed 5 million dollars on the weekend.
這是票房毒藥 It was a box office disaster.
我們還剩25分鐘 We have 25 minutes left.
只要消化思索一下 你會懂的 You can digest and think about it,you'll pick it up
他在流口水 He's drooling.
別一直念你這英國豬 Stop tailgating me you pasty teabag!
說出所有你知道的 Spill your guts!
把不懂的地方畫線 Underline something that you might not understand.
他有過敏 He has allergies.
他對什麼過敏? What is he allergic to?
他對芝麻過敏 He is allergic to sesame seeds.
別說髒話 Don't use vulgar language.
他說話好白癡 He sounds like an idiot.
你連個小孩都搞不定? You can't even handle a kid?
我嚇傻了 / 我大吃一驚 It's totally shocked.
準備好了 / 有了! Good to go!
我準備好了 I'm good to go.
給你 Here you go! / Here you are.
我們要開始囉! / 找到了 Here we go!
你這樣做就對了!/你說的沒錯!/好了! There you go!
你又來了! Here we go again! / There you go again!
我起的頭我會把他搞定 If I started it,I'll finish it!
期待能聽到你的回音 Look forward to hearing form you.
很高興能和你共事 Look forward to working with you.
我喜歡去兜風 I love to go for a ride.
我們去兜兜風 Let's take a little ride.
這是我希望你做的 This is that I hope you can do.
她剛說啥 What she has said?
對,正是如此! Yes,exactly!
依我拙見 In my humble opinion,..
它是冷盤 It's served cold.=It's eaten cold.
你可以先查字典 You can do some dictionary works.
我下次會仔細研討 I'll go through it the next time.
大家翻到第四頁 Everybody take a look on page 4.
你最近常下什麼類型的音樂 What kind of music you downloaded most recently?
這蠻符合我的個性的 It's partially fit my personality.
他只是謙虛啦 He's being modest.
我對這東西很感興趣 I alwayss get into it.
那我這麼說好了 Let me put in this way.
從我很小的時候開始我就 Since I was a kid,I…
那倒未必 Not necessarily.
在更多情況下 In more cases,…
發生了這麼多事情 There's so much going on.
你到底是誰? Who the hell are you?
突然間 All of a sudden,…
诶那不是…? Isn't that…?
你不這樣認為嗎? Don't you think?
這邊clothes是當可數名詞 I'll treat clothes as a count noun here.
我超常去那邊 I go there often enough.
你怎麼用英文解釋 How can/do you describe it?
他們有什麼? What is it served with?
那一家好吃嗎? How is/was it cooked/served/made?
你要嘗嘗這個,味道像是 You gotta try this,kind of..
我不吃榴槤 Something I can't eat is durian.
我受不了那種味道 The smell hit me.
那是為什麼? 我不知道 你當然知道 Why is that? I don't know. Of course you do.
他喝得很醉 He was so drunk.
他幾乎沒辦法站穩 He can barely stand.
那邊有一家很高級的餐廳 It's a higher-end restaurant right there.
你如果在那邊待得夠久 If you were there long enough,..
那邊的料理很鹹 The food there is salty.
有誰能告訴我新聞重點的概要嗎? Can someone give me a rundown on the main point of news?
你能想像那個畫面嗎? Can you imagine that?
他是個大蒐藏家 He is a big collecter.
像剛剛Jack提到的 Like Jack mentioned..
接近但不完全是 Close,but not entirely.
很接近了 但感覺還是不一樣 It's close, but not quite the same.
讓我想起十年前發生在我身上事情 It reminds of something that happened to me 10 years ago.
這首歌勾起你什麼回憶? What does this song remind you of?
你也許可以問說 A question that you might ask:
有沒有什麼類型的音樂你特別喜歡呢? Any particular kind of music that you like?
你常看漫畫嗎 Do you ever read comic?
你曾看過漫畫嗎 Have you ever read comic?
好幾年沒見,最近在哪邊高就? I haven't seen you in ages.What have you been doing recently?
其實很少 我的工作常讓我分身乏術 Not much.You know,mywork uasually keeps me pretty busy.
他最後就住在台北 He ended up living Taipei.
這個字你怎麼拼? How do you spell "the word"?
我們連個影子都沒看到 We can't see a thing!
那時候天要黑了 / 要天黑了 It was getting dark.
我們根本不知道身處何方 We were in the middle of nowhere!
快把我們給嚇死了 We scared to death.
滾開,妳這拜金的婊子 Got lost,you gold-digger!
我可以摸你的狗嗎? Can I pat your dog?
沒什麼是一成不變的 Nothing is set in stone.
在義大利為了顯示身分 遲到個幾分鐘是可以被接受的 In Italy,it's acceptable to be fashionably late.
他不斷重複地說著一樣的話 He kept repeating the same phrases all the time.
開始試著不要做 Try start avoiding doing this.
我喜歡你的Style I like your thing!
穿的好看一點 You have to be presentable.
你用好之後拿給他 When you're done,please give it to him.
我有十年沒見過他了 I hadn't seen him for 10 years.
我朋友正好在那裏 A friend of mine just happened to be there.
你要告訴我們 You gonna tell us.
我們來試試看 So,let's give it a shot!
你有壞習慣嗎? Do you have a bad habit?
我相信你啦 I'll take your word for it!
我將永遠不再相信你的話 I'll never take you at your word.
當他說他可以的時候我相信了他的話 I took him at his word when he said he could do it.
我一直滑下山 I keep going down the hill
他的額頭縫了幾針 He got stitch on his forehead.
這是最近上映的電影 It's a recent movie.
當時這看起來是個不錯的主意 It seemed to be a good idea at the time.
他的自尊心受到很大的打擊 His pride was badly hurt.
他像雪球一樣滾下來 He was rolling down as a snow ball.
所以然後咧 Then,what?
他昏倒了 / 他沒有意識了 He's out.=He is not conscious.
讓你的聽眾參與 Keep your listener engaged.
該起床囉! Rise and shine!
今天早上我懶得起床 I couldn't bother to get up this morning.
他說過一句名言… / 他的口頭禪是… One of his famous line is ""
用何種方式 In what way?
你如果說…會比較有禮貌 You can be more polite to say "".
…是什麼意思? What does "" means?
你自己先研究過 Do some rearch on your own.
你想移民去哪邊? Where would you like to go/to live aboard?
你想去歐洲的哪裡? Where in Europe you want to go?
如果沒變的話你會在那邊住多久? If there was no change like this, how long would you live there?
你去過那些洲 Which countries have you been to?
你最喜歡去台灣的哪裡玩? What's your favorite place in Taiwan to visit?
我從沒離開亞洲 I never been out of Asia.
換算成台幣要多少錢? How much cost in Taiwan dollar?
歡迎其他人的時候點頭是很常見的方式 It's common for people to nod their heads when they greet someone.
不用找了 Keep the change.
給計程車司機小費不太尋常 Tipping cab driver is out of the ordinary.
沒什麼特別的東西 Nothing out of the ordinary.
我不知道這是什麼 I don't know what it is.
你懂我在說什麼嗎? You know what I'm saying?
他說話太直了 He is far direct.
人們將會鄙視你 People will look down on you.
這個觀念很敏感 The concept is very sensitive.
將採取什麼行動? What is being done?
你可以猜猜看是什麼意思 You can guess what it means.
那就是我來這裡的原因 That's what I here for.
真是無與倫比 There is nothing like it!
這次相信我 Trust me on this one.
他做的沒我好 He does better than I do.
我配不上她 I am not good enough for her.
這只是冰山一角 This is just the tip of the iceburg.
好我們開始吧 OK!Let's going on!
這樣也可以啦 It's OK to be that way.
你的車報失竊了嗎 Has your car been reported stolen?
老實說我真的記不起來了 I honestly can't remember.
我邀她吃晚餐 I had her over for dinner.
我覺得你不那麼喜歡耶 I got a feeling you're not really like that.
你講得真有點道理 You do have a point.
眼見為憑 Seeing is believeing.
你是一個怎樣的人 What are you like?
我覺得法律應該要規定 A law should be passed that says…
每個人都應該要被要求去 Everyone should be made/required/forced to..
如果你沒投票你會被罰錢 You'll get fined if you don't vote.
他刷爆了 He went over his credit limit.
我要出去走走 I'll be going around.
他們不想被解雇 They don't want to be unemployeed.
你知道有多簡單嗎 You know how easy it was?
他們怎麼有辦法做這麼好 How can they do so well?
他故意的 He did it on purpose.
你會錯過什麼 What things would/wouldn't you miss?
我來跟你簡要說明一下 Let me give you a rundown.
這是一種很有效的練習 It's a very useful exercise.
還蠻有趣的 That's quite intersting.
就像其他人一樣 Just like everybody else.
這很難解釋耶 It's really hard to explain.
如果是我的話我會這樣說 …,I woud say.
你有聽過...嘛? You've ever heard...?
那是我唯一聽過的一次 That's the only time I ever heard.
我們剛剛已經說過了 We just cover that.
他們沒幹走其他貴重物品 They didn't take anything else of value.
她穿得很暴露 She wears very revealing.
結果原來是 It turns out that…
我不知道那是真的假的 I don't know if it is true or not.
我連那是什麼都不知道! I don't even know what that is!
那是我個人的選擇啦 That's just my personal option.
它變成固定用法了 It caught on / stuck / become common.
他突然打給我 He called me out of blue.
你有染髮嗎 Did you dye your hair?
我看到殘骸 I saw the wreck.
你剛刮到了你的車 You just scrape your car.
我的車擦撞到卡車 I scraped pass the truck with my car.
所以我們趕快把它完成吧 So let's do it quick.
很好,繼續 OK,keep going.
我希望你還沒吃過 I hope you haven't eaten yet.
那就是我聽到的 That's what I heard for.
他們怎麼會在一起 How they came together.
正如你說的 As you are saying,…
所以有幫助嗎 So that helped?
你騎單車嗎 Do you cycle?
找母語人士練習 See native speaker to practice with.
情勢對他不利 The odds against him.
他完全復原的機率很低 His chances of making a full recovery were not good.
他接受了治療 He underwent treatment.
你能做些什麼 What can you do about it?
現在已經沒辦法挽救了 Nothing we can do about it now.
絕對有辦法挽救 There is something we can do about it!
馬上舉手讓我停下來 Raise your hands right away to stop me.
這是學習過程的一部分 It's a part of learning process.
我情不自禁的想如果 I can't help myself but think what if…
在2010年有人做了一項研究 In the year 2010,a research was done by…
至今還在繼續 …and contines to do so.
讓我打兩個比方 Let me draw two analogies.
另外一個比方就是 And another anology we can use is of a…
但如果..我們就很可能.. Whereas if…,we're much more likely to …
但與現在的情形很相似 But the situation is rather similar today.
但這只是一個方面 However,that's only part of the picture.
幫助他們認清自身 Helping them identify who they really are.
大學不應閉關修行 Celibacy does not suit a university.
就像一個上升螺旋 … in an upward spiral.
讓我來告訴你們這是為什麼 And here is why.
卻沒什麼用 … with very little effect.
很多情況下 And very often,…
如果在這裡投票我敢保證很多人會說 If I had to do a poll here,most people,guaranteed,would say,""
又有多少人知道 How many people know that,
我們從此之後就過著快快樂樂的生活 and then we will all live happily ever after.
情況惡化了 The situation worsened.
我們必須去順應它.把它考慮進去 We need to conform to it,take it into consideration.
讓我舉一個研究的例子來說明我的意思 Let me share with you one study to illustrate what I mean.
他的文章最後是這樣收尾的 He ends this paper with the folling quote:
有反例說明了 There is a counter-evidence that shows…
大多數人是這樣,但不是所有人 Majority were,but not all.
我常告訴我自己我是做這件事情的不二人選 I often say that I'm the right person to …
我想引用一下他們的話 Let me quote you what they said,…
他想表達的意思是 What he's saying is that…
人類潛能的極限事實上一職都沒有完全挖掘出來 The highest possibility of human nature has practically always been underrated.
當然,顯而易見的是 Certainly,it seems more and more clear that…
你看出他這段話的用意了嗎 You see the implications of what he's saying here?
他們真正地改變了自己和周遭人的生活 They have literally transformed their lives and the lives of those aroud them.
我承認自己是這種人 I admit I fall into this category.
我招了! / 好啦我承認! I admit it.
那是菁英論嗎 Is that elitist?
那會有幫助嗎 Would that be helpful?
結果令人震驚 The reults were shocking.
還是毫無差別 No difference whatsoever.
稍等,馬上好 One second,I'm almost done.
你可能會得到C免強通過 You might scrape by with a C.
這是我多年努力工作的目標 This is something that I've been working on for many years.
你現在心情怎樣? How are you feeling?
會,一陣子,但並不常 Yes,for a while,but not for long.
一旦滿足了基本需求收入就不再對幸福產生什麼影響了 Once those needs are met,income makes very little difference.
你們對此都很有同感對吧 You were certain of that,right?
接著,事情突然開始變化了 And then suddenly things begin to change.
我們太嬌生慣養了 How spoiled we get here.
剔除這些極端情況後 Beyond the extremes,
我降低我的期望水平 I lower my levels of expectation.
一輩子都改變不了 Not in our live time.
他是什麼的重要支柱之一 It's the most important pillar of…
如果你走神了,只需將注意力帶回到呼吸上 If your mind wanders,simply bring it back to your breathing.
他下巴縫了三針 He got three stitches in his chin.
搞定! All set!
我感冒了 I have a cough.
我不是一個購物狂 I'm not a big shopper.
他穿藍色素色上衣 He wore a solid blue top.
你手肘沒事嗎 How is your elbow?
很痛嗎? Does it hurt?
之後會好一點啦 It will get better.
啥風格的? What's in style?
你穿什麼比較好看 What looks good on you?
你穿起來很好看 / 你戴起來很好看 Looks good on you.
她穿得很保守 She dresses very conservatively.
他們是兩個很有趣的角色 They are two very interesting characters.
有時候一雙鞋子就夠了 Sometimes one pair of shoes is enough.
我有四雙喬丹鞋 I have four pairs of Jordans'.
我沒做造型,只是簡單修一修 I didn't got haircut. I just got a trim.
我請髮型師幫我修我的瀏海 I had my bangs trimmed by the stylist/hairdresser.
我不喜歡後面/前面/旁邊 I don't like my back/front/sides.
直到我看到標價 …until I saw the price tag.
我們不會承認的 We won't admit it!
它們不合你的腳 They don't fit your feet.
它們的做工沒有很好 They're not well-made.
你有長水泡嗎 Do you get blisters?
希望你你沒有感染 Hope you don't get infections.
我認為舒服是最重要的 I think comfort is No.1.
這是垃圾! It is crap!
我不喜歡採買衣服 I don't like cloth shopping.
每當我伸進口袋拿錢包時 Everytime I reach my poket and pull off my wallet,I …
你在豪洨我嗎? Are you shitting me?
你在豪洨我吧 You have (got) to be shitting me.
你在開我玩笑吧 You've gotta be kidding me!
你去問他然後下次告訴我們 Ask him and tell us next time.
我受不了那個節目 I can't stand that show.
它們都高於膝蓋 They are all above the knees.
…要怎麼說 How can you describe ...?
或許你可以說… Maybe a … you can say.
怎麼個大膽法 In what way "daring"?
不常也不全然是耶 Not often! Not really!
我不喜歡塞衣服到褲子裡面 I don't like to tuck in my shirt / tuck my shirt in.
我還蠻喜歡它的 I kind of like it.
原價太貴了 At the full price it's far too dear.
所以怎麼了嗎 So, what's going on?
他怎麼想 What does he think?
你不覺得這件很適合你嗎 Don't you think it's good on you?
你不覺得那件比較好嗎 Don't you think that might be better?
我們期待地說:好啊 We expect to say "Yes!"
它們不是很不錯嘛 Aren't they great?
你不覺得我們應該要再看一下再做決定嗎 Don't you think we should look around a bit more?
他比兩個我還強 He is at least two of me.
我做不完全部啦 I can't finish it all!
你可能會得心臟病 You may have a heart attack.
我想給你看一段影片 I want to show you a video.
讓我把這個東西打開 Let me turn this thing on.
它們有家字幕嗎 Are they subtitled?
確實有時候會發生 That happens!
這個要怎麼用? How does this work?
它運轉很好 It works very well.
幫我拿一下 Hold on for a second.
等一下先別掛 Hold on a sec.
他叫我先別掛 He put me on hold.
他掛我電話 Hung up on me.
他們害怕被取代 They're afraid of being replaced./ gotten be replaced.
把燈關掉 Turn the lights off.
她還不足五歲 She is not enough 5 years old.
他拿到一模一樣的東西嗎 He's got something the same?
所以這就是他做的 So that's what he does.
真巧啊! It's incredible!
超屌的 It's absolutely incredible!
我猜你要查的單字應該是 I think the word you're searching for is…
一次不要讀太多 Don't read too much at one time.
你真的可以學到很多 You can really learn a lot.
我還在宿醉 I've got a hangover.
你宿醉都怎麼處理 What did you do for hangovers?
不過那邊的食物也沒什麼特別的 Nothing special in the food though.
在某些文化這種行為是被允許的 In some culture it's ok to do that.
不禮貌的行為會讓我不爽 Bad manners offend me.
因國而異 It differs from culture to culture.
我要把鞋子脫掉嗎 Should I take my shoes off?
你有潔癖嗎 Are you a clean/neat freak?
他做了個即席演講 He gave the speech off the top of his head.
他和閣員辯論失業問題 He debated with cabinet about unemployment.
你知道最有趣的是什麼嗎 You know the funniest thing is?
後來他覺得不舒服 He felt sick afterwards.
我必須要走了 I gotta go. / I gotta be going on./ I gotta run.
我希望你能試試看 I want you to give it a shot.
你有為了…請假嗎 Do you have the day off for…
它的膽固醇很高 It's high in cholesterol.
亮色太引人注目 Bright color attract too much attention.
你的上衣和這些褲子很搭 Your top goes very well with those pants.
我當時以為已經結束了 I thought that was the end.
不是,另外一件上衣 No,the other top.
他覺得OK嗎 Is he OK with that?
這套衣服其他人穿可能會不好看 They may looks bad on other people.
比起亮色她更喜歡穿暗色的衣服 She likes (to wear) dark colors more than bright colors.
我穿亮色不好看 I don't look good in bright color.
這些衣服和我的型不搭 They don't suit me very well.
過的一般般 In a middle.
戳瞎她眼睛 Stab her in her eyes.
萬一他在這邊 In case he's here,…
依我看 In my opinion,…
他幾歲 How old is he?
他很沒安全感 She is so insecure.
真的很感謝 I am really appreciate that.
給我一個趴數 Give me a percent.
看有很多對話的影片 Watch films with lots of dialouge.
我很HOT她 I really fancy her.
有什麼想法嗎? Any guesses?
我看看能不能再給你們更多細節 Let me see if I can get you a little bit more detail about that.
但是世界上還是有很多不可思議的相似點 But there're also some incredible similarities across the planet.
全世界的人類都關心這個問題 All the human beings in the universe care about this.
…隨處可見 …are everywhere you look.
所以我們理所當然想知道他們如何運作的 So it make sense that we want to know a little about how they work.
你怎麼知道...的事? How do you know about …?
這是眾所周知的 That's something we all know about that.
很遺憾但我必須要說 …(that) I'm sorry to say,…
這可意義深遠了 Well that's profound.
你知道…從沒遇過什麼事嗎? You know what never happened to …?
從來沒有人對…說 Nobody would asked to …
每個人都會對我說… Everybody comes up to me and says that…
每個人對於…都有自己的看法 Everyone has something to say about …
問題是這些人對…的看法往往各不相同 The problem is what people have to say about… often disagrees with each other.
我們應該深入探討產生分歧的原因嗎 Should we diving in the thing we disagree about?
這個重要嗎? Does it matter?
這真的很重要 It's kind of matters.
他的婚姻在崩潰的邊緣 His marrige is on the rocks.
這些問題都非同小可 Those are kind of important questions.
我們應該怎麼判斷哪些是正確的 How will we ever decide what is true?
我們可能沒辦法回答這裡的所有問題 We may not be able to answer them all.
但我們可以盡我們所能地接近真實的情況 But let's get closer at best as we can.
那可能比較適用於大眾 That might apply to lots of people.
這是今天要講的內容 That's what today is about.
不,不是這樣的 No,that's not what it means.
…,我來就…多說幾句 …,let me say one more thing about constructs.
這個過程叫做… The process of doning so is called operationalization.
你聽懂了嗎 Does it make sense?
這完全沒道理啊! That doesn't make any sense!
你…的次數越少,你就越健康 The fewer time you… , the healther you are.
這其中存在某種關係 There's an implication of this.
也許你們有人是這樣的 Maybe it already occurred you.
我們今天就以…為例吧 Let's use … as our example today.
我除了問你外毫無辦法 I basically have no choice but ask you.
但有時它們是很有效的 But sometimes they do the job.
妳可以將它發布在世界性雜誌中 You can publish them in cosmopolitan magzine.
你可以在底下給自己打分數 You can score yourself at the bottom.
這雖然很好但...還是有一些問題存在 Which is fine, but the problem is that there're disadvantages to …
這個領域有個概念叫… There's a concept in this field called…
我還能做什麼 What else could I do?
稍後我再詳細說明 I'll be able to talking about it a lot later on.
收到和回應花多少時間 How much time does it takes between receipt of… and your reponse.
很好,非常細心 Nice,that's very subtle.
你知道嗎每當你做這些事的時候我都覺得是一種獎勵 You know when the time you did that things that I found very rewarding.
你懷疑嗎 Do you have problem with that?
我們有很多觀察對象 There's a lot of things we can observe.
觀察的方向也很多樣 There's a lot of directions we can go.
當然…也有利弊優劣 And … also have pros and cons,advantages and disadvantages.
妳不能在人們毫不知情下做研究 You are not allowed to study people without them knowing it.
我們能做的是降低代價 All we can do is try to minimize the costs.
我們的義務是什麼 What are our obligations?
你的另一伴哪一點最讓你惱火 What irrtates you about your partner?
我們在道德上有義務保證 We have an ethical obligation to make sure that…
針對任何有歷史使命感的人類 …for all human beings with any sense of historical urgency.
團結起來想要拯救… …bring them together with a mission of saving…
你是否贊成這個…與此無關 Whether or not you agree with the … is beside the point,…
確切來說, Positively speaking,…
確定無疑 …,no less than this.
我已經期待好久了 I have been looking forward to it for a long time.
突然.. … rather suddenly.
慢慢地你會 Increasingly,you will…
沒有選擇的餘地/你在異想天開 Slim pickings
真的假的? You fucking serious?
真的假的啊 You don't say.
讓事情辦簡單點 So help me…
為了成全 ...for the sake of…
他說了什麼 What did he say?
你仍未脫離險境 You ate not out of the woods yet.
我要再吃一份餐後甜點 I'll have extra helpings on my dessert.
他用其他方式進行釋放 What he do is he focus it in some other way.
生活在父親權威下的男生可能會恨或想傷害他爸 A boy who's bullied by his father may hate his father and want to hurt him.
你可以再說一次嗎 / 你說什麼? I beg your pardon? / Beg pardon?
要我說幾便都可以 You can beg all you like.
我不會耽誤妳太多時間 I won't take you long.
能再給我一次機會嗎 Could I have another shot?
你會說英文嗎 Do you speak English?
你喜歡哪種音樂 What kind of music are you into?
不然這樣好了 Tell me what.
然後我們就扯平了 … and we call it even.
所以我想把話講清楚好了 …so I'm going to be very explicit here.
這會花很多時間耶 It will take considerable amount of the times.
你花了多少錢 How much that cost?
喔哇~這不得了耶 Oh~Wow~This is huge.
我剛只是在耍你的 I'm just messing with you.
我想到要怎麼做了 I know exactly how.
好~數到三 All right~On three.
聽我喊 3 2 1 On my mark~3 2 1
我們見好就收吧 That's leave with that.
一旦我們…,就沒有回頭路了 Once we…,there's no turning/going back.
...,那就真的沒有回頭路了 ..., there'll be no turning back.
有些路走下去就不能回頭了 Some roads you go down, you can't get back from.
我相信我們達成共識了 I believe we get consensus./I think we all on the same page.
我們成功了 We've arrived.
好痛喔 It's burning so bad.
回答我啊! Answer me!
我不用回答你 I don't have to answer to you.
哈 找到了 Ha~Here we go.
我不會放過你的 I'll hunt you down.
別胡言亂語了 That's crazy talk.
我不認為我需要強調他的重要性 I can not emphasize this strongly enough.
我就說到這裡 That's my final word.
我看不出接下來還有什麼問題 I don't see anything that could stand in our way.
我們相信你能搞定的 We have complete confidence that you can pull this off.
你瘋了 You are out of your mind.
真的很難說出口 This is so hard for me to say it.
我不敢相信這居然發生了 I can't believe this is happening.
你正犯了一個大錯 You are making a terrible mistake.
有些事情是你不該知道的 There are something you're not meant to know.
如您所見 As you can see,…
我一直在想 I was wondering,…
我只想看看這樣行不行 I just want to see if it could be done.
事情就是這樣子 That's how it works.
你的資歷很完美 I see your qualification is inpeccable.
我帶你認識環境吧 I introduce you around.
你有發現重複的模式嗎 Can you find the pattern here?
往好處想 (Look)On the bright side,…
挫折感越來越深 The frastration has been building up.
大家開始逃走了 People are bailing out.
這對我們來說都不好受 This isn't easy for either of us.
你太野蠻了吧 This is barbaric.
我希望由你主導這個專案 I like you to take the lead on this project.
我來打頭陣 I'll take the lead.
…是最後一個才要做的事 … is the last thing you do.
謝謝你們都能過來 Thank you all for coming.
還有人想嘗嘗我的厲害嗎 Any one else want to piss on me?
你們可能已經知道了 As you probably know,…
學得很快喔 Swift!
這是個沒指望的人 That is a dry hole.
讓我們專心一點 Let's stay focus "…,…,..."
我不是來抱怨的 I'm not here to complain.
不過這都是過去式了 But that's all in the past.
你後來有想到你產品的名字嗎 Did you ever come up with the name for your product?
我想這應該沒什麼用 I don't think this one's going to work.
不擇手段…/…會不擇手段 …by any means necessary./ (S+) Stop at nothing.
他的客戶都是介紹來的 His clients are by referral.
很有吸引力 It's a siren song.
我們給他一點甜頭嚐嚐 We give him just one little taste.
而且就算這樣,萬一… … And say.what if…?
你在諷刺我嗎 Is that sarcasm?
只有一點點 A mild amount.
這件事比我們當初想的要難 This is gonna be harder than we thought.
我能再重申一遍… Can I just reiterate that …
你會沒事的 You're gonna be fine.
準時 Right on schedule.
大家冷靜 Everybody chill out!
我覺得我做這個越來越在行了 I think I'm getting better at this.
你比他們好多了 You're better than they are.
我們就快成功了 We're right on the verge.
他上鉤了 He took the bait.
真是天衣無縫 It's really a seamless job.
直接說重點好嗎 Just skip to the last page,please.
你到底是怎麼把事情搞砸的? How the hell did you screw this up?
告訴我你想要多少 Tell me what figure you had in mind.
你最好親自過來 It better be you personally.
就那麼簡單 Simple as that.
看來我錯過了什麼 Looks like I missed something.
好好說嗎! / 你想說啥? Use your words.
也許沒那麼糟 Maybe it's not such a bad thing.
幹的好 That was a hell of a piece of work.
聽著,事情是這樣的 Listen,here's the thing.
解決掉…這種人渣 Getting rid of scum like…
而弔詭的是… And in a bizarre twist,…
用低價拿到合約 …underbid the contract.
別讓我失望 Don't dissapoint me.
我會給你 I'll have it for you.
你確定你能處理…嗎? Can you firm handle …
恕我冒昧 I took the liberty.
煩人家 Bend her ear.
這座房子真像迷宮 This house is a bloody maze.
你從…開始就有點煩躁不安 You've been a bit edgy since…
你最好現在就走開 You might want to take a walk about now.
在午夜來臨時 At the stroke of midnight
我怎麼能拒絕呢 How could I say no to that?
讓我們融入大家吧 Let's mingle.
如果你不…你就完蛋了 If you don't…,you're cooked.
身材不錯 Nice rack.
你有什麼話好說嗎 Got something to say about it?
好,你說了算 Okey,whatever you say.
這不是你說了算的 / 這由不得你 That's not up to you.
很好! / 那好吧 / 很正常 Fair enough.
會犯這種錯誤很正常 Easy mistake.
但這次證據站在他那邊 But this time the facts bear him out.
線索指向哪裡? Where does the trail lead?
我派他們去打前鋒 I sent them on ahead.
我們不能一走了之 We can't just leave.
我是說認真的 I meant every word of it.
你今天看起來好極了 You look splendid today.
我應該怎麼做呢 What am I supposed to do?
我要說什麼好? What am I supposed to say?
我只是讓你清楚了解狀況 I'm just giving you the lay of the land
世道就是如此 That's just the way it is.
我沒多少時間沉浸在這不幸的事實裡 I didn't have time to dwell on this unfortune situation.
我也是這樣聽說的 So I was told.
她當時看起來欣喜若狂 It wwas like she was floating on air.
不重要 / 無關緊要 Doesn't matter.
我能單獨和你聊聊嗎 Can I speak to you in private?
我需要單獨和你談談 I need to speak with you alone.
我找到一個線索 I've got a lead.
繼續 Keep it up.
你覺得怎麼樣? You have anything on this? / What do you say?
不如我們一會兒敘敘舊吧? What do you say we get together later and catch up?
不如我們開她去兜個風吧! What do you say we take her for a spin?
接下來我們要怎麼做? How do we do it?
今天過得怎樣啊? How was your day?
平凡無奇 Uneventful.
今天過得不太好喔? Rough day?
有事情困擾你嗎? Something bothering you?
讓我想起我在…的日子 Reminds me of…
也許有點想家了 Little homesick maybe.
我等一下再跟你們聊 I'll be with you in just one moment.
我恐怕這不能等 I'm afraid this can't wait.
請給我們幾分鐘時間 Please excuse us for a moment.
有什麼問題嗎? What seems to be the problem?
這太無禮了 / 那太過分了! This is outrageous. / That's outrageous!
為什麼我沒有接到通知 Why wasn't I informed?
請稍等一下 I gotta put you on hold.
就像往常一樣 As alwasys.
我最好再去練習一下 I better go practice.
看到他沒有? Any sign of him?
他會不惜一切代價去… He will do whatever it takes to…
我不予許發生這一切 I can't let that happen.
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